[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 34 ~recap/review/opinion~

The mother in law pleads to Sang Tae to leave the kids at their house. Although her husband is trying to stop her from talking such things, the woman cries her heart out saying that she can’t live without Bin and Soo. At that moment, the two kids hear their grandmother crying and they go into their father’s room to see what’s happening. As they entered the room, the mother in law tried to hide her crying face.

Meanwhile, Sang Tae’s mother makes Mi Jung keep an outrageous promise, to leave her own kids with her ex-husband. According to the woman, Mi Jung’s won’t have the confidence to raise someone else’s children when hers are also around. She won’t treat them equally. But Mi Jung replays that Bin and Soo are the children of the man whom she loves. She continues to talk about how hard it was for her to take care of her children yet the 3 made her really happy. Although it may be hard and a long process, Mi Jung thinks that by doing it step by step and with Sang Tae by her side, she can take care of Bin and Soo as she does for her own children.

Before leading, Sang Tae’s father praises Mi Jung and tells her to come again because like this, his wife will change her mind. She just needs to be persistent.

Sang Min talks his problem with his manager. He seems to be concerned about the fact that Yeon Tae had a crush on his brother. The manager adds more worried as he tells her to think about Yeon Tae’s feeling as well since she used to cry about her one-sided love to him. After the manager told him about what he discussed with Yeon Tae on the phone, Sang Min starts wondering if she went bowling alone, after all they were supposed to have a bowling day date. He then rushes to see if she is really there but she wasn’t, however he realized that he couldn’t be back within an hour from another country, more than that the manager lied that he didn’t took the phone with him.

Tae Min and Jin Joo talk about their relationship and she thinks that it’s hard for her to talk with her parents about their relationship since things are crazy at her house because they are too worried about Sang Tae’s marriage.  She talks about how her parents don’t love her as much as they loved her sister or her brother in law, but Tae Min tries to comfort her and says that no matter what Jin Joo is Jin Joo. They continue to talk and she tells him that her parents will know the meaning after she returned the car and the cards.

The family is together after dinner and they talk about Sang Tae’ s marriage. After Ho Tae told his mother that she acts like a mother from a makjang drama, the father continues with his plan and tells the family about how he and their mother got married. In the past, his mother was also against their marriage so they run away from home until they had Ho Tae and then his own mother begged for them to return. The man also makes a joke saying that he can visit the children since he agrees with Sang Tae’s marriage but if his wife also wants to see Bin and Soo, he can bring her some pictures.

Next morning, Jin Joo tells Sang Tae that everything will go well so he shouldn’t worry about her mother. Later, he goes to send off his brother to his honey moon. Even though he talks with the other members of the family, he doesn’t even look at his mother. Fact that irritates her a bit.

On his way to let Yeon Tae at her school, the little sister tells him that lately, Mi Jung keeps visiting their mother. According to her, Mi Jung seems like a nice person for trying so hard even though their mother said some harsh things.

At work, Mi Jung and Sang Tae try not to make it awkward at work but when they leave to have a coffee but they were actually make things even more awkward for the colleagues by trying to act normal. Another colleague enters the room by clapping his hands as a signal for them to know that he is going to enter. Apparently everyone decided to clap their hands whenever they enter a room to make sure Sang Tae and Mi Jung aren’t disturbed from…kissing.

During the picnic trip with the class, Woo Ri tells her teacher, Yeon Tae that her mother made a lunch box for her and for Bin as well. After taking the lunch box from Woo Ri, Yeon Tae calls Sang Min to see if he returned. The manager answers the call again and makes up some random lies about how he can’t give her the contact information from the training camp where Sang Min is. When the call ends, the manager is getting irritated with Sang Min and tells him to figure things out. A moment later, Yeon Tae sends a message saying that she registered in a couple club for bowling and tells him that next time they should go together.

At home, Sang Min acts like a diva towards Tae Min. He is fussy about the food or makes a mess even though Tae Min was cleaning the house. At the end of the day, Tae Min finally has it and confronts Sang Min but his older brother gets angry and takes him out for a basketball match.

Tae Min beats Sang Min at basketball but the older brother doesn’t want to admit to it. He asks for another match after telling Tae Min that he can’t beat him. He was most probably talking about how Yeon Tae’s 7 years crush can’t beat him and that he matters now.

Sang Tae’s mother finds out from Yeon Tae that Woo Ri’s mother made a lunch box for her and for Bin as well. She praises Mi Jung for how hard she works.

At her part time job, Jin Joo is being hit on by some high school students but when Tae Min appears, he tells them that ‘noona’ is busy and her boyfriend, meaning him, is waiting for her.  Later, the two go on a date and Jin Joo is starting to act more mature and is praised by Tae Min.

However, back at home, she and her father try hard to make her mother eat something since she is still upset that Sang Tae wants to take the children with him. Her father tells his wife that she needs to send Sang Tae off on good terms so she can see the kids more often in the future. After the talk with her husband and daughter, she decides to go for a drive to clear her head out. She remembers all the good memories with Sang Tae and especially about a shop that she recommended to him. However, when she goes to eat at that shop, she meets Sang Tae there.

During their dinner, Sang Tae wants to make her understand that him marrying Mi Jung won’t change the fact that to him, she is his second mother and is aware of how much she loves him and the children.

Soo Young is being annoying and talks to In Chul about how they can take in the 3 children if things will get hard for Mi Jung.

The couple club is meeting however Yeon Tae goes alone since Sang Min was still ‘busy’. Later, Sang Min appears at the bowling alley and introduces himself as Yeon Tae’s boyfriend. After making a strike, he high fives everyone but when he reaches to Yeon Tae, he hugs her and whispers an apology for making her go alone at the meeting.

Yeon Tae asks him if it was hard during the training camp. He replays saying that it was more like a mental fight for him however he is ready to fight everything that will come in the future and asks her if he can believe her as well. She doesn’t have any idea what’s he talking about but she tells him that he can believe in her as well.

Tent camp is finally here. After the children go to buy ramen, In Chul keeps pestering Sang Tae saying that if he and Mi Jung are to marry then the children will have to go to him because he can’t see his children being raised by another man, a step father. Since Sang Tae wasn’t in the mood for In Chul stupidity, he tells him that the woman he is going to marry has 3 children, even if the elders of his family will oppose, he already set his mind to marry her.

My thoughts on episode 34:

Now In Chul is being a banana. Hwo dare he say that Mi Jun shouldn’t get married? How dare he say that he can’t see his children be raised by another man when he plans to take the children to be raised with another woman? Hypocrite!! Banana!!

Anyway, leaving In Chul aside, Sang Min is a man! Damn! Am I too biased? Maybe. But he sure was awesome when he went to the couple club meeting and told Yeon Tae that he is ready for anything and he will fight for them. That was sure awesome coming from him.

This show sure has some good men. Well, most of them, except for In Chul who is a banana, the others care and treasure what they have. Tae Min, Sang Min, Sang Tae, Ho Tae and Sang Tae’s father they all treasure what they have and especially care for their women. I love how they all make their loved ones feel secured and act like they will do anything for them. From this point of view, the show is doing very well and the writer is giving us some proper males.


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