[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 38 ~recap/review/opinion~

The father in law decides to buy the building where Sang Tae and Mi Jung wanted to buy an apartment. While he was talking with the agent from the real estate, his son in law and his future wife made their mind to sign the contract for their new apartment.

At the 2 brothers’ house, Sang Min looks interested in learning some cooking skills from Tae Min, but the younger brother continues to act cold and doesn’t want to teach him anything regarding cooking. Here we have the first encounter with their mother. Not really an encounter but we can establish a somehow idea of what kind of person she is and from their conversation, the mother has a favorite son, Tae Min.

Meanwhile, good news for the good-for-nothing and mouse couple. Ho Tae, who yet didn’t sign the drama contract because he was scared that during a year he won’t be able to do movies, receives his answer from his wife. Soon Young gives him all the money she received back from her former apartment telling him to continue film his movie. Even though the money weren’t enough, Ho Tae finally understood what is really important to him, his wife and his future child, therefore he ends up signing the drama contract.

The mother calls Sang Min to find out more about Tae Min’s girlfriend however this is when the older brother finds out that their mother already knows about his brother’s marriage to Jin Joo. Being sunned that their mother already knows, and clearly ok with whomever Tae Min chooses, Sang Min barges into his brother’s room and demands explanations. Tae Min doesn’t think he did anything bad in telling their mother that he wants to get married since Sang Min made him write a contract when he knew that Jin Joo and Yeon Tae were in laws. However, the two do agree that at least for now they must remain silent and don’t tell their mother about the truth behind their girlfriends.

Mi Jung and Sang Tae are busy looking for furniture. As the look around, the two can’t help it and turn into a cheesy couple.

The two brothers agree that is better for their future marriage to be fair and also keep it a secret from everyone that Jin Joo and Yeon Tae are related.

The soon to marry couple go for a coffee. There, Sang Tae sends Mi Jung some photos of beds to show it to her children, then they will also feel like they are taking part in choosing furniture.

With the children soon leaving their house, the mother in law continues to want to help them with something and wants to send the lady who helps around the house to Sang Tae’s new house, at least two times a week to help them since they have 5 children. But Sang Tae refuses saying that he can’t always teach his children with money so he wants to show them his abilities as a father.  As for Mi Jung’s family, she shows everyone the beds however granny tells them the big news: she doesn’t want to live with them but in fact wants to become independent. Mi Jung is worried and wants to change granny’s mind but the older woman doesn’t want to since she already put money aside from a long time and now she decided to take the opportunity to live alone.

Because Tae Min already took it too far by announcing to their mother that he and Jin Joo will marry, Sang Min goes to buy an engagement ring however his brother was already at the store looking around to choose a ring. The two try to make each other give up on proposing but compared to Sang Min, Tae Min can’t afford to buy diamonds. After thinking for a bit, he follows his brother and also asks the lady from the store to show him a ring with a diamond. Sang Min smirks and asks his brother If he can afford something like that, but when Tae Min says that he has been saving, from his allowance, the older brother attacks again and asks him to think careful who gave him that allowance. Since he doesn’t want to lose, Tae Min says that he will pay back all the allowance he received from Sang Min.

The mother in law visits the restaurant of Sang Tae’s parents again as she is worried because he doesn’t want to receive anything from her nor her husband. The mother is irritated with her visits but luckily the husband is there and refuses the help of buying Sang Tae a new car. When she finds out that the two have to leave to meet the granny, she wants to tag along but they refuse her again. Back home, the mother in law cries her eyes out as she eats. The husband listens carefully her worries that Sang Tae wants to cut ties with them and tries to calm her down saying that maybe Sang Tae was embarrassed to receive help from them.

Sang Tae’s mother meets with granny and they apologies to each other. Later the granny tells her that she won’t move with Mi Jung and Sang Tae but thinks that they should marry fast.  However, when granny returns to work, she finds out that the owner wants to fire her. At home she doesn’t tell Mi Jung that she was fired and lies saying that she can’t be selfish to let Mi Jung alone therefore she should move with her, Sang Tae and the children.

Mi Jung gives the wedding invitations to their colleagues and afterwards they go for dinner with them. The two answer questions about their relationship like when they had their first kiss, where will they spend their honeymoon and so on.

