[Kdrama] ‘Dear my friends’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

With the disappointment from the first part of spring dramas, I eagerly waited for this drama. The reason? Of course Jo In Sung and writer No Hee Kyung! These two sure make a great team and this drama seemed interesting at first.

Unfortunately for me (or all of us?), Jo In Sung isn’t as present as I would’ve wished as the focus of the drama is more on the older generation. As a fan of him, I was a bit sad with his, so far, small appearance however the older characters are quite witty and lovable so Jo In Sung absence isn’t that obvious.

Maybe his name was used for publicity, who knows, yet I’m pretty okay with the first two episodes. It was a bit messy and all over the place considering the large number of characters even so everyone had a clean entry in the story. For me, Kwang Soo’s character, Min Ho, and his mother, Hee Ja, had a somewhat bigger impact but that’s also because his mother was the main subject of the first two episodes.

The acting is good. I mean, of course it is and the characters are witty with a realistic feel to them. I liked the real vibe I received from the story of each character and even though I’m not as of as them, I did see things in them that I noticed about the older people in my life. It actually made me understand more about older people and that’s also a possible purpose of the drama. No idea, I’m just hunching here since I didn’t read any interviews or news about this.

Frankly speaking, Hee Ja’s story or her introduction to the viewers made me think about my own grandmother so maybe that’s why I kind of have a certain growing affection towards her character more.  The scene from episode 2 with her son when she got hurt and he went to her house and later on both slept on the floor was emotional. Again, for me it definitely was emotional and important. I wish to see more scenes like this one, between the older generation and their children.

What I want from the writer is to build the characters a bit more solid because as I already said it, this drama has a lot of characters and everyone is important to a certain degree therefore they need a base that can help them remain in the story. If not, some of the characters will end up buried by the others.

Something I don’t like about ‘Dear my friends’ is that on the outside it looks like a drama without purpose. The writer didn’t make her story to have a reason. And let’s be blunt here, if it wasn’t for Jo In Sung and her past works, not sure the viewers would’ve tried this drama. She needs to make it clear that the front line is made out of the older generation and to make them become the pillar of the story by giving them meaning and making them savory for the viewers.

Anyway, it is an enjoyable drama but not sure if it can remain like this. Everything is up to the writer because as things are now, I’m not sure how she is going to fill in 16. What I mean is that it has the potential to become draggy.




  1. Yes you are right. “Without purpose” is a good description of this drama. The writer, No Hee Kyung job is dramatically weak here and also in “It’s Okay That’s Love”. She was once a powerful writer with Worlds Within

    1. She normally writes good stuff, but this one looks a bit all over the place.

      Thanks for the comment ^^

  2. Honestly, I’m fine with this drama (1st ep). I don’t need a purpose. I just want to see something different, witty and funny. The average kdrama bores me but I’m fine with “Dear My Friends”.

    1. Glad to see different opinions. ^^Thanks for the comment and for reading ~

  3. Fongie · · Reply

    I hope you did finished all the 16episodes. Cz I think the writer did have a story for each of the character on the poster. The emotional scenes just got more intense from episode 4 onwards. And being a fan of family drama, I cried my eyes out from epi 4 until the last episode.

    Like you, I think about my family when I watch this drama. I always believe everyone has their own story and they are the protagonist in their life story.Quoting from a commenter from another site, this drama has so much of lesson learnt and he/she learnt something from each episode.

    One thing you cannot avoid as you age is facing death of a love one or your own death. The regrets throughout your life and redemption.

    This is one of the best drama I have watched. I’ll be honest here, I watched this cz of the supporting leads but im glad I found this. =)

    Hope you enjoy this as I do.

    1. Hi there, is not that I didn’t enjoy these episodes, I did, however what I said in my post were just some random things I liked and what I didn’t. I’m still watching this show, I didn’t drop it ^^ it is an enjoyable show that portrays reality so its a given that I will continue XD

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