[Kdrama] ‘Beautiful Mind’ & ‘Doctors’ ~ first impression ~ which one I like better

Rather than making different posts about these two dramas, I thought it will be easier to say my opinion by making a comparison post of their stories.

But I did ask myself if it’s right to compare Beautiful Mind with Doctors considering that their stories, apart from the medical influence, have nothing in common. Even so, there are things I like in Beautiful Min that Doctors doesn’t have and the other way around. This made me think that maybe, if these things were combined into a new drama, it could’ve been better.

Beautiful Mind has a twisted story with twisted characters. But the most twisted character isn’t our leading man but in fact his father is. That reminds me of what I said while I was watching one family drama, fathers are always at fault in Kdrama land. They are the core misery of everyone and Young Oh, played by Jang Hyuk, is the victim of his father. Why I call him victim? Because his father didn’t treat him as a child but rather as a monster. Leaving behind the father-son relationship, that triggers everything in this drama, the story overall is an interesting material that makes your brain function and won’t sit like a dead fish as you watch this show. On the other hand, Doctors has a simplistic story line and frankly speaking I was bored by the first two episodes. It was the usual misunderstood soul that falls in love with her teacher.

Even though, story wise, Beautiful Mind has the winning ticket, Doctors has better written characters that actually have an impact. For me, Jin Sung (played by Park So Dam) from Beautiful Mind, didn’t leave any impression while the character played by Park Shin Hye, Hye Jung is better and makes viewers follow her traces. Yet that’s not because of the actress, Park So Dam, the writer is at fault for ignoring the female lead and making her fall behind the others. She failed to give a strong presence to Jin Sung apart from being the cop girl that is partially annoying at times. In Doctors, both Hye Jung and Seo Woo aren’t anything special however the two had more impact to me than the male characters and looks like it will continue be like this in the future episodes. Meanwhile, Beautiful Mind has strong and well established male characters even from the first episode.

A strong point for Doctors is the directing. It was disappointing taking part at scenes in Beautiful Mind where the camera shakes as if the cameraman was scared of a mouse. As for the romance part, not feeling it from neither of the two sides. It’s a shame but I do see some room from improvement thus maybe in the future episodes, both dramas will show us better chemistry between their leading characters.

For me, it would’ve been better if these two dramas were blended and made into one, having the plot from Beautiful Mind but the characters’ lineout from Doctors, everything would’ve been way better. I hope that for the next episodes, the writers will step up for the things their works lack. For Beautiful Mind, the characters need to be polished while for Doctors, the story needs a push to become more exciting.


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