[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 15 ~recap/review/opinion~

Mi Jung tells her granny that she likes the one who hurts her. To comfort her, granny says that lately girls are pushier than in the past so she should also try and go after the guy she likes. However to Mi Jung is clear that Sang Tae doesn’t like her and wants to keep the distance between them.

On the other hand, Sang Tae tells his father about how he is currently feeling about hurting someone even though he didn’t want that. The father hunches that it may be about a woman and tells his son that when he will die, he wants to be kept in the minds and hearts of those alive. That’s probably how Jin Young, Sang Tae’s late wife, would’ve wanted from him, to be kept in his heart as he continues with his live.

Mi Jung still keeps the coffee she received from Sang Tae and looks at it while remembering the moment he gave it to her. Meanwhile, Sang Tae’s father is a bit drunk and starts singing on the streets. Shortly after, being sure that the whole talk was about a woman, the father shouts around the neighborhood that his eldest son is seeing a woman. Sang Tae wants to tell his father that it wasn’t about a woman but it’s not like the older man will believe him.

Sang Tae brings his father home but afterwards, his mother sees him off. She thinks to herself that Sang Tae is getting skinnier, “maybe because is also getting old”. Back at home, the maid returns him the doll he threw away. He puts it in his room and then goes to see if his in laws made up. The father in law couldn’t even sleep while the mother in law, who was in Jin joo’s room, was sleeping like a baby. Or more like a baby who snores like a wolf and because of that, Jin Joo couldn’t even sleep properly.

In the morning, Mi Jung tells Woo Young to go with his sister in the weekend to meet their father. Woo Young doesn’t seem to excited but Mi Jung explains that even though they divorced it doesn’t mean that he and his father should have a bad relationship, even more the father missed them as well and begged her to let him meet them. Meanwhile, Sang Tae who was preparing for work, looks again at the shirt and note he received from Mi Jung (the one with ‘Team leader is love’).

Ho Tae and Soon Young send each other messages about how they miss one another.

Mi Jung meets Sang Tae in the parking lot and to avoid him, she says that she forgot her phone in the car, but the phone was in her hand. He knows that she tries to avoid him and comes down again to make her get in the elevator with him. The second time he tells her to be more natural when avoiding him without using childish measures. But that confuses her even more and even makes her think that he is crazy.

Soon Young tells her bosses (Ho Tae’s parents) that she was taken to the emergency room and her first love “oppa” took care of her.

In Chul is really happy that he is finally meeting his children, so happy that he can’t concentrate to his work. Soo Young takes his side but the mother in law isn’t pleased with him meeting the children. Soo Young tells him that it will be a good idea to buy clothes for his children and says that she will find out the size of all 3.

After a meeting, the other colleagues want to eat their lunch but Mi Jung doesn’t want to go with them – since she has to avoid Sang Tae. When the others start gossiping that maybe she is avoiding them, he starts feeling restless and wants to send her a message to ask where she is. She continues to run away from him the whole day.

When she returns home, Mi Jung sees Soo Young waiting for her but a few meters behind, Woo Young was recycling. She takes Soo Young away and stats screaming at her that she doesn’t have to buy anything for her children because, in the past, her kids wore the clothes she used to buy since at that time the two were friends but that’s not the case anymore. Soo Young asks her to send the kids’ clothing size through a message but Mi Jung gets angry and rushes her to leave. Before leaving, Soo Young tells her that them linking hands again reminded her of their high school days.

Mi Jung goes home and ends up taking notes of her kids’ size to send it to Soo Young. He granny enters and Mi Jung tells her what just happened with Soo Young. On the other hand, Sang Tae is still at work and looks around Mi Jung’s desk.

As for the younger brother, Ho Tae is buys repairing stuff at Soon Young’s house. After he finishes everything, he tells Soon Young that after they reunited, he feels like he should work hard and start all over again with his work.

Another day, Sang Tae keeps on pestering Mi Jung even though he was the one who told he to keep a distance.

Sang Tae’s in-laws still didn’t made up but they seem to be on good terms with each other when the maid shows them the note Sang Tae received, from Mi Jung. The guy and his wife who saw Sang Tae during his blind date come to their house and say that they want to go the Sang Tae’ grand opening because Sang Min, the golfer, will also be there and they also want to see the girl that Sang Tae is dating.

Jin Joo is getting bored at school but Tae Min doesn’t answer her message because he and Yeon Tae are busy being happy to have received their first wages. Jin Joo calls him and seems to finally show her bratty self to Tae Min as she asks to eat lunch together but he can’t because his lunch is short and can’t be late to classes. Eventually he goes with Yeon Tae to eat lunch.

The in-laws also go the opening to see the woman their son in law dates. They see Mi Jung the mother in law starts following her around. After a few minutes, the mother in law finds Mi Jung’s name and remembers that Sang Tae called her name when he was drunk.

