[Kdrama] ‘My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

A wife who keeps her true feelings away from her husband while putting a wall between her and him and a husband who is happy with his married life but doesn’t really do anything to maintain the happiness.

Personally, I think this drama is more like a monologue since the other characters have no presence in the story compare to Hyun Woo.

He is well aware that a wife like his is hard to find and hates on the idea that she, Seo Yeon, may cheat on him. The monologue is the result of an inner battle of him not accepting that his wife cheats or that she hides something from him. There are also moments when Hyun Woo feels sorry for her not only once but every time he comes back home we can notice this. Like moments when his mother visits and keeps complaining about his wife, in her face. But the probably sudden apologetic appearance from his part may be because of his constant calculation on why would Seo Yeon even cheat on him.

However, given the situation, there are a lot of times when he keeps denying things like him neglecting her or trying to convince himself that he is indeed a good husband. By being afraid of an actual confirmation from his wife, he doesn’t muster the courage to directly ask her about the thing he most fears. Yet he comes to the idea, out of frustration, that he should ask people from a forum about his wife’s affair, as if some random people will actually know. That shows a clear wall between him and his wife and their lack of communication.

The responses received are so one sided from what I’ve seen. Either the men are like “how can she do something like this, divorce her” while the women are like “she’s having an affair then it’s 100% the man’s fault”. No one tries to see the problem from the other side, what they see is what they believe in. Also, I do think that this drama is a great example of different mentality between men and women even though they come from the same culture. Yes, I said it. Skin me alive! If I am to put my two cents on the problem, when affair takes place, it’s not only the fault of one but both parties are at fault, however the side that cheated has the biggest fault. Regardless, it is interesting to witness the way both sexes are seeing cheating and their approach on it but all that with a touch of comedy.

From these two episodes, we mostly see cheating from the perspective of a man. The man who cheats, the man who might cheat and the man whose wife cheats on him. It is rather interesting. We normally see the perspective of a woman whose husband or lover cheated on her but rarely see the man being put in that place.

What I don’t like about this drama, although the subject is quite interesting, both episodes felt like an eternity. They seem to drag thing a bit too much and can get boring at some point. This is what keep pushing me away from enjoying the story.

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