Meanwhile, Sang Tae’s parents visit his late wife’s grave to apologies to her that they agreed to his marriage. Before leaving, the mother wishes that she could meet Jin Young, the late wife, again in another life. Sang Tae goes to her grave for the same reason and promises that he will take care of their children.

Everyone is packing to move but Woo Young is worried that if he is to take a picture of his father, Sang Tae won’t like it but Mi Jung assures him that he won’t get upset over something like that. On the other hand, Sang Tae wants to take care of his in laws’ house before leaving and calls some workers to clean the garden.

At the two brothers’ house, Tae Min informs his brother that the next day he will propose to Jin Joo. Sang Min is clearly irritated but tries to act like he doesn’t care however he is shocked to find out from his younger brother, and not from Yeon Tae, that her brother will marry the next day.

He goes to call Yeon Tae and although he is serious during the conversation, to Yeon Tae it didn’t seem that important especially since she considered that it will be awkward for both parties, Sang Min and Sang Tae. However he wants Yeon Tae to promise to tell him everything since her business is now also his business. Before concluding their conversation, Sang Min tells her to meet him because he has something important to tell her.

Next day, at the wedding, Soo finds out that Jin Joo and his teacher are dating and Woo Ri also finds out that her teacher is the sister of the man her mother is marrying. Although everyone is happy at the wedding, the in-laws are left alone and the mother in law can’t handle to part with the kids as she cries in while going to their rooms.

However, Soo Young is worried that even though Mi Jung married, she and In Chul still have to pay for the child support, but her mother tells her that because of the new law, the children can even take the name of the step father so they don’t need to pay anymore because In Chul and the children will become strangers.

After the wedding everyone congratulates Mi Jung and Sang Tae but Jin Joo stays away thinking that now she and Sang Tae are really becoming strangers.

At the same time, Yeon Tae returns home but on her way, random people keep giving her balloons. When she sees Sang Min, she finds out that he told those people to give her the balloons. Afterwards, Sang Min is finally proposing to Yeon Tae and tries to be as sincere as he can. He talks about his dreams he has when it comes to marriage and promises he will do whatever she wants.

“Your happiness is also my happiness”

After saying all that, he goes on his knee and pulls out the ring followed by the big question if she will marry him. But his surprise, she refuses him ……………

For Tae Min, things are different:

“When you are by my side, I feel the happiest”

He also pulls out a ring and the big question after telling his feelings to Jin Joo. Although it wasn’t the propose she dreamed of, she starts tearing up and hugs Tae Min as she accepts his marriage proposal.

While the two brothers were proposing to their lovers, Mi Jung and Sang Tae enjoy time together after the wedding remembering the moments they spent together.

Another day, the father in law made up his mind and decided to buy the building where Sang Tae will move with his new family.

It was quite an upsetting episode for the in laws, although at this point they will become strangers it was sad to see that Sang Tae didn’t invite them to the wedding. They always treated him better than they treated Jin Joo, yet he left them behind. He was thinking only about Mi Jung but the in laws offering help was just their way to feel wanted in his life and in the life of their grandchildren.



  1. I have to point out that the in laws said themselves that the reason they were disappointed that Sang Tae refused their offer of money to help pay for a place to live is that if Sang Tae had accepted the money, then they would “have a right” to visit whenever they want.

    I do believe when they buy the grand kids things, there are no strings attached. But when it comes to helping Sang Tae, it’s all manipulation.

    The offer to send the maid was trying to get a foot in the door with a SPY.

  2. Surwat Safdar · · Reply

    Thank you for recapping this show…i love it and my favourite couple are Sangmin and Yeon Tae.
    Why does every set of parents have a favourite child? For the inlaws its the dead daughter, Sangtae is the favourite of his parents and Taemin is his mums favourite….each set of parent makes the other children feel like their lacking cos they can’t hold a candle to the favoured child….its only the strength of character of all the adult siblings that they all love each other without resentment.

    Dont think its going to be smooth sailing for the newly weds and their offsprings

    1. Agree, the parents all seem to have a favorite, but in SangMin’s mother’s case, she is over the top with the way she favors everything regarding Tae Min and blatantly ignores Sang Min.

      Thank you for the comment~

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