[Kdrama] ‘Lucky Romance’ ep 5&6~ impression/ opinion/review ~

Finally, this drama his hitting home with me. With this week’s episode 5 and 6 I started liking ‘Lucky Romance’ but still not because of the story. Actually the writer started to excuse the main point of the story, Bo Nui having to spend the night with a male born in the year of the tiger.

In a way, I liked that she is starting to make it clear that Bo Nui knows this is something crazy and hard to believe, as I said in my first post about this drama, she is trying everything she can to save her sister even if it’s something like this, hard to believe and just plain too stupid to believe.

This week, we got to see a Bo Nui that is falling down and is afraid to know that because of her, Bo Ra won’t wake up. She knows that it’s not entirely her fault, but at the same time she can’t help but feel like she could do something to save her sister yet she can’t.

Soo Ho is a total bae. No idea if it’s because I like Ryu Jun Yeol but overall I love him. He may be rude and sometimes it may look like he has attitudes towards his employees but most of the time he is right. What kind of employer wouldn’t want his/her employees to do well. Trying won’t bring profit.  I may be cold hearted but in the end, it’s the truth.

I like his small gimmicks, the way he uses his face to show emotion or his body posture. There were talks about Jun Yeol playing Jung Hwan and Soo Ho the same way, however I really don’t see that. Jung Hwan was mature while Soo Ho is like a kid in need of protection. Soo Ho has yet to grow up because at this point, he is afraid to believe in others. Or more like, he is afraid to show others that he believes in them. I think that’s the case with the way he acts towards his employees as well. He wants them to do well, they do well but he does treat them out, even though he isn’t present. His only flaw is that he thinks only in a rational manner while ‘normal’ people hear their heart most of them times.

Does he feel love towards Bo Nui? Most probably not, or at least not at this point. He may feel some kind of attraction, maybe his rational mind wants to act out to make Bo Nui understand that what she’s doing won’t help. However, he forgets one thing, compared to him, Bo Nui thinks with her heart and that makes her believe that by sleeping with a man born in the year of the tiger will fulfill a miracle. There was a moment when he didn’t want to interfere, because he did think of Bo Nui but once again his rational mind won and he ended up calling the police to save her.

In the first episodes, I wasn’t really into Gun Wook and Amy however I started changing my opinion on them. I just hope that Amy won’t get between Soo Ho and Bo Nui. I like the friendship between her and Gun Wook, actually rather calling it a friendship is more like a comradeship (?) anyway I like them together as a team.

Also, I normally am in love with the second leads but this time I’m not. Gun Wook is an okay guy but he isn’t doing the trick for me. There are no romance vibes between him and Bo Nui at all. He remains just as a childhood friend, a boy who had a crush on an older girl during his childhood and he just remembers about that time. I kind of want them to remain like this and have the writer use Gun Wook to make Soo Ho jealous or something, other than that it will look forceful.

Another thing I like how they show use the way one or another ended in a place. Like in episode 6, they showed how Gun Wook knew about Bon Nui and Soo Ho meeting.

This is it for this week, hopefully other people will overcome their displeasure regarding this drama and will use ‘Lucky Romance’ as an escape route from their other dramas that may take things way too seriously.


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