[Kdrama] ‘Ms Perfect’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

Whenever a story has cheating I’m ready to go bazuka on its characters. Seriously, this show brings cheating to a whole new level. The highest stupidity level which the husband clearly reached.

I swear, this guy wants the best out of both, his children but also his mistress. He is infatuated with Na Mi and sees her as the woman who makes him feel like a man or at least makes him feel like he has the upper hand in the relationship. She makes it seem like she desires him as a whole and Jung Hee likes that side of her. The fact that she is young and pretty is definitely a plus….Moreover this guy is such a loser. At work a loser, at home a loser so of course he would go for that pretty girl who isn’t above him. But, oh my God, I don’t think I’ve seen a worst male character until now. A sissy who can’t live up to his actions, not matter what those actions are.

He wants Na Mi but kneels down in front of Jae Bok. The wife gives him a second chance yet he runs back to Na Mi. He has no idea what he wants. But to be frank, if another pretty girl who will give him a bit of attention, he will fall for her therefore I think that his affection for Na Mi is actually superficial. As for if he still loves his wife or not, he does not. Or at least I don’t see that. I would at least expect a bit of respect from him towards his wife, but nope, he doesn’t have anything like that and is not capable of showing anything close to respect to his wife.

Seeing his mother, no wonder he also doesn’t see anything wrong in his actions. If he was well aware that he is making not only his wife suffer but, in the future, his children as well, he would’ve broke up with one of the two women. From my point of view, even if both parents are together but don’t muster any love towards each other, then that loveless and respectless relationship will affect the children.

I do think that the mother in law, Jung Hee’s mother, has a big say in his cowardly personality. Even though he is her son, I was dumbfounded seeing her being displeased that Jae Bok was ruling over Jung Hee. She does not like the fact that Jae Bok might have power over him. Yet, the guy cheated on her! Moreover, the mother, who also lived with a cheating husband, doesn’t see the bad in Jung Hee’s actions. Doesn’t say anything to him, she doesn’t scold his stupidity and the lack of respect he has for his family. Her only problem is that Jung Hee looks like a lackey under his wife’s power.  Really such pointless characters piss me off.

As for Eun Hee, I don’t find the actress to be good in this case. While I did like some of her past projects, this time I think it was a miscasting. I feel no intensity and honestly I don’t have any curiosity towards her and what she’s plotting. It’s like one of those pickles that look good in the jar, it seems like it will also taste good but when you actually try it for yourself, there’s nothing. No tingling, no flavor, no nothing. Either the actress is bad at portraying the character either the writer is doing a bad job in her case.

Since I brought up the writer, she or he needs to clean the story a bit. The characters are a mess and the story seems to be overflowing with garbage. Sometimes you need a clean environment to start something and that’s what the story needs, a revamp.

Regarding Jae Bok and Bong Goo I half wish for them to fall for each other, half just to become a great team. Bong Goo will fall for her, but only because he lacks the maternal love. His mother run away with another guy and as we know she wasn’t even his biological mother, therefore that’s a two shot received from two mothers. Having Jae Bok show him small bits of motherly love may rush him into falling for her. But he will definitely mistake her affection, however, maybe that’s what he needs for him to forgive his foster mother.

I’m not sure if I will continue this drama. The story is messy and I don’t really enjoy the fact that the cheating is more of a reason to put jokes or comical acts into the drama.



  1. I think I will pass on this one. I like the actor but I really can’t handle cheating that is used as a of joke. Ugh

    1. Same, I’m not comfortable watching a show that uses cheating for comical relief.

  2. Same but I wish the lawyer and main character to fall in love

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