[Kdrama] ‘My Lawyer, Mr. Jo’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I like the chemistry between the two main characters although there isn’t any romance or maybe it won’t be in the near future, but I find them to be a great team. Funny I may add. They complete each other in a weird way.

I was quite pleased with the first two episodes, not because of the story but the acting was good. Park Shin Yang has his acting talent coming from the fact that he understands his characters. He also knows the techniques and brings everything he knows to life but without looking robotic. It comes out natural. And Kang So Ra is being lead to showcase her talent thanks to him. Compared to Park Shin Yang, she does have to grow more as an actress but she’s clearly collecting and keeping the things he is teaching her.

Also I don’t know if it’s thanks to him, but Kang So Ra seems to have been paying attention to details, she doesn’t make it obvious but is more comfortable now. But I do think that sometimes she doesn’t deliver emotion however I think that this project will help her grow.

Lee Eun Jo is a true green lawyer with not much attention to gimmicks while Lawyer Jo is always sure and shows his confident side even though he may not be. The other guy, Shin Ji Wook, has an inferiority complex towards Lawyer Jo and will make things worse for him. I was sad that they didn’t keep Kang Il Goo, I was starting to like him but I suppose the writer had to start the story from somewhere.

The casting is good, I’m pleased with the actors, even the side characters are intro their characters however I wish the writer will work more with the plot. For now, ‘My Lawyer, Mr Jo’ isn’t the type of drama that can attract viewers. Personally, I watched this drama because Park Shin Yang and Kang So Ra were in it and never anticipated that this will become anything big, but I liked episode 1 and 2.

I like that they tried to show how s persona will lose his/her life because of a mistake, but at the same time, the writer kind of overreacted with turning Jo intro a homeless.

The story is predictable but up until now I liked all of KBS dramas with the lawyer theme. The production is good but not something new nor praise worthy yet turns this show into something likable.


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  1. love this one so far! agree w you re the homeless thing, not necessary….in that vein he should have been debarred too; but obv glad he wasn’t or we’d have no story! haha! was fab to see him shower shave shampoo & shine then enter the courtroom to kick ass though 🙂

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