[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 10 ~recap/review/opinion~

Mi Jung feels wronged that Sang Tae is somehow on In Chul’s side or so she thinks he is. She says everything she wanted to say about not letting the children meet her father but Sang Tae explains that at least her kids are better off than his. His 2 children can’t meet their mother even if they want but she is taking that from her kids when they could easily see their father and she shouldn’t do something like that. Even if Mi Jung hates the husband, she can continue to hate him but at least let him and the children meet.

Granny waits in front of the police office. When Sang Tae comes out after meeting Mi Jung, he tells the woman that he couldn’t persuade Mi Jung to let In Cul and the children see each other. The granny is being thankful and apologizing towards the team leader for having to take care of Mi Jung’s problems. But when she says that the next day she will try to change Mi Jung’s heart regarding the matter of her ex-husband, Sang Tae thinks that it will be better for him to try again, because Mi Jung’s won’t feel good knowing that her grandmother is aware of her being detained.

Ho Tae and Soon Young continue their date and while they were eating dinner he tells her that no matter from what social class she would’ve been he would still like her. If she were to be married 10 times or come to sell him insurance, Ho Tae would’ve still like her and he wanted to convey that to Soon Young. Hearing him saying that, she makes a half burdened half relieved face almost guilty for lying about her life.

Yeon Tae arrives at the coffee shop she was supposed to meet with Sang Min and she sends him a message saying that she arrived. He replays back that he is the most handsome guy in the shop thus it will be easy for her to spot him. But because she couldn’t find him, Sang Min lifts his hand to make it obvious it was him.

Yeon Tae gives him the phone but he is not satisfied and tries to see if she ever opened and looked in this phone. Sang Min asks her if she ever seen him on tv but considering that he isn’t that famous with the public, she has no idea what kind of sports he is playing and thinks he is an actor. He does feel offended that Yeon Tae has no idea who he is but moves on. After confirming that she never looked into his phone, Sang Min asks her to write down her name, address and phone number to sue her if anything from his phone appears on the internet. She writes her address and number but changes her name from Yeon Tae to Yeon Du. Out of pure curiosity – as he says – Sang Min asks what’s her job since she was so drunk that day, he is curious about what kind of job she could have. Yeon Tae tells him she’s unemployed, because telling him that she’s a teacher when he saw her that drunk won’t be good. Feeling uncomfortable with his questions, she tries to leave but he isn’t ready to let her go.

Given his curious personality, Sang Min asks her what happened with the guy she has a one sided crush on. He advices her to tell him her feelings because the answer will be either yes or no. More than that, men are simple animals and just by confessing, he will start thinking of her. Yeon Tae doesn’t want to talk about that subject and asks permission to leave.

On her way out, Yeon Tae talks to herself that Sang Min has no idea what it means to have a one sided crush on a guy. If she is to confess and he won’t accept her feelings then their friendship will be broken and the two will become awkward at school.

Sang Min calls her from his personal phone and tells Yeon ‘Du’ to save his number because he is giving her preferential treatment since he is curious about how her love story. When he just finished saying that she should be careful, because life is full of grenades, she gets hit by a scooter.

He goes out of the coffee shop to help her and even gives his jacket to Yeon ‘Du’. When she gets into the taxi, Sang Min asks her if he was kind of cool a couple of moments ago. I swear this guy is so full of himself, I seriously thought he is a nice guy, more like a nice brat, but no he is just full of himself.

Ho Tae takes Soon Young to the front of her –old – house and also gives her a pair of high heels. After he leaves, he sees Soon Young go to the bus stop.  He follows the bus close by and after that he finally sees where she is currently living.

Sang Tae is getting feed up with Ho Tae who calls him to say that he ran out of gas. Sang Tae goes to meet Ho Tae and shouts at his younger brother to give up on his directing ‘career’. He eventually calms down, and the two reveal what has been upsetting them. Ho Tae also reveals the things that happened to Soon Young and that he wanted to do something for her during the day.

In the morning, Yeon Tae’s mother enters the room to ask Jin Joo if she wants to eat something because she will go to the market. The father enters afterwards and invites her to eat breakfast and then the two parents start looking at Yeon Tae sleeping and talk about how much their daughter is reading and working thus that’s why she must be tired – yep they were saying that in front of Jin Joo as if they were making her aware of the fact that Yeon Tae is smart where she is a fool. Then they see the dirty jacked and wonder what happened to her. Meanwhile, Jin Joo’s parents try to find more about her but the thing is that they don’t even know her birthday. That’s really pitiful.

Mi Jung finally makes up her mind and agrees with Sang Tae that In Chul should meet the children. Sang Tae goes to the bakery to give In Chul the papers to sign, on the other hand the mother in law and So Young plot about how to make him distance himself from his ex-wife and the 3 children. So Young sits at the table with the two men and together with In Chul, she start badmouthing Mi Jung. To her defense, Sang Tae says that she must’ve had a hard life – with In Chul. When asked about if he and Mi Jung are dating, he doesn’t deny nor confirm it.

Yeon Tae takes Sang Min’s jacket to the laundry and sends him a message to inform him that she will return it soon. Sang Min acts like it’s a bother to meet again but to be honest he actually seemed to be enjoying the fact that they will meet again, maybe out of curiosity to see what’s the result of Yeon Tae’s one sided crush. On her way back home, she sees Tae Min and Jin Joo eating together at a store. The two enjoy their time together but Jin Joo refuses to say why she is currently staying at Yeon Tae’s house. Another thing, Tae Min feels better now knowing that Jin Joo is just playing hard to get and tells her that he will play along.

