[Kdrama] ‘Sweet Stranger and Me’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I quite like this drama.

Well, definitely not what I would describe as an exciting drama yet there is something which I like about the story. Living together types of dramas were always my guilty pleasure, mostly because we can see the main characters interacting a lot. Even though the story is about a younger step father and the ‘lost’ daughter who returns after the lost of her mother, I do hunch that we can expect more from the behind the story.

The development is rather fast to catch on, or maybe I watched too many dramas like this one so I can sense pretty fast where everything is going to. However, what I know for now (not really know, but guess?) is that Nan Gil clearly married Na Ri’s mother either to help her mother with protecting the house and the restaurant or maybe because he needed a protecting hand from someone. Someone who could take him out from, what it seems to have been, a somewhat dangerous past life where he used to hang around a specific ‘class’ of people. Regardless it will be interesting to see the two interacting and have their chemistry grow with each passing episode, at least, that’s what I hope I will see in the future.

The acting from the boys is not the best, but I’m contended with what we have so far. Kim Young Kwang is trying so I’m giving him a chance for his major male lead role, on a public broadcast channel. I do agree that for Kim Young Kwang, this role might have been a bit too much, maybe because he is green in comparison to Soo Ae or even Kim Ji Hoon. Lee Soo Hyuk is okay-ish but looks like he has yet to become one with his character.

Soo Ae is perfect as always and I like her comedic acting. I’m used to seeing her melodramas but this time she is different and for now I prefer her like this. Her character, Na Ri, is stressed all the time but I feel like she relieves my stress by watching her.

Bo Ah is interesting to watch, I think like this probably because in these two first episodes I enjoyed her fox-like acting, to the point where I already started hating her. But the character whom I hate for sure is Na Ri’s ex boyfriend, Dong Jin (played by Kim Ji Hoon) who cheated on her.  Personally, I always think that the biggest fault, when it comes to cheating, has the person who cheats in that respective couple. I rarely blame the ‘mistress’, but that doesn’t stop me hate on the ‘mistress’ as well.

As for the connection between Na Ri and Nan Gil, I do think that he fell for her way before. He did mention a lot of times that he used to hide when she came home, to visit her mother. I have this small intuition that Nan Gil and Na Ri knew each other from the past, just that she doesn’t remember him, childhood maybe? He also mentioned he married her mother out of love, but it might’ve not been the ‘man-woman’ type of love.

If someone is not watching this drama because Kim Young Kwang and Lee Soo Hyuk have the bigger than Kim Ji Hoon, I advise you to give it a chance anyway. ‘Sweet stranger and me’ is a quirky comedy with a light touch of romance, something that we need despite the recent melodramatic plots from the Kdrama world. So have an open mind and give it a try.


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  1. Do you know what is the french song title that played in the drama? Please let me know >< #desperate

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