The father in law and his friend remain at Sang Min’s sign session and ask him to sign a lot of balls. Although a staff member says that it’s not allowed, Sang Min accepts to sign everything they ask for.

During dinner, the in laws can’t handle when their friends talk about Sang Tae and Mi Jung. The mother in law also tells her husband that Mi Jung is Assistant Ah.

The sign session was s success but Mi Jung goes to eat alone so she won’t have to go with her colleagues. Everyone from work was at a nearby restaurant and when Sang Tae returns from the bathroom, he sees Mi Jung eating alone so he leaves her a note on the restaurant’s window.

Later, they meet again when they both wait for a substitute driver. Mi Jung finally asks why he acts like he does towards her. Sang Tae can’t help it and start smiling. She is confused but he tells her that she is someone who can make a person happy.

Mi Jung lets everything out that was building in her heart and tells him that she was hurt because of him. He says that he understands why she thinks like that. When she says that he acts a bit crazy lately, Sang Tae admits that he is indeed crazy and proceeds to kiss Mi Jung. DAAAAMMMMNNNN! That look, did you guys saw the way he looked at her. Ok, I need to calm down.


My thoughts on episode 15

I like how Mi Jung is such a mature women, despite her crazy actions from time to time. I loved seeing her explaining to Woo Young that because she divorced In Chul, he still remains his father.

This episode was kind of boring as it can be seen from my recap that I didn’t write much about it. I don’t know, it was like this episode didn’t tell anything, it was more like a filler. Except for that kiss at the end, nothing else was interesting.


  1. I’m glad you’re recapping this drama. I just discovered and binge watched it this weekend. I’m really watching it just for Sang Tae and Mi Jung and Sang Min and Yeon Tae. I feel bad for the kids, especially Woo Young when he finds out the real reason behind the divorce. Although I don’t like Soon Young’s mom too much but I got to give her respect when she said she’s siding with them because they’re family. That In Chul and Soon Young were definitely in the wrong. Pretty much saying she would’ve gone all out on them same as Mi Jung did, though not in those words. Sang Tae’s mom need to back up a bit. I understand where he’s coming from but you can’t force these things. They have to happen naturally on their own. And what’s with the stereotype they have against Mi Jung. Because she’s a divorcee with three kids she’s not good enough? But if it’s a man in the same situation, it’s okay? Don’t like that at all. I love the father the most because he’s such a wise, gentle and caring old man. And Sang Tae needs to deal with the slightly unhealthy co-depend relationship he has with his in laws. They’re all holding on to the memory of his wife/mother keeping anyone from moving on and living their lives. And how could Jin Joo teach her niece and nephew to go against their dad’s remarriage with a story about evil stepmoms? Sang Tae’s mom is not wrong that he’s not really living (for himself) and I think it’s kind of rich that he’s telling Mi Jung not to live like a machine when he is too. Aside from all of this, what I’m looking forward to most is Yeon Tae being courageous and taking risks because of Sang Min’s influence. And those two end up together.

    1. It’s understanble why her mother sides with them, but the way she takes their side is too much, especially when her daughter and son-in-law build their happiness on someone else’s sadness.

      Agree with you. They are a bit too much with the Mi Jung is divorced then she’s not good, according to Snag Tae’s mother. It’s not like she’s and expired product.

      When will happen with Sang Min adn Yeon Tae, we’ll all end up partying haha

      Thanks for the comment~ and for reading

  2. we didnt get enough sang min this episode! loved how nice he was with the inlaws though and his particular pickiness just before when he was with mi jung was fun. sung hoon’s interpretation of this character is just brilliant! i want more 🙂
    the inlaws are going to be a nightmare with sang tae & mi jung. im nervous.
    the kiss scene….hmm, great from him, very dynamic; but i thought she was a bit unbelievable tbh. i hope that shocked naivety discontinues. that scene was the least believable and realistic thing i’ve seen from her, she’s been fab otherwise.
    thanks for the recaps!!

    1. It could be seen from my post that my disappointment level with this episode was rather high. So little Sang Min T__T

  3. Vitória · · Reply

    Hey! I really Like your blog! I remember coming here since Mama – nothing tô fear (actually, since FullvSun LOL). I would Like to know how many couples we have in Five Childrens?? I saw The poster And The cast is soo big!! Anyway I really looove weekend dramas And thank you for everything!! ;D
    ** english ins’t my natural language, sorry!!

    1. Aww thank you so much, your comment made me really happy ~

      First couple is Mi Jung – Sang Tae, second: Sang Min-Yeon Tae, 3rd – Jin Joo – Tae Min and last is Ho Tae and Soon Young.

      There are also the married couples: Sang Tae’s mother and father and his in-laws.

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