[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 40-43 impression/ opinion/review + why I stopped the recaps

Before I start writing my opinion, I want to apologies for not continuing the Five Children recaps, however I just don’t have the time to do it anymore. Moreover, whenever I get a bit of free time, I rather use it to watch dramas rather than writing recaps. Another reason is that, I normally write the recaps as I watch the episode, and to be honest it turned out to be a pain, I can’t focus on the story as I would like to nor I can enjoy it.

Therefore, I just stopped writing the recaps.  I wanted to say this because people may get the wrong idea and think that this drama turned bad, it’s not like that, really. The problem is me, and my lazy ass.

A lot have been happening in these episodes. Firstly, Mi Jung and Sang Tae are finally married and moved together, with their children, as a family. While they try to have a happy life, the sudden marriage it’s a turnover in the lives of the children. Bin and Soo can’t get used to doing things by themselves, since at their grandparents’ house they had a maid that did everything for them. But this may change these bad habits thinking that they should receive things for no reason. I can clearly see the differences between the 5 children. While Mi Jung’s children are way more mature, Bin and Soo seem like they are younger than Woo Young and Woo Ri, even though the boys are the same age respectively the girls are the same age as well. It’s true that Woo Young is older by a few months, but Soo feels like a baby while Woo Young like an adult. After their father left, Woo Young took the role of the man in the house, meanwhile Soo was constantly treated like a baby in his grandparents’ house making him unable to think about others and think more about himself. The same goes to Bin, who by the way is a brat. I was stunned when in one episode, she lashed out on Woo Joo, just because from time to time, her father spends time with the little girl. Bin is also incapable of doings things for herself. Even cutting fruits to eat or getting a glass of water are things that seem like she is way too important to be done by her.

I do understand Mi Jung trying to make Bin and Soo like her, but I couldn’t agree with her ways. In the process of making Sang Tae’s children get closer to her, she slowly made her own children feel insecure. The only ones scolded were Woo Young and Woo Ri, meanwhile Bin and Soo were always forgiven. This is where I kind of stopped to like Mi Jung. All along the show, she had an interesting development, I rarely see her type of characters in dramas, but lately, I think she is losing her sparkle.

Sang Tae also tried to favor Mi Jung’s children but for some reason, it wasn’t to the same degree. I mean, Mi Jung even wanted to hit Woo Young…then she cries that she feels sorry her son was on the verge to be punished ….by her. What? Anyhow, what year are we in, to still see mothers hitting their children over their legs as a punishment…. I was really disappointed in Mi Jung.

Sang Tae’s fault was that he tries to make the transition for his children too sudden. It was clear that Bin and Soo won’t understand why they don’t have enough money to receive what they want but he just wanted to make them stop altogether the things they used to like and do. That for sure was going to affect the relationship between the  5 children because to Bin and Soo, them having to give up on things they like, were because of Mi Jung’s marriage to their father and because they had to live on the same level with the other 3, Woo Young, Woo Ri and Woo Joo.

It might be because MI Jung was feeling overwhelmed but from my point of view, Sang Tae was the one coming up with ideas so that their family will work out. She was constantly wanting to give up and blaming things on their marriage. That’s clearly not a healthy mindset if you want to build a happy marriage. Things were going to be hard and she knew but she too often wanted to give up.

Next subject I want to talk about it the couple Sang Min and Yeon Tae. I want annoyed with Yeon Tae in these few episodes. There were times when I couldn’t stand her thinking. While I do understand that she felt embarrassed over the fact that she used to like Tae Min and he found out, don’t give me the shit that it was because she felt embarrassed because Snag Min knew she liked his little brother, she was putting her embarrassment over her relationship with Sang Min. As a girl, I do get where she’s coming from, it is embarrassing but to the point of breaking up with Sang Min? Feeling embarrassed is way more important than the person you supposedly love? Or the fact that Tae Min find out was also more important than Sang Min’s feelings for her and her feelings for him? Yeon Tae made me really angry seeing how she doesn’t want to fight for her relationship. It was also childish of her not to show up to the meeting Sang Min prepared with his parents. What does that make him in front of his parents? Is he really not that important to her to the point of easily giving up because of embarrassment over a thing that just didn’t matter anymore.

In contrast to Yeon Tae, I saw a Jin Joo that becomes a fighter for the well being of her relationship. I love her healthy thinking especially when Tae Min’s mother demanded her to break up with him. Jin Joo did think for a few days, she contemplated to what it might be better, not only for her but also for Tae Min and their relationship and the relationship between mother and son. But to Jin Joo, Tae Min was more important thus even though the mother threatened to treat her bad when Tae Min is not present, she was ready to take in any invitation to a possible ‘war’.  This is what makes Jin Joo the best female character of this show and probably one I will remember for a long time.

Another female character that slowly started to grow on me is Soon Young. She changes Ho Tae from a lazy, self centered man into someone who started to care for others. Not on a superficial level as he used to but really care for her and their future child. We all know how important was for Ho Tae to make movies, but he changed. He understood that, now, life isn’t only about him and what he want to do but he is responsible for another life, a life that depends on him thus he stopped making selfish choices.

There’s been a turnaround in development as all the characters changed with the story’s progress but this is all I wanted to say for now on these episodes. I am curious to find out if others feel otherwise or agree with me, please let me know, I kind of want to see what other viewers think.



  1. Marchair · · Reply

    I enjoyed reading your past recaps so thanks. I totally understand wanting to enjoy the show so no guilt please. I think this drama has done a beautiful job of portraying the many kinds of relationships and their particular issues. The acting has been great and yes at times I have been frustrated with some characters decisions but that happens in real life too. Happily, I met some new acting faces( for me) and hope this show has given them more opportunities and choices for future dramas. Again, thanks for your thoughtful insights and time!

    1. Aww thank you, your comment really made my day 😀

  2. I’m also sorry you couldn’t continue the recaps but this was a loooonng series.

    As to disciplining the children and Yeon Tae’s reaction, I can only say we have to remember that in different cultures things that we might feel are not a big deal (her discomfort at her crush becoming her brother- in-law) are weighty indeed. Likewise, where corporal punishment of children is considered barbaric by many in the west, it is not in S. Korea.

  3. oops. I forgot to hit the “notify me of comments” box. I’ll hit it now.

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