Sang Tae gives Mi Jung a ride home from the police office. At home, she spends quality time with her children. Next day, she goes to buy a present for Sang Tae to thank him for all the help afterwards she returns to her usual self.  However the two start being awkward at work since they remember the bike ride incident when she started thinking that he likes her.

On the other hand, Woo Young and Woo Ri find all the things that were supposed to be send to their father in their mother’s room. Woo Young becomes even more confused and questions about what the truth is and asks his sister to keep it a secret for a while.

Sang Tae gives Mi Jung a ride to take her car that she left at her ex-husband’s store when she stole his car. They meet up with In Chul and his wife. Mi Jung tells them that she and Sang Tae are dating. He gets out of the car shortly after her and acts like he and Mi Jung are actually dating.

My thoughts on episode 10

She shouldn’t put the children between their problems and as Sang Tae pointed out, she is probably not letting them meet because this is her way to punish In Chul. I’m glad she took Sang Tae’s advice before things got out of hand. Hopefully, the children won’t resent her but I’m concerned about Woo Young. He is smart but still a kid so I won’t if it will be hard for him to accept that Mi Jung deprived him and his sister from seeing In Chul. What I hunch is that Mi Jung won’t tell the children why she and their father divorced so maybe the 3 will think it’s her fault.

Ho Tae wanted to buy things for Soon Young but he did everything during the date with Sang Tae’s money… he may be a good for nothing but at least he respected Soon Young and didn’t bring up anything about her life. However, I’m kind of bored of their story, give me more Sang Min – Yeon Tae or even Jin Joo – Tae Min.



  1. I’m really glad Sang Tae blew up and yelled at his irresponsible bro Ho Tae. ‘Bout time! Too much enabling of Ho Tae by his family. I am holding out hope that Ho Tae will do a 180 and become a responsible man ASAP.
    Luckily, Sang Tae has a functional BS detector. The look he gave In Chul and So Young when they dissed Mi Jung should have stopped them cold!

    1. It will be a long road until Ho Tae will become responsible. He has no desire to do anything else, what bugs me is that he could’ve just take another job until he got the money for his movie, but he does nothing and just sits in the storage room.

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  3. my rotating annoyance meter landed on yeon tae this episode! i’m not certain it’s insecurity that led her to her current state anymore, really. after returning the phone and she was going over all the things she’d ‘done’ and feeling like she was shafted i was thinking….those are all in your head, idiot. that’s not actually doing anything; just thinking about doing something. a daydream, really. her feelings of betrayal and whatnot are all delusional. she’s obviously just jealous of jin joo; and i think she will go to great lengths to validate those feelings, even to the point of creating scenarios which justify them.
    on the flipside, i couldnt help feeling sorrier for jin joo this episode…the juxtaposition of her own parents not even knowing her birthday with that scene of yeon tae in bed whilst her parents fuss over her looking for injuries was quite poignant. i don’t think yeon tae was even very nice to sang min at the cafe even when he helped her after the scooter thing. my take on his ‘did i look cool’ was that he was trying to catch her eye; wanted her to notice him and she wasn’t. which was funny in it’s way but i think it was less being full of himself than a bit cute about wanting her attentions.
    next on the annoyance meter to me was the idiot trio and their morally bankrupt ways. i can sense the bastard ex husband is gonna try and beat down mi jung and try and prevent her from having a relationship. loathsome vile cretin, i know what you’re up to! arrrrrgh. hints of that had me yelling at the screen and the preview confirmed that was next up. idiot wife and m-i-l will get their fingers crushed in the cookie jar trying to derail the father reconnecting with his kids and that will be rewarding; except that it will hurt the kids.
    last on the annoyance meter is mi jung’s grannie and the kids. grannie is far too hand wringing and still clueless she brought all this about with the assault etc. the kids going through their moms closet pissed me off. if i did something like that i would have been in Big Trouble. if my kids did, they would be in Big Trouble. the box of stuff hopefully indicated she didnt have an address; not that she withheld affection on purpose, however. if she did withhold then that was really wrong.
    the only one who has acted without fault for me so far is sang tae, he remains a really lovely and fun human being. ho tae’s loveline with soon young is a bit pathetic. i am not a fan of her character. also, i dont like the kdrama theme whereby because the girl lost the riches they have to dress like bag ladies and not brush their hair. women dont lose their complete sense of self when the bank balance changes, writers. she’s a pathetic mousy creature and its hard to find empathy for her.
    thanks for the recap!

    1. I agree, Yeon Tae is delusional. She is too jealous of what Jin Joo has at this point. It was sad that sometimes I see Jin joo think of Yeon Tae as a real friend, but Yeon Tae thinks that she is a fox that has everything, money, status and beauty. On the other hand, Jin Joo doesn’t have the full attention of he parents. And it was clear that she never had it.

      About the 3 idiots, I’m scared that maybe In Chul’s mother in law will want to take the children from Mi Jung. That will be a big blow for her.These 3 are already low to the point of dragging her into jail so I won’t be surprised if they will also take her children.

      I ssooooo agree with what you said about Soon Young. They are getting way to pathetic for me to watch their parts. They broke up years ago but they go around crying about how they miss each other and how to tell the truth that they lied about their lives being in fact pitiful. Too many tears and emotional scenes for me to waste my time on.

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