[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 39 ~recap/review/opinion~

Mi Jung and Sang Tae return from the honey moon and are surprised to see that the children together with granny already unpacked and cleaned the house. Moments later, we see the whole family sitting in the living room. Sang Tae tells the others that it will be better if someone has a concern or a wish to voice it out.

Therefore, since Woo Young is the oldest, he is the first to say what bothers him. However, the only wish the boy has is for them to live peacefully, Soo also agrees with his friend. But the girls had other concerns. Firstly is Bin who wonders if she has to call Mi Jung ‘mother’ but the woman assures her that there’s no need for something like that if she doesn’t want to. The same goes for Mi Jung’s children, they don’t have to call Sang Tae ‘father’ if they don’t feel like it.

There’s something that concerned me for a while, Mi Jung who keeps calling Sang Tae ‘team leader’. Looks like he is also bothered by it and he eventually makes fun of Mi Jung with Woo Joo. By the way, compared to her siblings, for Woo Joo is quite easy to call Sang Tae ‘new dad’.

The father in law is the new landlord and the man from the real-estate agency introduces him as so to the granny. Because he was already there, granny had some things to ask of him, like cleaning the mold from the veranda and so on. He immediately accepts to do everything, even though those things do cost a lot.

On his way to work, Ho Tae finds a letter from his wife in his walled where she was asking him to think again if he really wants to do the drama. Because, for her it will be all right if he continues with movies since Soon Young doesn’t want only her husband to make sacrifice for their family. As he reads the letter, Ho Tae seems to think that he already made the best choice for himself and especially for his wife and future child.

Sang Tae is still upset that Mi Jung calls him Team Leader and asks her to call him Honey or something like that. Mi Jung smiles reading his request and goes on to bring Woo Ri and Bin from school. At the school gate, the mother in law was looking for her grandchildren and is quite happy to see them getting along with Mi Jung and her children.

The woman returns home and continues to be sad in front of her witty maid. Later, Jin Joo appears and says that she got a box of mangos for the children. Only after a few minutes she realized that the kids aren’t with them anymore.

In the afternoon, Sang Tae tells the children that they have to say the type of afterschool they want to attend. However Soo and Bin are a bit upset that they can’t continue their after school lessons at their grandparents’ house. Afterwards Bin calls Jin Joo to tell her that she can’t go to the class they normally go together, but the mother in law misunderstands the call thinking that they will be invited to the housewarming party. The father in law comes home and after hearing everything from Jin Joo and his wife, he tells them that they will move, in the same building their grandchildren live.

Jin Joo is the only reasonable one and tells her father that he should’ve discussed things beforehand because Sang Tae may not like them moving in the same apartment building.

Soo Young’s mother butts in and tries to find out things from the granny. However, it looks like she didn’t find something good….she finds out that In Chul did a vasectomy. Back home, she lashes on to In Chul. Soo Young also didn’t know about it…

Meanwhile, Sang Min tries to think about other thing and not about the fact that Yeon Tae rejected his marriage proposal. He still ends up remembering how things went after she rejected him. When asked why she doesn’t want to marry him, Yeon Tae answered that she wants to continue dating considering that she never dated before. Eventually he does understood her feelings so he gives her the ring he prepared and told her to always wear it and think of him and also about marriage.

Anyhow, Yeon Tae starts learning from books how to date….she somehow imagine different situations that are too cheesy to talk about but a total feast for me and any other Sang Min-Yeon Tae fan. She continues going crazy about the things she thinks of however she doesn’t notice Tae Min, who was behind her. When she finally comes back to her sense, Tae Min finds out from Yeon Tae that she got a marriage proposal from her boyfriend but still didn’t accept it.

Ho Tae made up his mind to sign the contract for the drama but because it took 3 weeks to make a decision, he finds out that another director was hired for the job. His friend thinks of another job for him, something like an assistant director for a daily drama. Before saying if he agrees to take it, Ho Tae looks up some episodes of that drama.

While folding clothes, Soon Young notices the ring on Yeon Tae’s finger. Although she doesn’t think of it as a marriage ring but to Soon Young and her mother it is. Even though the other two women are happy, for Yeon Tae is still too early to marry even if she does like Sang Min. The subject changes and Soon Young tells them that Ho Tae signed to be a drama director.

Later, when Ho Tae goes to have a drink with his father he says that he accepted to do the daily drama thinking of Soon Young and their child. The father gives some words of advice to Ho Tae saying that even though he is having a hard time he will always overcome it thanks to the precious people on his life, like his wife and his child.

Soo Young continues to be angry that In Chul never told her about the vasectomy he had. But the reason she is angry is because she told Mi Jung she visited the hospital to get pregnant.

On the other hand, Mi Jung and Sang Tae talk about the after school lessons their children will take. He considers that Bin and Soo will understand their life style change and wants them to understand that they shouldn’t receives things so easily just because they want them. Also, although he is thankful to his in laws for the lessons Bin and Soo always took, Sang Tae accepted that only because that way, the in laws would feel like they are taking part in the children’s education and life.  After talking about that, Mi Jung finally calls him ‘honey’ and  not ‘team leader’, with that one word, Sang Tae takes her to the bed but he just plays a prank on her and gets up even though she was expecting a kiss.

Another day, Sang Tae meets up with his father in law. The man wants to move closer to their house and also send his maid to the grandchildren’s new house. Sang Tae wants to make it clear that he doesn’t want to educate them with money only. Hearing that, the father in law feels insulted and starts to lash out on Sang Tae demanding explanation.

After the meeting, the father in law returns home. Still annoyed by the conversation he had with Sang Tae, he decides to just move in the building not carrying for what Sang Tae may think.

Sang Min remains irritated with Tae Min’s happiness but the younger brother ends up putting on more fire by saying that he heard from Yeon Tae about the proposal and that she rejected it. Sang Min doesn’t have time to react to his brother’s words since their mother sent them a message saying that she and their father will return the day after tomorrow.

Later that day, Sang Min goes on a date with Yeon Tae and asks her if she has time to meet the day when his parents return to Korea. At first she says that she has to go to her brother’s housewarming but hearing that he wants to introduce her to his parents, Yeon Tae accepts his offer. At the same time, Tae Min also wanted to invite Jin Joo but since she was moving, in the same building with Sang Tae, she can’t meet Tae Min but he doesn’t tell her the reason.

Things seem to go smoothly but on another day at school, while in Tae Min’s classroom, his mother was calling him and Yeon Tae sees the picture from his phone. A picture with his entire family.

Jin Joo and her parents move in their new house and even though the father wants to act brave, when granny and Woo Joo appear he hides together with Jin Joo and his wife.

With the truth out it’s hard for Yeon Tae to digest so she even ignores Sang Min’s phone call. Anyhow, Sang Min and Tae Min go to the airport to pick up their parents. When they arrive, the mother is happy to see Tae Min and only Tae Min as she ignores Sang Min, a bit too bluntly. Knowing that Yeon Tae is coming, Sang Min and Tae Min decided that it would be better if Tae Min leaves saying that he has other things to do.

Yeon Tae is still considering if she should go to meet her boyfriend’s parents. As for Sang Min, he is constantly criticized by his mother for smiling and so on. There are moments when the father does take his side but mostly in light manner.

Leaving aside this family, after going to buy some things from the store, when Mi Jung returns home, she meets Jin Joo in their building.


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