[Kdrama] ‘Solomon’s Perjury’ ep 5&6 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

I have so many things to say about the characters of this drama. All of them are a bunch of liers. Can’t believe anyone with what they are saying or doing. They are just UUGGHHH!!! Anyway, I will jump directly to talk about the characters and a bit about the story.

Joo Ri – I don’t like her one bit. Yes, she is a high school student with a lot of hatred however I don’t like how she makes things complicated, for herself and for others, then she blames everyone around her for her own actions. As if other people pushed her to do something. The uploaded video was her mother’s fault, the fact that she lied against her sole friend is the friend’s fault, the fact that she wants to destroy Woo Hyuk’s life is also his fault. Whatever happens in her life is because of someone else. Joo Ri is so impulsive to the point that she wants to destroy someone just to save herself. Well, in a way that’s human nature, but she plays the victim card too much that I want to throw my salad onto the laptop as I’m watching this drama.

The case – I think both sides have a point. One, I do think that Woo Hyuk did not kill So Woo, but at the same time I also don’t think that his death was a suicide. I mean, his death has something to do with the adult world and that’s kind of obvious. Moreover, Ji Hoon is way too confident that Woo Hyuk isn’t at fault for So Woo’s death.

Seo Yeon – From Joo Ri’s statement, in the letter, she said that Woo Hyuk’s friends were present when he pushed So Woo but she keeps forgetting such details. Through her actions she wants to be the righteous person of the story, but ends up being blinded by the desire to find out the possible culpable. Her ways aren’t right at all. Knowing that one of Woo Hyuk’s friends is ready to back off, during the trial she asked him to testify the alibi. That was well played given her role in the trial, but if she wants to find out the truth, then that’s not the way to do it. Righteous complex. She just wants to correct herself for not stepping out when So Woo needed help. When Ji Hoon pointed out her mistake and demanded an explanation on why she is so into ‘revealing’ that Woo Hyuk killed So Woo even though in the letter it was clearly stated that he was with his two friends, she refused to justify the reason.  She does not judge on fact that’s for sure.

So Woo – from the scenes we saw with So Woo, I have to agree with the brother, he wasn’t the soft type who could easily be put down. Here I’m not talking about the physical strength but rather the physiological strength. On the other side, he was a high school student, they can easily change emotion given their frail age. However, he was definitely stronger than others, he had the ability to play with someone’s mind therefore So Woo always pushed people to the edge.

Woo Hyuk – He is more simple minded than he looks. Thinks that he could easily say ‘I didn’t do it’ and people will get it. However he doesn’t understand that words have no meaning in this case. Evidence do. A mere action from him, in front of people, will make him the criminal. People’s judgment isn’t that complicated, they believe what they see, therefore his actions and wording will make him the center of attention. His behavior can turn him into a murdered in 3 seconds and that’s what he doesn’t understand. With all that, all his high school life he was the bully, he harassed people and a change in action, can make people judge him even harsher.  The witnesses of his past actions will never forget, moreover the victims of his bullying will do anything to judge and turn him into the most dangerous position. At this point, be it if he changes his attitude towards the whole thing or continues with the same one, the students won’t give him the benefit of the doubt. They will just tag him as the culprit because of his past.

So Woo and Woo Hyuk are two opposites. One has emotional strength and the other physical strength. Each one of the two could turn his ‘opponent’ weak. So Woo could make someone emotionally unstable but pointing out their weaknesses or trigger impulses with his words while Woo Hyuk could push his physical strength into someone who was clearly lower than him. Both of them knew how to use their skills, however So Woo had the upper hand by using words as his weapon.

Ji Hoon – as So Woo, he also plays with people’s minds – no wonder they were friends. But compared to his friend, he doesn’t push people to their edge but rather make them question their opinions and the reality they see. From the way I see it, Ji Hoon doesn’t care much about the situation of the students, but in fact he wants to make the adults question themselves because of that I’m looking forward to his character.

One thing confuses me, the writer keeps emphasizing through Joon Young that So Woo looked peaceful so I’m really curious to find out why that certain thing is being pointed out so many times.


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