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I didn’t post for a while now and I even skipped some recaps for ‘Five Children’. I still watch the drama and continues to be my favorite at the moment however in the last two or so weeks I couldn’t find the motivation to write anything. I don’t know why, I didn’t had a reason for it yet I just didn’t feel like writing.

As other drama bloggers may know, writing about dramas can be pretty hard even though we enjoy watching and talking about them so maybe I couldn’t be bothered to put my thoughts out in a post. I did talk a bit about some dramas on my twitter account but that’s not really the same as saying my opinion on the blog. Anyway, in this blog post I will talk about what dramas I’ve started watching recently, what I like, what I don’t about them and I will soon update the pictures from the side bar…soon.

The first drama I will talk about is the Japanese drama ‘Love Song’. The main reason I started to watch this one was because Suda, my favorite young Japanese actor, was part of the cast. The story of this drama is about a girl, Sakura Sano, who has a speaking complex and tries to overcome it through music with the help of former musician Kohei. I was quite surprised to find out that Sakura Fujiwara, the actress who plays Sakura Sano, is at her first drama. She is quite good for a rookie and seems to feel a decent comfort in front of the camera. In terms of plot, the story is pretty quiet. It’s like the usual melo-jdrama, so if you are looking for something with more ‘passion’ then ‘Love Songs’ isn’t the answer. But  for now, I like it, everything is developing nicely and I like seeing Sakura trying her best to overcome her complex.

The next drama is ‘Entertainer’. I had big expectation from this one but something about this drama feels off. I do think that SBS tries to copy KBS’ ‘Producers’ and just changed some things but the overall feel is the same. However, ‘Entertainer’ is lacking substance. The plot needs that little push because frankly speaking the only person doing well for now is Ji Sung. Hye Ri is good when it comes to crying scenes but other than that she looks a bit awkward. The other young guys are too green and our second lady doesn’t have a presence into the story. The drama is okayish, just a light drama with handsome kids. By the way, Ahn Hyo Seop is hot ( just wanted to say this).

‘Another Miss Oh’ is my second favorite after Five Children. Can’t believe I didn’t even want to watch it at first. To be honest the first episode was kinda confusing and the following one as well but after the 3rd episode, things started to blend and I also started to enjoy it. More than I was expecting. Although the drama didn’t finish, I will still recommend it to others. The connection between comedy, romance and heavy moments is so well made even though there is a fine line between the 3. Really, try it!

Other dramas I’m watching are actually Thai dramas such as “Senior Secret Love: My Lil Boy” which finished recently(ish). It was cute but the acting wasn’t anything that will wow.  Now I’m following with “Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey” where the acting is somehow better. Basically this series is high school-based and revolves around puppy-bubbly love. However, in the Puppy Honey one there’s also a gay couple so if you are rude and can’t accept the fact that others may love the same sex then don’t watch it but for the rest enjoy the cute relationships. And lastly, ‘The kiss series’ where the main female characters are a bit annoying. But not the annoyingly rude type, it’s actually the other way around, annoyingly stupid and too nice but it’s already too late to stop watching it because I’m already at episode 13.

These are the dramas I’m currently watching. Soon I will make a post about the dramas I’ve dropped but it will take some time because I dropped a LOT of dramas, especially Korean ones.

If anyone has a drama that will like to recommend to me, please feel free to leave it in the comments and PPPPLLLEEAAASSEE help get back on track with the whole drama-watching since I feel like I’m losing so much – no idea why I’m feeling like this ….maybe it’s an after effect caused by Signal.


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  1. miss temper & nam jung ki and memory were pretty good. i started watching mirror of the witch.

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