[Kdrama] ‘Entertainer’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

Unfortunately, after the first week I’m not impressed. Or at least, not as much as I was expected to be. While having high expectations may be my fault, the overall feeling doesn’t give me the strength to keep on following this drama.

Although, in a way, I like all the main actors, the most acting is done by Ji Sung. I do get it that he had the most scenes in these two first episodes, however what I saw from the others wasn’t that praise worthy. Hye Ri is really good when it comes to crying or sad scenes, she really is. Probably she got the hand of it, but that’s not what makes an actor. She is at the beginning, however I don’t think she can pull off a main character on a public broadcast channel where normally the major effort in a drama is from the cast’s side. Hye Ri still has to work on her acting since whenever the camera has her on the spotlight, she is a bit awkward and still didn’t get the hang of her expressions. Regardless, she remains one of the best idol-actors out there.

With Min Hyuk I’m kind of disappointed. He’s acting in this drama (in the first two episodes) is dull. Yeah, the character is supposed to have a more solitary personality but as a whole he appears to be dry and don’t make me look forward the character’s story at all.

As for Ji Sung. Well, he is doing the whole job for this drama. The writing is bad and messy. It’s like the writer has an idea of what kind of drama to write but didn’t had the details sorted out beforehand. Because I was curious about the writer’s past dramas, I looked it up and the other drama she wrote was ‘Bel Ami’. Yup! Not the kind of drama a writer should have under its belt. I do wish the writer would’ve had a cleaner story telling because the first two episodes are very important in establishing the story and present the viewers with background information of the characters but everything was messy and hard to follow. Also it was done in a rather simplistic manner and poured in whatever the writer wanted to.

The directing is also lacking. I mean they did have some really beautiful locations but I felt like the director didn’t make use of those places. Busan is a gorgeous city yet it didn’t show any difference. They could’ve simply record this in Seoul and say it was Busan.

I was looking forward to this drama. Like KBS showed the underneath of variety shows – be it real or not, I still liked it and wanted to see the steps that require to make a group. With ‘The producers’ KBS still managed to show a tiny bit of a producer’s life, on the other hand SBS is busy showing off their money with huge screens and high tech stuff. All that was so unnecessary…

Overall I am disappointed.

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  1. i agree with your take on this so far. I was really irritated with min hyuk’s acting in this tbh…the director has alot to answer for! His capabilities are def higher than this. sigh. As for hyeri, they have to allow her some subtleties between crying hysteria anger hysteria and madcap happiness. ffs. I am so far of the opinion that ji sung is the only one getting the respect production wise. understandable to a degree, but it wont float a whole cast.
    Another thing, this script seems lifted in huge chunks, from big heat, a 2011 drama starring park sung woong as the former agency guy forced out who started his own boy band. It’s not exactly the same; and i realize this type of storyline isn’t exclusive to anyone; but the similiarities these two episodes were a bit much. Thats on Viki if you’re curious lol
    I’m going to stick with it as I’m fond of this type of tale and like the cast, but I really hope it gets better. For now i’m peeved at; holding fault with; the director. It’s his/her job to bring out the actors’ abilities and he’s really letting the young ones down. Not to mention the setting, writing & pacing problems. Crossing fingers.

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