[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 11 ~recap/review/opinion~

Sang Tae helps with the lie and tells In Chul and his wife that he and Mi Jung are truly dating. He acts like they are a real couple, but visible awkward even so the other two do believe that they are dating. In her car, Mi Jung is so happy that she could fly out of this world after she saw In Chul and So Young’s faces when they heard that she and Sang Tae are dating.

On the other hand, Sang Tae blames himself for entering the lie and thinks that Mi Jung is the problem. Moreover, he is worried that after what just happened, Mi Jung may go back to her crazy ideas that he likes her. So she won’t be mistaken again, Sang Tae tries to call her but she was busy talking on the phone with his mother in law about the two girls’ acting classes. Although worried about the money, Mi Jung eventually agrees to let Woo Ri take the acting classes together with Bin starting next week.

At the stop, Sang Tae sees Mi Jung and even though she couldn’t hear him shout at first, he eventually gets her attention and tells her to park the car nearby so they can talk.

Soo Young tells her mother about Mi Jung’s relationship but the older woman is more worried about what was In Chul’s reaction but her daughter tells her that he didn’t say anything about it and acts like he normally does.

Mi Jung’s granny can’t stay put and decides to destroy In Chul’s bakery sign. Everyone gets out to see what happened but they don’t see her however Soo Young’s mother is sure that Mi Jung’s granny did it. The woman seems to understand granny’s feelings since Mi Jung stayed for two days in jail. Yet, In Chul’s mother in law tells them not to do anything about it because she will take care of everything.

Sang Tae wants to scold Mi Jung for dragging him into her lies but because she was so happy about what just happened, he lets her be. At home he looks into the present bag he received from Mi Jung and sees a small note she wrote for him.  We are taken back to the moment she went to get the gift and see Mi Jung write a couple of notes before she settles for one where she wrote “Team leader is love”. He remembers Mi Jung smiling and calling him cool but his day dreaming ends fast when his mother in law comes to his room.  The woman tells him that she talked with the other girl’s mother and the acting classes will start from next week. When asked about the shirt he was holding, Sang Tae tells her that he received it from one of his employees. The mother in law thinks that the employee will be happy if he wears it the next day to work so she wants to take it to wash and iron it for him.

Mi Jung tells Woo Ri about her acting classes and that she will have to come home alone. The girl seems to understand her mother and knows that they don’t have lots of money thus say she and her brother will earn more money for her in the future. Woo Ri tells her mother that she and her brother have a secret, they will investigate why all of their letters and gifts for their father was in the mother’s closet. Hearing that, Mi Jung is shocked knowing that her kids may find out about the divorce.

Jin Joo, Yeon Tae and her parents play go stop (a Korean card game) and even though Yeon Tae and her mother were plotting together, Jin Joo seems to win. Yeon Tae receives a phone call; it was Tae Min who wanted to ask Jin Joo to go for a walk with him. Then Jin Joo looks around Yeon Tae’s clothes and keeps talking about how Yeon Tae’s clothes aren’t pretty enough for a man to see her in. When Jin Joo goes out, Yeon Tae goes back to her room and almost starts crying.

Tae Min wants to stop the push and pull game and date Jin Joo for real. She stops for a moment but then kisses him on his cheek then starts running around out of embarrassment. At home, Yeon Tae asks why he came all the way to her house, but Jin Joo wants to keep everything a secret for a while.

Ho Tae wants to enter the house but his mother locks him in the storage room so Jin Joo won’t see him. Yeon Tae’s parents want to talk with Jin Joo about how long she will stay in their house but they can’t bring themselves to say anything about it.

Mi Jung goes to Sang Min’s training center to ask him to do a promotional event for their products. Thinking that he won’t accept, she gives him coffee and even says that she heard about his shoulder pain and since she knows a good doctor/massage doctor (?) she can give him his contact information. He speaks louder so others won’t think that he really has a shoulder problem and tells her that he doesn’t feel any discomfort or pain whatsoever. But then he lowers his voice and tells Mi Jung to send him the contact info….just in case he might get hurt sometime. He also asks for a live size photo of him to be sent to his house. To be honest, I was surprised when Sang Min said a whole line from his contract making sure Mi Jung know that he is aware of his own duties and he agrees to do events related to the products since he already signed the contract and a promise is a promise that should be kept.

Mi Jung goes back to the office and makes Sang Tae feel flustered when she says that the shirt looks good on him.

Next, we have some more sad moments with Ho Tae and Soon Young who can’t focus on work. I’m too lazy to write about these to and they are too boring for me to recap their parts.

