[Kdrama] ‘Lucky Romance’ ep 3&4~ impression/ opinion/review ~

I don’t know if I’m disappointed or I like this drama. I really have no idea what to feel about it. In a weird way I like ‘Lucky Romance’ however I do admit that the writing is messy. The writer is messing around or just doesn’t have the slightest idea what to do with the characters.

This week’s episodes were random. Especially episode 3 had just some moments thrown there so the writer will have an excuse that she established the background of the characters. Well, sweetheart things don’t go like this or at least not in my book. Really, I feel that this drama, overall, is lucky to have Ryu Jun Yeol and Hwang Jung Eum. I like their characters, heck, I like the 4 main characters a whole lot even though they are just your typical Korean drama characters yet they are charming and cute but that’s thanks to the actors.

Jung Eum and Jun Yeol are lovely and I feel that they do match well. I love Jun Yeol’s way of using his body to showcase his character. There are lots of small details, especially the way he uses his hands which is kind of weird to see because most actors have some fainted hands near their pockets.  He is so good at making me want to protect his character. Sound weird? Whatever! He is a bad fish but at the same time I feel like this kid needs protection and love and someone to know him, to know how he truly is deep down.

I was so angry with Soo Ho’s parents this week. I was annoyed to see how his father just threw him into the ocean. That’s rather shocking and it won’t make a child ‘love’ swimming but rather fear it. However, let’s say that the father is a simple man and had no idea how to make his son get closer to people or interact with people. But that still doesn’t excuse the fact that he just shoved him into the water. Maybe he was thinking that it’s the best for Soo Ho ( don’t know in what Universe someone will think like that) but he was a kid, you can’t do that, especially to your own child just because he is a bit different than other children.

Anyway, the father was just a mouse, the real rat was the mother. She’s using Soo Ho for money and power.  She thinks what Soo Ho has is also hers. I was dumbfounded seeing how she answered to Bo Nui that Soo Ho’s favorite food ‘has to be’ seafood because he lived near the ocean. ‘Has to be’? That’s clearly not the way a mother should be. She knows nothing about Soo Ho and has no interest in him except for his money. It’s really irritating….

Regarding the other characters, I continue to dislike the way the writer keeps making Seol Hee to look American. Those random American-English words or Korean words said in a weird American accent need to stop.

On the other hand, Gun Wook and Bo Nui are cute together. But merely as childhood friends and I hope they remain like that. Also, I like Lee Soo Hyuk but he really needs to work some more on his acting.

As for the story, the only thing that could be good is if the writer doesn’t try to turn everything into something melodramatic. By the way, give me a jealous Soo Ho! That will be fun to see especially since he doesn’t have any experience when it comes to relationships.

Regardless, I like the dramas not because it is good, because it’s not, but I like the comedy and overall ‘Lucky romance’ is like a brunch. You don’t really need it but it’s from time to time.


  1. I watched these two episode glued to the computer but when they were over I felt vaguely dissatisfied as though I was still hungry LOL I enjoyed them as I watched but…. I like Jung Eum and Jun Yeol, they look great together and they do have pretty good chemistry but the story is just a little lacking or something. I don’t know I like it a lot but I don’t love it and I really want to love it.

    1. That’s exactly how I feel. I want to love it but there’s something lacking. The actors are ok and as I said Jung Eum and Jun Yeol have chemistry but the writer is …..needs to step up the game.

      Thank you for the comment~

  2. Yes, I’m with Soori. I love it but deep down i feel it lacks oomph. I can’t really pinpoint it who or what. I love Jung Eum but for some reason, she’s less over the top than she always is in her other dramas. Perhaps that? I look forward to the next two episodes. I really am curious whether did they…. ya know? *giggle*. But knowing Soo Ho’s character, I doubt he did lol.

    Either way, I agree with you. They do have good chemistry together. The writer just needs to amp up the game.

    1. I noticed that too, Jung Eum is a lot more quiet in this drama than she normally is.
      Same, knowing his personality I don’t think that …. XD but I will continue to watch, the two are so cute together ~

  3. I’m actually wondering if I should start this or not..so confused!

    1. Replaying late but after episode 5 and 6 I say you should give it a go. The characters are really cute

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