[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 14 ~recap/review/opinion~

Sang Tae reveals that taking care of Mi Jung’s matters was annoying and a bother to him all this time especially since they aren’t close, or shouldn’t be at least. Mi Jung is hurt by his words, apologizes for causing troubles to him and asks if from now on he will continue to act cold towards her. Sang Tae replies that until now, the close ‘relationship’ they had wasn’t normal, and him acting cold is normal.

Sang Tae’s mother worried that her children will grow old alone while others of their age are already married or at least have partners.  Her husband says that it is still hard for Sang Tae to open his heart but his wife thinks that nowadays women are more straightforward therefore all her son needs is a woman like that to make his heart move. Then she says that they at least need to marry Yeon Tae but again her husband, with his sense of reality, tells her that their daughter doesn’t have a man/boyfriend now. I like how the father thinks that his children should find someone by themselves while his wife is all about “we need to do something, we need to find them partners”.

We move to Sang Min and sleepy drunk Yeon Tae. He talks alone about Yeon Tae having to go through hardship alone in her 7 year ( 2000 days – calculated by Sang Min, duh!) of one sided love. Back to the parents, the father tells his wife not to bring dating when Yeon Tae is around because the girl is still hurt after the whole thing with Jin Joo and Tae Min. However the mother seems angry and doesn’t understand what was she doing while Jin Joo experienced dating, since it will be nice for Yeon Tae to experience it at least once before she would marry.

Next we see Jin Joo and Tae Min being all lovely-dovey in front of her house. He is waiting for her to enter and she is waiting to see him leaving. Yeon Tae’s father appears again and says that no one knows what will happen in life.

Leaving the pink field made by Jin Joo and Tae Min, we got to Jin Joo’s house where her mother hears her husband sleep talking about his mistress. Of course, she gets angry and wants to kill him with a pillow.

Later, Sang Min piggybacks Yeon Tae home since she was too drunk to even lift her head. Behind them, without knowing that it’s their own daughter, Yeon Tae’s parents badmouth the two young people and wonder if the parents of that girl know that she’s being like that. Eventually they notice that it’s their daughter being carried by a young man. The 3 bring her home and Sang Min does a 90° bow and introduces himself to Yeon Tae’s parents.

Although, the parents keep calling her ‘Yeon Tae’, he still calls her ‘Yeon Du’. Because Sang Min asked for a cup of water, the mother goes into the kitchen and is soon followed by her husband who tells her to put some honey in the glass with the water because it looks like Sang Min also drank with Yeon Tae. The wife complains a bit how all of her 3 children are bringing troubles but when they go to give Sang Min the glass with water and honey, they see him sleeping on the floor in the living room.

Soon Young wakes up and she starts crying and apologizes for lying to Ho Tae. He tries to calm her down, bla bla, they are boring, the end.

Mi Jung calls Sang Tae, at 2 am, and tells him to meet her in 10 minutes ( yes she does exactly the same as when she found out about In Chul and So Young dating). Anyway, when they meet, Mi Jung tells him that he is the one who crossed the line, he took her to the hospital and told her to lean on him and now he acts like she crossed the line. Sang Tae says a simple ‘I’m sorry’ but that makes Mi Jung angry so she starts calling him crazy and a lunatic, threatening that she will reveal his true personality. However all that was a dream, everything was in her head. In the end she just sends him a message thanking him for taking care of her and apologizes for the troubles she created.

In the morning, the mother is somehow irritated that Sang Min sleeps so well at someone else’s house. However both parents wonder what relationship Yeon Tae and the young man have. When Ho Tae comes back home, he thinks that the guy sleeping on their floor is actually the guy who made Yeon Tae cry. Ho Tae acts like the older brother and beats Sang Min for “making Yeon Tae suffer”. The noise makes Yeon Tae wake up and the parents come back into the house, after a while they manage to save Sang Min. He goes into Yeon Tae’s room to clean the blood from his nose and scolds her for lying to him about her name when he showed his sincerity and helped her.

