[Kdrama] ‘Hwarang’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

The disaster is here! Actually, no, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I had incredibly low expectation of this drama. Although some parts were as bad as my initial view on it, there were some parts that kind of made me like the drama.

When I heard what will be about, I knew the writing and overall the story is going to be bad. Well, not necessarily bad but rather childish. Personally I’m not into ‘flower boy’ themes, even when it comes to idol groups, I run away from these types of groups like the plague. Some might like the idea of ‘flower boys’ but it’s not for me, so being aware of that, I didn’t had a good response to the initial news. Luckily (?) the writer didn’t disappoint and went head on with it.

From the way I see it, the story is somehow childish and the comedy is animated. It’s the comedy we normally see in Japanese idol dramas. But the problem is that they try too hard to be funny. I was bothered about it a tiny bit in the beginning and afterwards I started getting used to all of that. With their wigs happened the same, I was really bothered but then I got used to their horrendous hairdos.

When it comes to the acting, in the first episode it was really forced and exaggerated, again because they were trying too hard to make the situations funny. I’m not concerned about Go Ara. Despite her exaggerations, I enjoyed her random parts. My concern is with the other cast members, implicitly with the boys from the hwarang team. Park Hyung Shik and Park Seo Joon are the ones making it work for that team. But to be honest, in the first episode, Park Hyung Shik stole the spotlight for a moment there. Yet, the second episode was lead by Park Seo Joon, Lee Kwang Soo and Choi Won Young. The trio had an amazing moment which will probably stay as the sole great thing about this drama. The scene between the 3, in the woods, was what, in a way, made me change my view on the drama and I’m currently trying to watch it with an open mind.

Naturally, just that scene won’t make me overlook the bad things about this drama, such as directing and writing, or even the lighting. Sad thing about the pre-production dramas is that, the viewers can’t complain about certain things which afterwards can’t be fixed.  Moreover, to be OSTs are really important. Without it, I can’t get into the emotion of a certain scene. Especially when it comes to the ending, the ending song is supposed to make your excitement go up the sky. Unfortunately, the current ending song has no effect. It’s just the normal idolish song. No feelings, no excitement, no nothing.

I can’t say Hwarang is tremendously bad or good. Not even in between. Based on the bad things I found with this drama, I would’ve expected to not like it at all. But I started enjoying the show in the second episode. The story doesn’t offer anything new and is pretty predictable, on the other hand, it’s a drama good enough to watch when you come from a hard working or school day. It’s simple and doesn’t require thinking. Probably, one or two neurons will die as you’re watching this show but still, give it a try and judge by yourself.


  1. Well hopefully it’ll be one of those dramas that gets better as it goes on and finds its stride.

    1. Hopefully it will be like that but for now I’m going to keep my expectations low.

      Thanks for the comment ~

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