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Finally writing something for my blog. I think because I let everything I want to say about dramas on my twitter, I get lazy when I have to actually write a whole post for the blog. Anyway, in this post I will list out everything I watch, be it Korean dramas, variety shows or any other Asian dramas.

We got married

First I will starts with We Got Married. It’s actually the last thing I watched before I started writing this. Last week I went and did a mini marathon for the Lee Guk Joo and Sleepy parts. I’m not a big fan of Lee Guk Joo, in fact I don’t like her at all, but I find her and Sleepy to be cute together and although I know the show is scripted, their parts seemed closer to reality. Normally the PD goes forward and pushes the whole ‘it’s destiny’ onto the cast members therefore making me roll my eyes, but when it comes to Sleepy and Lee Guk Joo, it somehow remind me of the old WGM, when everything wasn’t about ‘events’ and surprises.

On Saturday, a new couple made its appearance on the show. Gong Myung and Jung Hye Sung. Their first episode was full of cuteness. At first I wasn’t feeling the whole ‘she is again older than him’ because I feel that there’s a (fantasy) trend in the Korean television regarding the nuna romance, but the two turned out to be quite cute. Again, I am well aware that this show is hugely scripted but I’m taking it as pure entertainment and think of it as if I’m watching a drama. Gong Myung was charismatic, especially with him being somehow naturally manly – if that makes any sense. What I mean, it didn’t seem like he was trying hard to look older or decrease the age difference between them. Not like 3 years is a big age gap but still, the gap is there. However, he felt natural which made him look charismatic. On the other hand, Jung Hye Sung was a total cutie. I like how she is shy but still straightforward about Gong Myung being her ideal type. I normally don’t follow them so I’m not sure if she did mention it outside of the show, or before they started the show, yet it was cute seeing her being flustered then seconds later, pretty much confessing, to him, that he is her ideal type.

I wanted to continue with Choi Tae Joon and Bomi but I’m not feeling their part anymore. Maybe I’ll do a marathon later on.

Sotus the series

This one is actually a Thai gay drama. The acting isn’t what I’m used with, probably because they have another style, but based on my own taste, the actors don’t seem that good. Anyhow, the story is cute and the show overall is easy to watch. The drama doesn’t focus only on the main couple, but they are main idea of the show, the other characters do get their share, however I expect a little more showcase of the secondary characters. Since this show is a series, we can expect that the others will be put in the spotlight pretty soon.


Frankly, in the beginning I didn’t want to start watching this drama. The writer is so intro creating cheesy fantasies for female viewers and it makes my fingers curl. The story overall isn’t good and the whole show would’ve been nothing without Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook. I think we all agree on this, right? Their interaction makes me look forward each scene, but in a 1hour and 20 minutes episode there are so many useless scenes. I understand that the producer and the broadcast company want to use the actors to gain more and more money but it turns the drama into a cheap production. The directing is wonderful, yet the length of each episode doesn’t make the show being consistent. We get so many background flashbacks and to be honest, I had to skip a lot of those scenes. It was too boring. There is also the editing. I’m not feeling it at all. It’s like the director, despite his artsy filming, he has no idea about editing, or maybe his editing team has no idea what to do with so many scenes and they just randomly cut scenes. Other than that, the show is watchable, but not as good as maybe a lot of people were expecting, considering the casting.

Hotel Concierge

This one is a 2015 complete Japanese drama that I randomly saw being uploaded on a streaming site and since it was the weekend I just dived in without reading the plot or anything about it. The story is the typical Japanese drama of ‘be good, do good, make good’. Regardless of that overly used sentiment when it comes to Japanese production, I quite enjoy this show. I’m currently at episode 5, not sure how much more I’ll continue to watch it but maybe I will finish it between the times when the current airing dramas aren’t being uploaded.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

My guilty pleasure at this point. The characters are cute so the story, hopefully the writer will make the two main characters realize their love for each other faster and not in the final episode. Anyway, other than that, I like the friendship between Bok Joo and Joon Hyung. Maybe because the actors are friends in real life, they feel comfortable with each other therefore making the scenes entertaining. Now, that doesn’t mean their acting is amazing, they still have a lot to learn, but for now, and for the quality of the script, I think their current acting level is enough.

Also –still- watching Sweet Guy and Me but I’m going to keep my opinion for a review on the drama.

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  1. I agree about Goblin, it’s too long and indulgent. There’s also a bit of tonal whiplash.

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