[Kdrama] ‘38 Task Force’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

After Misaeng, Korea walks on the same path Japan used to after Hanzawa Naoki, by making human office dramas that may touch the viewers and make them feel that the characters are living their life.

38 Task Force is a drama about the leader of team 1 from Seoul City Hall and a con man who work together by chasing rich people who refuse to play large amount of money for their taxes.  As a middle class person and with all the news about rich people not paying their taxes, it will be strangely satisfactory to see the team chase after them and make them pay what they are supposed to. Even if it’s just a drama.

Episode 1 was somewhat interesting but, for my taste, the writer took too much to establish the story. The character introduction was too long but the second episode showed lots of improvements. Not saying that episode 1 wasn’t good, however form the way I see it, the first week for 38 Task Force would’ve been better if episode 2 was presented as the pilot episode. But what I want to say, is that the first episode missed to have a focus. The writer tried to bring Bake Sung Il to the front but maybe because it dragged too much, the whole episode felt out of focus.  However, the writer, Han Jung Hoon, had some good dramas in the past so I’ll continue to look forward to the future episodes.

What I liked about this drama was mainly the acting. Everyone is doing what they are supposed to, even though in the first episodes we saw Seo In Guk and Ma Dong Seok more than the rest but for the Korea drama watcher that’s inside me, Oh Man Seok is a total dessert therefore I’m having great expectations from him as an actor. Also, Song Ok Suk is probably challenging herself with this role. She didn’t appear in the first two episodes, but I’m sure this time it will be something different from her usual Korean drama mother that she plays. By the way, for those that are interested, please check out Five Children, Song Ok Suk is in and ….well, I don’t lose any chance that may be an opportunity for me to promote this drama.

I normally don’t recommend dramas after the first week of airing but the cast is way too awesome not to watch this drama so don’t lose the opportunity to watch some good acting and who knows, maybe a good plot will also be part of your experience.


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