Mi Jung works late. She remembers about what Woo Ri told her that she and Woo Young know about the letters. When Sang Tae comes back at the office she asks him for some advice about how to tell her children of the divorce. Sang Tae takes her out to tell her about how he told his two children about their mother’s death.  Mi Jung starts crying hearing Sang Tae’s story about his wife and children and how much their struggled. Sang Tae tells her that he couldn’t cry because his in laws would’ve had a breakdown. Mi Jung is still worried if her children will understand her but manages to feel at ease thanks to Sang Tae.

Ho Tae breaks into his parents’ house but Jin Joo was at home. Because he received a call, he gets out of the house but when Yeon Tae comes home she closes the gate, pretty much locking him outside. He rings the bell and when Yeon Tae goes to see who is at the door, he acts like he came into a visit “since he was in the neighborhood”. Because Jin Joo ate the last drop of rice, Ho Tae gets angry and shouts at her telling Jin Joo to get out of their house because he can’t eat dinner, lunch or breakfast ‘thanks’ to her.

Jin Joo runs back home and makes herself look pitiful so her parents see her. The dad arrives home and Jin joo tells him that she got kicked because she ate one bowl of rice.


Mi Jung’s department goes for a movie. At the movie theatre she finds out that everyone chooses the movie they want to see and go in different directions.  Mi Jung and Sang Tae get left out so they go to play some games.

Jin joo’s mother finds out from her husband that their daughter got kicked out of their in law’s house. To my shock, seriously it was a real shock to me, Yeon Tae and Jin Joo’s mothers badmouth their daughters while drinking. However both women do stick to their own daughters’ side, first Jin joo’s mother says that there is no use to have graduated a good school if you don’t have beauty on the other hand Yeon Tae’s mother says that there’s no use to have beauty if you don’t have a brain. The two stop talking about their daughters and start remembering Sang Tae’s late wife. His mother says that before he gets old, she wants to see him smile brightly for once because after his wife died, all he had was a fake smile.

Meanwhile, Sang Tae smiles like crazy while playing with Mi Jung.

My thoughts on episode 11

As I already said it, I was surprised with Sang Min and how responsible he is when it comes to work. He might be a brat with a star disease but overall he seems to take his work seriously and is well aware of the contracts he signs. He may actually be a good match for Yeon Tae. All that with his always positive personality will help Yeon Tae get over Tae Min who is so into Jin Joo that doesn’t pay attention to his own friend at all.

On the other hand, here’s such a big contrast between Yeon Tae and Jin Joo but I’m starting to like both. They are different but both have their own charms and flaws, things that make them look more human than other characters I’ve seen. Jin Joo is used mostly for comical purpose but she has her own insecurities and a up front man like Tae Min can bring her on a better road than she is right now because at this point, she has no desire for a future, she just lives the moment.

I liked that the writer put some of a parents’ worrying and child raising and the children of both Sang Tae and Mi Jung aren’t in the story just to make the story or the two character look pitiful at how they are having a hard time with 2 respectively 3 children. I saw Mi Jung being worried about her life expenses but still wishing to fulfill Woo Ri’s desire for an acting class. Or her worries about telling them the truth, that she and their father divorced. Sang Tae was venerable when his late wife died but stayed strong for his children and in laws’ sake. Jin Joo’s parents may not know her birthday but they still wish the best for her and want her to succeed that’s why they kicked her out to make her learn a lesson. Because let’s be honest here, she received so much but they did fail to make her understand the important things in life yet they want her to finish school and have a job. Sang Tae’s mother is also worried about her children. It was nice seeing in this episode that not only Mi Jung was struggling but no matter what social status or what age you are, you will always want to give the best for your children and will always wish for them to succeed in life, be it in their love life or careers.



  1. this episode was def all about parenting and a strong point of view from every parent’s perspective….from the loser trio mom to the granny to mi jung to sang tae’s folks to jin joos folks, then down the line to sang tae and mi jung themselves. my rotating annoyance meter still hovered a bit over yeon tae and granny; but it was tempered down a bit. granny is going to start a war if she doesnt stop acting out.
    loved the scene where mi jung told sang tae he was cool, super cute and i knew it would be a flashback moment for sang tae in upcoming episodes. also my mad crush on sang min is well established now; def my fave character in this show and all of his screen times are fun & funny. god knows what he will do next lol
    ho tae’s dynamic with the family is a plus in the story and i like his character but hope they devote some time to his professional aspects soon, and his loveline remains flat & pestering to me as well. i still don’t like her character.
    thanks for the recap! i wish show had four episodes every week! haha 🙂

    1. The granny should really stop it. I understand she wants to protect Mi Jung, in her own way, but things can turn bad and considering the peronality of the trio, they can put her in jail for damage of property. Anyway, I still think that there may be a fight over the children, I have this hunce since Soo Young’s mother kept saying that she will “take care of things”. If she and her daughter can’t make In Chul stay away from his children then the two may bring them closer, and that means taking them from Mi Jung. So that’s why I think that granny shouldn’t annoy or pester them.

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