[Kdrama] ‘Age of Youth’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

How is that every time I refuse to watch a drama at first, afterwards, when I give it a second chance, I end up crazily in love with its story. This drama hits home run so many times, with me at least. But I’m sure, that each female viewer finds herself within at least one of our ladies. For me, I find bits of myself in all 5 of them. To the point that I got teary a few times, along the way.

The ones I found myself the most similar with are Eun Jae and Ye Eun. But somehow these two are also similar with each other, although different.

During these 4 first episodes, I couldn’t judge any of the 5 ladies. Not like I was waiting for the story to unveil and then start complaining, no, that’s not it. The thing is, that with every new episode I could understand them more and more. Especially Yi Ha; us, as humans, tend to get judgmental over the life choices of others. We could easily say, Yi Ha choose the easiest way out. Maybe she did, but does it give us any right to judge her?

I’m normally not someone who could easily cry while watching dramas. I’ve seen too many to let myself cry over the smallest thing, but episode 4 of Age of Youth was the last drop and during Jin Myung’s scenes I found myself crying, because she was so pitiful. Not because she works tons of part time jobs but because she lets herself go in favor of others. She has things pent up in her heart, but there’s no time and place for her to let everything out. Most importantly, there’s no one to let her feelings out to. I like Jae Wan and I did think at some point that this guy is too good to be true.

If Jin Myung is to let herself free with him, she feels that it will be the end of her. Why? Because if Jin Myung accepts his feelings, then that’s the moment when she will do something for herself. I do get her worries, if Jae Wan won’t take responsibility the feelings he has for her, then the one who will suffer more will be Jin Myung. Can he do it? I can’t answer that question, what I know is that he doubted her during that night, when their boss took her. She even asks him “If I’m going to tell you (what happened with their boss), will you believe me?”. Even though he said yes, he was already doubting Jin Myung. Does this make sense for you guys as much as it does for me? By the way, this is the first time where I really like a character played by Yoon Bak.

Eun Jae is lovable and I liked her transition from being too shy to tell others whenever she is bother by something to slowly letting her feelings heard. Of course, luckily the writer didn’t make a sudden change in her and we saw an Eun Jae that was still stumbling whenever she wanted to say something, but she was trying to change herself and get out of her own comfort bubble of ‘do not disturb others, do not make other upset’.

Gradually, with the help of the other girls, Eun Jae started enjoying her spent days be it at school or at home. She did say at some point that she doesn’t even have a home to return to, but now she does. In the case of Jong Yeol, the man ‘assigned’ to Eun Jae, their interaction is cute as she remains clueless regarding interaction with other people and especially with men. I do find him a bit childish. On a second grade level, when the boy acts rude towards the girl he likes. Even so, he is gentle in his own way. I liked the scene from the club, when Eun Jae wanted to get in front of the crowd to get a better view of Ji Won’s wacky dance, when Jong Yeol made room for her. I found that scene to be really cute, in a subtle manner.

Ji Won is weird but so cool. In particular whenever the others are in trouble she jumps in to help them. We saw this happening when Eun Jae was reluctant with making complains at the beauty salon or at the restaurant when she found a hair in her food. Ji Won’s personality of helping others/ understanding others’ feelings, was also present when Jin Myung was crying in episode 4 after telling Jae Wan that he shouldn’t like her. Ji Won was also the only one who knew that Yi Na lied all along.

Ye Eun is the one who has the most insecurities, about herself. A few times her weight was revealed and she normally counts her calories, not like she was weighting a lot, but I feel that it was revealed to show Ye Eun’s insecurities about her own body. It may also be a reason on why she won’t dump her rat boyfriend. A guy who feels inferior to a woman and can’t respect her, he doesn’t deserve that woman (or any other woman) as his lover. For Ye Eun, it wasn’t a problem that, her boyfriend, Do Young, manhandled her but the fact that Yi Na saw the scene and felt embarrassed by that.

Regarding the writing of this drama, in the first 4 episodes, it was consistent and I wish it will stay like this. I like the flow and how the ladies are changing bit by bit. The OST helps the writing to make the story stream a delicate ambience. It’s really warm hearted, overall.

The acting is good. I was surprised the most with the former Kara member, Han Seung Yeon. She is quite okay as an actress. Apart from Yoon Bak, and Hwa Young, I don’t remember seeing the rest in other projects. They are all new discoveries to me, especially the girls which for sure I will follow in the future.

One thing I wish for, from the writer, to make a male version of this story. As a female, I tend to relate to the characters in Age of Youth, but I want to see how males will be rearranged in a story like this one.


  1. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this drama. I wasn’t expecting it to grab me the way it did. Each of the characters are complex and interesting with their own stories and hang ups. Also I would love to see a male version of this drama too, If it was as well done as this one

    1. I was also surprised at how much I’m enjoying this one~ definitely a good watch for both female and male viewers.

  2. A nice write up, especially for my favourite character, Ji Won. Speaking of whom, you may want to check out Operation Proposal, in which she was the female lead 🙂

    1. Thanks~ I will try Operation Proposal, have been ignoring it all this time, but Age of Youth made me curious about the past works of our ladies

  3. I’m totally head over heels with this drama! The characters are relatable, especially shy and cute Eun Jae. I’m the same age as Eun Jae and some of her concerns just sounded like mine 😅

    1. Eun Jae is a shy bae~ she’s really cute but slowly changing the shyness to becoming bolder.

  4. Marchair · · Reply

    I am in total agreement with everything you have written. I love, love, love this drama and the writing and situations the gals find themselves in are very touching. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us. Hopefully you will snag some more viewers for this gem!

    1. I totally hope people will turn in to watch this drama. The writing, the characters and the acting deserve the praise they get.

      Thanks for the comment~

  5. Han Ye Ri and Min Sung Wook previously worked together in Six Flying Dragons. Park Hye Soo started off as a contestant of season 4 K-Pop Star then played in Yong Pal 🙂

  6. I can’t relate much to them (just small parts) but their personalities are really interesting. I would have liked Eun Jae not to be so child-like though.

    What I like the most about this drama is how it teaches women (the audience) not to be judgemental and help them understand different people. It’s needed on TV.

    I just hope that one day I’ll love a Kdrama AND its OST… the OSt for eps 3 to 6 were so depressive… seriously, the music wasn’t even interesting. I don’t hate sad or nostalgic songs at all, but it was boring.

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