[Kdrama] ‘Lucky Romance’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

It’s finally here! Ryu Jun Yeol! Well, really now, who waits for a drama for its story when the main guy is Ryu Jun Yeol. Yes, I’m still not over Jung Pal and it will probably take me a long time before I will actually get over that character.


Anyway, regarding Lucky Romance; the show is pretty okay however generic. It’s the common rom-com show that starts with having 90% comical scenes while later the story will turn dark and melodramatic. Because, duh, they all suffer from some kind of childhood trauma. When will Korean dramas stop using the whole childhood romance and past trauma subjects? The writers really need to tone it down a bit since it’s getting out of hand as all of them use at least one of these two themes into their dramas.

However, despite being a common, generic story, I found myself enjoying the first two episodes. Again, enjoying not liking; it takes a whole lot more for me to like a story and this one is clearly not what I consider to be something good. The comedy was cute and Jun Yeol and Hwang Jung Eum look like they click quite well together. Actually I was a bit concerned that Jun Yeol will blank out after playing Jung Pal (Jung Hwan) because that character definably had a big impact on him. Not only that he connected with the character, at some point the character seemed to be part of him.

Luckily, Jun Yeol is slowly managing to give Soo Ho his own colors. On the other hand, I have to agree with other people who are saying that all of Hwang Jung Eum’s characters look the same. She’s clearly found a trademark for herself and maybe at this point is afraid to get out of her own acting bubble. Much like Park Shin Hye. No, no! Before Park Shin Hye’s fans will jump on me, I didn’t say she can’t act. But to me Park Shin Hye and Hwang Jung Eum are similar, not in terms of acting but because, as I said above, they have created their own acting bubble thus most of their characters are similar. What I mean is that, after ‘Secret’, Jung Eum chose ‘Endless love’. After she got her name more known thanks to her comedic approach on the characters, after Kill Me Heal Me, she choose ‘She was pretty’ and now ‘Lucky Romance’.  She is good in this one as well, not trace of awkwardness but it’s like I’ve already met this character before.

As for Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Chung Ah, both are a few steps lower than Jung Eum and Jun Yeol. They are somehow conscious of the camera and Lee Soo Hyuk is a bit uncomfortable. What makes me cringe about these two is how hard they try to look from overseas.

What I don’t get is why do others think that the whole idea of ‘Lucky Romance’ is stupid because the main girl believes in everything? She WANTS to believe in everything that can save her sister. She is desperate, of course she believes.

Is it for her own peace of mind? Maybe. But at this point she is desperately trying to find a solution. It’s that situation when you can’t help but think that anything is possible even with putting a few drops of blood on her sister’s shirt. Looking from the outside, yes, that’s crazy and it doesn’t directly help the sick person. But sometimes things like this make the family or the sick person be at ease with the whole thing. For a bit, at least. I don’t find it ridiculous as others may say. In fact, I think it’s pretty realistic.

Overall, the drama is enjoyable for now. But if you are looking for a drama that makes you think, then pumpkin, this one isn’t for you.


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