[Kdrama] ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I won’t beat around the bush. I can’t digest the drama. No, I don’t think it is bad but maybe I don’t have the right mood to watch it. I normally watch Lee Min Ho’s stuff, even though I’m not a fan, however his projects are fun.

Jun Ji Hyun is an amazing actress, the same goes for Sung Dong Il and Lee Hee Jun are great actors; Shin Hye Sun is one of the younger actresses I’m fond of, yet the cast alone can’t make me like a drama.

The first two episodes felt out of place and the scenes were randomly aligned. Moreover, the story is hard to follow. Not because it is complicated but in fact, because it’s messy, the writing that is. Maybe I will give it one more chance and watch episode 3 and 4 just for the sake of it, but if the editing doesn’t get on the right track, then I’m out.

Let’s be honest here, writer Park Ji Eun still got her head thinking about ‘My love from the star’. Frankly, I never was a fan of her writing, her projects are good but just not for my taste.

*The thing is that I want to stop following every drama that keeps coming out and just select the ones that really entertain me, which sadly, this drama doesn’t fall into that category.



  1. I’m glad that I’m not the only one. I will try another episode or two but it’s just not catching my interest. The editing felt jerky and disconnected to me. I do like the actors (although to be honest I’m not a fan of either) so I will try again but….. while watching I found myself thinking that I should re-watch Nirvana in Fire again LOL

    1. Yes, we should give it a try, but it’s not only the editing that’s the problem. The writer thinks she can bring back the popularity from YWCFTS by using similar, if not the same, characteristics or ideas.

      Hahaha maybe you should re-watch it XD

      Thanks for the comment ~

  2. Actually this drama is great! The thing is that it’s something really fresh, really alternative when it comes to how they have connected everything and how one piece after the other complete the puzzle.
    If you keep watching you’ll get it! It also has none of these dragging plots or scenes where everyone just silently suffer and keep crying and we’re thinking of just skipping until it’s over.
    It had very interesting turn of events until the very end, although personally I wasn’t satisfied with some of the ending details.

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