[Kdrama] ‘Beautiful Mind’ ep 5&6~ impression/ opinion/review ~

This drama is getting really good with side characters stepping out, even though the main lady is still not in the big picture there are some hits that she will get big soon, or at least I hope so. But one thing remains about this drama, all of its characters are twisted, crazy, lunatics and so on. It really brings out the ugliest side of humans.

Episode 5 went forward with revealing more things about Young Oh’s childhood who continues to be haunted by it and especially by what his father used to tell him over and over again, that he should be like the rest. He needs to hide himself and act like how society dictates him (more like how his father dictates).

In episode 6, Min Jae said it aloud what probably we all were thinking, what Young Oh lacks and lacked is love. His father asked himself what he did wrong all these years since he tried to teach him how to be a normal person, someone like the others but he forgot to provide love to the child, Young Oh, that was where he did wrong. The father was so caught up in teaching him how to read people’s expressions that he left out the most important thing. Moreover, apart from the lack of love from the father, the older man keeps calling him monster.

Rather than saying Young Oh is a particular case, I think this drama portrays humans at their worst, as I said in the beginning of the post. Humans fear what they don’t know and don’t understand like Young Oh’s condition that’s why they even treat him like a monster. But is he? He doesn’t empathise with others but does that turn him into a monster? Humans consider themselves a superior species because we can think yet we don’t really think so we aren’t that superior after all. I said it on twitter as well, the thing that baffles me the most is that all the characters are supposed to work in the medical field, I don’t know about Korea, but where I live, medical students take physiology classes as well so I was expecting from those that work at that hospital to at least not treat him like some dangerous animal. Maybe…..just maybe this drama wants to show us how the real world is, us running away from anything that is not like us or what we consider not to be ‘normal’.

There is also the fact that everyone does things for their own benefit. Min Jae felt betrayed as she thought that Young Oh faked his emotions and words. But then she goes to make a research on his condition yet she continues to think he is at fault. Something is not right here…or her research isn’t that good. He does fake and reads people’s emotions but she puts the blame on him when she also uses Young Oh to get herself a higher job position within the hospital.

Regarding Suk Joo, I don’t find him to be any better than the rest. It’s not like he does anything to stop the research. Deep down he wants to continue it otherwise he would’ve called for an investigation since he did knew some things and could’ve be an important key element in the investigation. He is considering different possibilities, regardless we could see that he, in a way, already made up his mind. The research is important, important because of his greed and the others’ greed.

Each one of the characters from this drama, have a certain negative characteristic that shines. But what all have in common, is greed, to strike for their own benefit but with a few scenes here and there to show that they did think about what is right and wrong. However, we will have to sit and wait, how long are they going to keep going like this? What is their limit? Can they stop? We’ll see…

To conclude my post, if you want a show that will intrigue you, then Beautiful Mind is the answer. Watch it.



  1. I’m loving Jang Hyuk’s take on this complex character – he’s very compelling to watch and has such a magnetic presence on screen. Jin-sung has toned down and is much more likeable and relatable. Love the last scene in episode 6. And something’s up with Min-jae, I hope the drama doesn’t turn her into some spiteful second lead, her character definitely has more layers underneath.

    1. There was someone on twitter (I don’t remember who exactly) who said that only Jang Hyuk could play this type of character. He really goes deep with his acting ~

      Too late, Min Jae is already on her way to spiteful land

      1. I did wonder if Jung Kyung-ho might be able to carry off this character, but Jang Hyuk has elevated Young-oh to another level and it’s been awesome to watch.

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