[Kdrama] ‘‘Sweet Stranger and Me’ ep 5-9~ impression/ opinion/review ~

I’m stunned by the other girl’s guts, Yeo Joo. She definitely works hard for what she wants. She said it herself that she doesn’t have any pride. I did feel a bit sad for Yeo Joo when her family situation was revealed but still, I don’t think it’s right to destroy someone else’s happiness for your own sake, just because you are pitiful and  to be honest that is not enough of an excuse to minimize your actions.

Yeo Joo builds her relationships on lies and excuses or tries to go by ‘the book’ of how to make guys like you more than you like them. However she never invested honest feelings towards any of them. The relationship with Dong Jin started the same, based on lies. Little did she know that maybe, this relationship was the one that will make her suffer.

If we look deeper, more into her character, we can see she isn’t that bad, yet I don’t want to find her any excuse, at least not for now. Running away from your own misery while, again, destroying someone’s happiness isn’t right.

Dong Jin is probably the one who has a bigger fault in all this. I think I said it in a previous post, he had a girlfriend, moreover she was his fiancé, even so he got tangled in an affair with another girl. In both cases, he didn’t treat them well. While I do understand that giving up your relationship of over 9 years isn’t that easy, when he was in a relationship with Yeo Joo, he didn’t give his all to her, he didn’t prioritize her. All that made Yeo Joo insecure – again, not trying to find her any excuses, both of them are at fault. I feel that this guy, even though he was in a relationship, he never treated his current girlfriend right. When he was with Na Ri, he was thinking of Yeo Do, and the other way around.

For me Na Ri might be one of my favorite female characters. I love how honest she is in expressing her feelings and emotions. Doesn’t hold back at all. Whenever she asks Nan Gil something, it always feels comforting. I don’t know why, but she has this power of making everything around her feel quiet and safe as she questions Nan Gil about his feelings as if his emotions are safe with her. Probably that’s what he always needed, safety. Na Ri knows what gives him peace of mind and that makes their relationship easy to like. She’s the only one who can let Nan Gil be himself. She shows her feelings so freely and doesn’t let anything stop her from exposing her thoughts and that’s what I like about her because it make her seem like she’s a pleasant person and fun to hang out with.

The story isn’t that complicated, even now with the development. The writer did try to give the characters some troubles to make the plot move slower, to fill in the episodes, but it wasn’t anything serious to the point of thinking that maybe Na Ri and Nan Gil can’t continue their relationship. I mean, I know, by law he is her step father but that can be undone. I’m mostly talking about her real father’s stuff and the connection between him and Nan Gil. Regardless, the story remains predictable, but in a weird way, that’s what makes me continue watching this drama, because it is easy to watch.

Anyhow, all the characters remain quite likable. I like Lee Soo Hyuk’s character and his witty personality. Duk Bong as an older brother is actually nice and, in his own way, tries to understand his sister.

Already episode 9 and I’m still enjoying ‘Sweet stranger and me’, that’s nice.


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  1. Na Ri is refreshingly forthright, doesn’t hide her feelings, and is honest to a fault. I am impressed by this character, and love the whole drama.

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