[Kdrama] ‘Tomorrow With You’ ep 5&6 ~ review/impression/opinion~

I still don’t get this drama. I was really eager to see these two episodes thinking that we will at least get some hints about where the story is going towards. But this time as well, the writer was stinky and didn’t share anything that could possibly make me understand this show or its characters.

With each new episode, I feel that the writer keeps everything for herself which to be honest isn’t really on my liking. Of course, it’s better than a drama that doesn’t make you think, but in exchange it’s like my brain will start spitting fire trying to get the characters; Especially So Joon. He is such an enigma for me.

He doesn’t seem in love with her yet he wants to save her. He is clearly worried about the future but at the same time when he finds out that his marriage with Ma Rin ended he wasn’t okay with it. Sometimes, his character makes no sense. I do get it that the writer wants to give off a image that he is worried about the future and he doesn’t live the present thing that messes up his marriage with Ma Rin, but what’s the actual reason of him being sad that he and Ma Rin won’t be together anymore. It’s like there are times when I think that he has feelings for her and other times when he is out of it, when he just wants to save her and implicitly himself. Is he in love with her but has no idea about it? Well, I for one don’t thinks so. Simply his character makes no sense at this point, or maybe I’m just too stupid to get him. Maybe the writer has a plan but she keeps things so mysteriously that I’m getting feed up with her story overall. It’s really annoying watching a show that seems to go nowhere.

When a new episode starts, I get the idea that the writer will give some elucidation but as the episode goes forward, everything reaches the point of showing So Joon and Ma Rin’s married life. Not that I mind, but somehow the flow is low. I really need something that will explain the characters because to be honest I’m on the verge of dropping this drama. The lack of shared information with the viewers is making me angry. Again, maybe I’m too stupid to fully get the flow of the story but it’s annoying how the writer refuses to have some kind of development. Sometimes there are so much information given but make no sense whatsoever. I don’t want to go “aaahh now I get it” when I’ll watch the last episode. I want pieces that will slowly go together with each new episode.

While he enjoys Ma Rin’s presence, he doesn’t let her in his life more than a few details here and there making their relationship go on and off most of the times. From a physical point of view, So Joon is attracted to Ma Rin and the two seem compatible but from an emotional point of view, their relationship is a total mess. The problem is not only So Joon (but he takes a big part – around 89%- of the problem) but Ma Rin is also a bit not into the actual relationship. Sometimes I get this idea that she got into this relationship/marriage just to get away from her life. Not that it was miserable, but the people around were making her feel small. Although personality wise she seems like a lovely person, people around her were demanding. Like her mother always pushing the ‘celebrity life’ onto her when she never wanted it.

On a bigger picture, Ma Rin just needed a place for herself and someone that will show her comfort which she got for a while from So Joon. With his traveling to the future and constantly getting stuck there, the two spend less and less time together and obviously creates secrets in their relationship that will eventually make their marriage crack.

As I said it in my previews post, neither one of the two is actually in love with the other one. Ma Rin even said it in one of these two episodes that the house still doesn’t feels like hers while on the other hand So Joon seems to consider it to be their house, their place. But his secrets do make her feel even more insecure and while I do understand her, he can’t simply go and tell her “hey you know, I can travel in the future”.


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