[Kdrama] ‘‘Sweet Stranger and Me’ ep 3&4~ impression/ opinion/review ~

Yes! A comfortable rom com with an easy going story. Or at least that was until the writer decided to make Nan Gil sweat and lose consciousness on the middle of the street… hey writer, are you really going to do this? Couldn’t you just make a simple story about two random people falling in love….?

Was it that hard ?! Am I asking for too much? Probably I am. Anyway, leaving aside that part of the story, ‘Sweet stranger and me’ is a drama I’m starting to look forward to every week. If not, at this point is the only drama I’m looking towards with each new Monday.

The characters are growing on me. They are all charming however no one has depth, they all continue to be superficial in terms of character background. But the depth of each character will come with every new chapter so we will have to wait a bit more for this. But still, the 5 main characters give out a rather cozy feeling. I don’t know why, but when it comes to this drama, I just simply enjoy it thanks to it agreeable and relaxed pace.

Regarding the acting department, Soo Ae continues to beat all of them, but then again, I’m okay with the rest. Not like the story overall requires Signal-level acting.

As for the characters, I’m definitely starting to have likes and dislikes. Well, I think most of us have the same dislikes for sure. Dong Jin and Yeo Joo, right? However, I get this Dalja vibe (Dalja’s spring) with everyone. The two, Dong Jin and Na Ri did break up, but there isn’t a war or a battle between them, it’s more of a calm/ silent battle, if that makes any sense. Those that watched Dalja’s Spring may understand what I’m trying to say here.

Is anyone else freaked out by Duk Bong’s little sister? Cuz I sure am. The kid has problems … I kinda agree with her brother, she needs therapy. Look at her entering a man’s house and following him around, there’s no difference between her and stalkerish idol fans with mental problems. Yeah, Nan Gil is nice to her and helps with bullies but to reach a point of stalking him everywhere moreover taking his pictures at every corner is weird. For a slight moment I was thinking that maybe she sees Nan Gil more like an older brother, one that helps and protects her, one that Duk Bong has never been. So she could’ve projected that side or ‘desire’ onto Nan Gil but the way she acts is still weird. However as the story continues, I continue to think that she’s a lunatic. Clearly, their family is messed up and the environment Duk Bong and Duk Shim grew in might have affected their mental health but in a way I’m looking forward to their future change as they will interact more and more with Nan Gil and Na Ri. Who knows, maybe Duk Bong will actually become friends with Nan Gil….to be honest, he does need some friends.

I’m curious of the connection between Nan Gil and Na Ri. How did the two meet in past when Nan Gil supposedly grew up in an orphanage? Did her mother took him in? did he run away at some point and joined the ‘bad guys’? Or did the orphanage director opened himself a” mafia office” and the ones working for him are actually children from his orphanage?  Everything seems possible at this point. One thing is clear, Nan Gil has a crush on Na Ri since a long time ago just that we need to find out how they meet before and why some of his childhood things are in her mother’s house.

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