During breakfast, the mother is at it again, making subtile questions to Sang Min (like what are his parents’ work line, what’s his name, what he works and so on). Yeon Tae tries to stop her saying that it’s rude to ask him that when he eats. The mother asks Yeon Tae what’s the guy’s name but she still doesn’t seem to remember so Sang Min who noticed, tells his own name. When asked how they got to meet and what’s their relationship, he says that he owns Yeon Tae something and since she helped him a lot, he wanted to thank her thus they went to drink. Tae Min calls his brother and Sang Min tries to say fast so the parents won’t hear that he is at the house of the thief who stole his phone. Tae Min is confused but doesn’t seem to care much about it. The thing is that the parents heard about the thief thing but Sang Min says that everything was just a misunderstanding from his side. The parents seem to like him a lot however Ho Tae still doesn’t while Yeon Tae is confused by his attitude.

At Mi Jung’s house, Woo Ri acts different things and her family have to guess what she acts. Later she tells them how is Bin’s house and that the girl doesn’t have a mom. Meanwhile, Sang Tae spends some time with his children but afterwards he tries to make his father-in-law apologies to his wife. However neither the father in law nor his wife wants to make up.

Before leaving, Sang Min receives some side dishes from Yeon Tae’s mother. When he leaves, the mother pushes Yeon Tae forward to go see him off but she is still too embarrassed to face him. She follows him until he reaches his car and he tells her to stop drinking because she looks much cuter sober. One more thing, Sang Min thinks that ‘Yeon Du’ is a better name for her so he will continue to call her like that.

Everyone must prepare for the new store opening and Sang Min’s fan sign but before getting to the location, Mi Jung has to find it alone because Sang Tae ignores her. She is aware that he wants to draw the line between them so she also ignores and doesn’t hear when he says that he knows where the place is. Although she gets lost a few times, she ends up finding the store. Along the way, he does glances towards her but she still thinks that he is cold.

At church, granny is happy that So Young’s mother isn’t there but SURPRISE she was behind her. Later, So Young’s mother tries to act nice. Anyhow from that woman, granny finds out that Mi Jung is dating Sang Tae.

Ho Tae takes Soon Young home and brings her some food made by his mother. He looks around her house and feels sorry for her. He also tells Soon Young that he isn’t as successful as he wanted to look.

Mi Jung receives a call from In Chul to talk about the children. But because she couldn’t tell the 2 girls that they divorced, she also has to come with the children o meet him. But So Young doesn’t seem to like that.

Granny is curious about Mi Jung’s relationship with Sang Tae but according to her, Sang Tae is too cold with her. She tells her granny that she may like Sang Tae. On the other hand, Sang Tae goes to his parents’ restaurant to eat some noodles, like he always does whenever he is sad.

My thoughts on episode 14

No idea what to say about this episode just that I thank the writer for our share of Sang Min in this episode. I was so fast to judge him in the first episodes and now he is probably my favorite male character.

One thing I absolutely like about this drama is that the writer manages to keep the families shown. Normal family dramas ignore the family aspect and just focus on how the couples are dealing but in this drama we get to see parents having quality time with their children, being worried about their children (parents of all generations) and so on. Also, the moment with angry Ho Tae who started acting like the other brother who wanted to protect his little sister was warm although it was presented in a rather comical manner.


  1. I love weekends as it is holiday plus now because of 5 children…. nice recap here!!!

    1. Thank you, and thanks for the comment~

  2. agree with anne! thanks for the recaps soori they are a really fun part of watching the show 🙂

    1. Thank you, thanks as always for the comments ^o^

  3. I just found your site while looking for someone who is recapping this great show. Please don’t stop now!

    1. Hi there. I’m not stopping the recaps. I was busy with school for a few weeks but I will continue the recaps.

      Thank you for the comment ~

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