[Kdrama] ‘Tomorrow With You’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I will be quick with this opinion post. I like ‘Tomorrow with you’ but I’m not fully enjoying it. I don’t know, maybe I’m missing way too many hints thus I’m unable to focus on the story.

In the beginning I decided to just watch the drama as it was without giving too much thought but now I regret it because somehow I don’t get the story. I’m so confused about a lot of things. This is definitely my fault, the writer is doing a pretty good job because I see other people on twitter saying how much they enjoy the drama but maybe I wish the writer will just bluntly give me a hint just so I can understand the overall story for at least 1%.

The only thing I’m somehow having a hunch is that maybe the old guy is So Joon in the future – yet I’m having doubts after all the writer wouldn’t make it that obvious. I’m thinking that in 2019 he didn’t get to save Ma Rin so he went back to the past to make So Joon from 2016 save her. I mean he is too pushy in making him marry Ma Rin or even his little ‘joke’ about making a kid with her seemed rather forceful from his part, like he was playing with So Joon’s mind.

On another note, I want to find out why So Joon was so resigned in 2019. What happened with their relationship? He knew where Ma Rin will be so why he didn’t took her out from there, before the accident happened? That’s what confuses me the most. Also what happened between the two of them? They clearly got married yet in 2019 they didn’t seem to be together anymore…? Was it because of him? Because after their marriage he clearly was conscious that he didn’t had feeling for her and it was an one side thing from Ma Rin. Maybe later on he lets her go as he was feeling guilt for not building feelings for her thus their relationship get cold and he turns out that resigned man in 2019.

But one thing I’m almost sure is that Ma Rin also doesn’t have feelings for him. She may be attracted or feel some kind of attachment to So Joon but as her ‘friend’ said, whoever is nice to her she automatically ends up sticking herself to that person. Therefore, it may also not be love from Ma Rin as well. She is bubbly and lovable but is she really in love with him? I personally don’t think so. But rather, I think that So Joon has more feelings towards her however, there’s no love from both sides. Or at least I’m not sensing any. The scene in front of the restaurant impressed me and I was somehow ready for their love to develop but after seeing their marriage ceremony, So Joon was feeling guilt and pity towards Ma Rin. The two shared some sweet moments before their marriage but during that marriage it was as if So Joon realized something. Or maybe he hides his true feelings to make her marry him but after their marriage, he couldn’t control himself or his expressions.

I was curious to find out why it rained on their wedding day. In my culture, rain during your weeding means prosperity, but after reading here and there, rain may also symbolizes that the wife will shed a lot of tears in her marriage. I also read that it may also mean a wet knot ( knot as in ‘tying the knot’) and being wet it makes it hard to break apart or undo, which may also be a reflection on Ma Rin and So Joon’s relationship as their connection cannot be undone. However, the color yellow is really predominant, in a really freaky way. She is either wearing yellow, or someone around her is wearing yellow. At the police station, there was an officer walking around with a yellow file. When So Joon went to the old man’s apartment, there was someone in a yellow shirt. At the restaurant the chairs were yellow.

Really, everything about this show makes me so confused mainly because the writer uses so many symbols like the umbrella, the yellow color and the rain. All 3 have two meanings, good and bad but at this point I have no idea on which way the story will go. Considering So Joon from year 2019, I go towards believing that the meanings of those 3 symbols are bad.



  1. I feel the same way you do. I’m mildly intrigued, but I’m not thinking about it all week or anything!

    1. Exactly, it is good but not enough to make me think about it.

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