[Cdrama] ‘When A Snail Falls In Love’ ~ review/impression/opinion~

I recently marathoned the Chinese drama ‘When a snail falls in love’ and it was a real delight. Although, lately it’s kinda hard to marathon dramas, mostly because of my work and also I did watch most of the dramas, or at least I tried to, I finally got to follow a drama and finish it in a couple of days.

Since I rarely get to marathon dramas, I was quite surprised at how much a got to like this one. From the beginning to the end, it was a true pleasure. Even though I was busy with work, I tried to find time and watch more and more episodes as I was getting deeper within the story.

Love, friendship, work, despair, happiness. This drama has everything and the flow of all these into the story made ‘When a snail falls in love’ to be such an enjoyable watch.

I absolutely loved the way they portrayed love. It’s wasn’t something made abruptly but rather it took time, small steps which helped to build a strong relationship. Not only for the main couple but the secondary one was also given time to fructify their love and attachment. The process was so natural in both cases and well contoured that I couldn’t help but watch in awe.

The love and relationships of the characters were shown with such a natural development, with awkwardness and fluff but not in a way that will make your fingers curl. Rather, it was like how things go in our normal lives. It was really close to reality. They gave so much emotional support to each other in time of despair and hardship. Laughed and worked as a team together to reveal the culprit of the case they were working on.

One aspect of this drama which I liked a lot was the friendship and comradeship between all of the characters. They were a team, that build a strong bond in time. They shared tears and happy moments, they understood each other, worried about one another, shared good moments and always had the other persons’ well being at heart. I totally loved the characters, all of them. From the way they were acted to the writing it was great, or at least for me it was. I felt compassion and happiness, hate and panic for them thanks to how the actors played their respective characters.

One important thing I want to lay out is the fact that we have well written female characters. Honestly, when it comes to Asian dramas, female characters are left behind, not give enough importance nor spotlight. However ‘When a snail falls in love’ had strong, well written females. Xu Xu and Yao Meng were strong but not because they were able to fight a bad guy. In fact, Xu Xu for example was showed as a new team member who wasn’t able to pass the physical test. Yet, she worked to improve, never complained and found time to build her strength. With time, Xu Xu understood people around, even though at some point her understanding seemed mechanical. She accepted her mistakes and wanted to improve.

As the show progressed, Yao Meng had to face a struggle that could’ve put shadow on what she liked to do. She was scared to go back to her usual work after being shot and also after witnessing her team member being shot in front of her. That scene weighed a lot, the memories came back when she tries to use a gun but that overall did not meant the end of her career. I liked how the two always showed their desire to understand their own mistakes or struggles. Never put their shortcomings as being someone else’s fault but rather accepted them while always showing improvement.

Regarding the two male characters, I felt that Ji Bai’s development was a bit superficial.

Honestly, I kind of wish the show would show a bit more of interaction and development between him and Xu Xu. It wasn’t enough for me….maybe that’s because I’m too demanding? Probably I need to read the novel… On the other hand, Zhao Han was given light mostly to show his crush on Yao Meng.

Another thing I liked was definitely the cinematography. For me, it was nice and well done and the recording style helped certain scenes shine.

Anyways, I fell in love with this drama and pretty fast I must say. Of course there were some gaps or things that weren’t good about it, however, by the end of this show, I couldn’t remember anything I disliked about the story or its characters. At this point, all I can say is that this show did get up on my top favorite dramas.


  1. I love the drama too. The chemistry between Wang Kai and Olivia Wang is superb. The way the crimes are connected, how fast-paced the story was but doesnt feel rushed, the cinematography, the acting, just everything about this drama is great. I actually like how the romance between Ji bai and Xuxu were executed. It was not cheesy and there was a build up. Though it was more obvious that xuxu likes him, you can also tell through small actions that ji Bai likes Xuxu.

    If you read the novel, you’ll be kinda disappointed on how the romance were made on the drama. Though for me, i love both version. They both have its own charm. If you can read Chinese, go start read the novel but if you dont there’s a translated version but they were not yet done translating it. 🙂

    1. I’m thinking about reading the novel since there seems to be missing parts. While I did enjoy the silent development of the relationships, somehow I want to get to know more about the characters. However, I’ve read comments where people said that the drama was actually better than the novel.

  2. I haven’t gotten my review up yet but I loved this show too! And XuXu was portrayed in such a strong but still feminine in her own way. Ji Bai also clearly saw her as female while still trusting her thoughts at work. Great review!

    1. Thank you for reading and for the comment ~

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