[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 7 ~recap/review/opinion~

Mi Jung’s granny sees So Young’s mother at the church she normally attends even though the later one tried to hide herself. On her way out, granny appears in front of her and takes the woman by the collar. Every time someone passed by, the older woman releases her hands. To get out of any problems she might have with Mi Jung’s grandmother, the mother says that the apartment they are living in now is paid by her since she is the one who gives Mi Jung the alimony – that reached 100 million won. Hearing that, the granny is somewhat shocked but manages to calm down.

Sang Tae and his father-in-law take Bin and Soo for a ride in the park. As they were remembering the times when the two children were little, a beautiful lady, who was jogging, passes them. Since they are men after all, the two stop and stare with no shame at the woman’s S line… while the children were talking alone. When Soo noticed that they were talking by themselves, he looks back and sees them, but Sang Tae and his grandparent use the excuse that they were looking somewhere else.

So Young’s mother arrives home and tells the other about what happened at the church. Given her personality, although her daughter advices her to move to another church, the woman says that she did nothing wrong so why should she go to another place. Meanwhile, granny also tells Mi Jung about what happened and asks the granddaughter if the alimony thing is true. Mi Jung says it’s true because at least that In Chul can do for his children. The women continue their conversation but Woo Young hears them talking, even though he doesn’t hear everything something starts to seem strange from the kid’s point of view. After Woo Young goes back to his sisters, Mi Jung finds out from her grandmother that In Chul went at the children’s school and Woo Young and Woo Ri said that they saw someone who looked like their father.

Jin Joo goes to Sang Tae to apologize – in her own way for her attitude she had towards him going to a blind date and tells him that he can date but still without re-marrying someone else. She then tells him about how she and her sister used to live with their aunt when the parents had to make money in Seoul – she’s probably talking about the time her parents used to be mobs, she and her sister had to live in another town with their aunt. Jin Joo continues saying that children should be raised by their own parents and not by someone else. Sang Tae understand where she’s coming from on the other hand when Jin Joo tells her parents that she ‘allowed’ Sang Tae to date, the mother-in-law doesn’t even want to hear about such a thing. But, the father-in-law agrees with Jin Joo because Tae Sang can’t be alone for ever. The man also agrees that he and his wife acted wrong when they found out about the blind date.

Sang Min returns to Korea and gives Yeon Tae a call to set a date for them to meet so she can return his phone. Since he is a brat, Sang Min tells her to come at a location he knows and since she doesn’t remember how he looks, he tells Yeon Tae that he will be the most handsome guy in that coffee shop.

Granny goes to pick Woo Joo from the kindergarten bus, afterwards she goes with the girl to the supermarket. There she meets So Young. When she wanted to introduce herself, the grandmother gets angry and takes her leave making Woo Joo curious about whom the woman might be. The older woman remembers the money she got from So Young and leaves the girl with a security guard and then runs after So Young to return the money. When they meet again, the granny slaps So Young saying that that is the supermarket she, Mi Jung and the children go to so she must move to another place.

So Young returns home and tells In Chul and her mother what happened. Mi Jung gets a call from So Young’s mother asking to meet. When they meet, So Young’s mother vents her anger on Mi Jung because her grandmother slapped So Young. She does the same to Mi Jung, in front of Sang Tae. He tries to stop the woman but with no success.

On their way back to the office from the printing company, Sang Tae knows that Mi Jung’s isn’t okay even though she tries to show that she is all right. He advices her to cry and relieve her stress and anger if she feels wronged. She finally lets everything out and starts screaming, making Sang Tae a bit scared of her. After she calms down, Sang Tae wants to take her to a place she can rest for a bit. He takes her to a quiet place and buys canned coffee for her.

So Young tells her mother that it would’ve been unfair if she were to be the only one slapped, and is actually happy Mi Jung also received a slap. The mother tells her daughter to keep everything from her husband and when Mi Jung calls for the child support money, she will talk with her.

Sang Tae take Mi Jung for a drink where he comforts her.

Meanwhile Sang Tae’s mother seems to have softened up towards Ho Tae and even tells Yeon Tae to give him some food.

Mi Jung talks in her drunk state about how people can’t trust other people because they might get stabbed in the bad. However, Sang Tae calls asleep from drinking too much. Because he is too drunk to say his address, Mi Jung looks into the GPS.

Jin Joo gets angry that her mother acts ignorant in front of other people to the point that even the lady that cleans their house looks down on her. After saying what upsets her, Jin Joo goes out to meet a friend.

The mother in law calls Sang Tae but the phone is answered by Mi Jung. They finally arrive at the in-laws house and are being welcomed by them. The mother in law wants to call their driver to drive Mi Jung home but she tells them that there’s no need for that because she lives nearby. The father in law brings Sang Tae to his room and while they were trying to make him comfortable, he keeps calling Mi Jung’s name – ‘Ahn assistant’ but they think it may be someone else.

Jin Joo comes back home after her date with Tae Min. Asked by him what kind of relationship they have, she answers that they are just friends making him a bit upset. Then he decides to ask her out but Jin Joo acts hard to get and tell him that she will have to think about it for a few days. When she enters the yard, Jin Joo shows her happiness that Tae Min asked her out.

Granny is still used with the whole thing about So Young but Mi Jung is much calmer and says that everything that happened is in the past.

Soon Young leaves work earlier to meet with Ho Tae and go together to a move premiere.

On the other hand, Mi Jung calls In Chul to ask why this month’s child support hasn’t come yet. So Young’s mother takes the phone and says that from now onwards, they won’t pay any more money. Or if she wants the money, Mi Jung and her grandmother have to go at their house and kneel in front of them. So Young takes the phone and tells Mi Jung the same thing, that she has to kneel if she wants the money. Sang Tae hears the whole phone conversation.

Sang Tae tells her that she shouldn’t go and kneel in front of those people but she says that she won’t die if she does it once. The conversation ends and they leave work. But Sang Tae can’t keep it down and keeps talking alone in his car about how trash those people are.

Mi Jung eventually goes to their store but from the looks of it she didn’t kneel. We don’t get to see that but she goes alone at the place she feels relaxed, the place Sang Tae also took her a few days before. Being worried about Mi Jung, Sang Tae also appears there.

My thoughts on episode 7

In every episode there has to be that one annoying character. In this episode, the annoying queen is So Young’s mother. I couldn’t believe she ordered Mi Jung to kneel down if she wants the alimony. Are you serious right now? Did her daughter did something to be praised for? Heck no! at least pay for the children. And I couldn’t believe that In Chul agreed with the whole thing, I mean dude you cheated on your wife and now you tell her to kneel because you feel wronged? Why are you feeling wronged anyway? This is seriously making me really angry.

Anyway, I like the development between Mi Jung and Sang Tae. They are so cute and we rarely get cute couples that are over 40s. It enjoyable how they are so open and at this point they have a friends-like relationship. And Mi Jung is so open about everything, she’s quite refreshing as a female character.



  1. That loser trio of ex husband, idiot wife, and despicable mother really boiled my blood this episode. What f#&;king planet do they live on?
    Less loathsome by far; but seriously grating is the grandmother. She shouldnt have escalated things by assaulting loser trio idiot #2 at all. Then she bangs on about it all at home without a thought that the kids might learn this the hard way a) and that her own granddaughter doesnt need the constant aggro either.
    Some weird mores going on here i find so many of the oldest characters, the loser trio, and the spoiled sister really tough to take. They all deserve a rude awakening imho lol
    That said, looove the otp and the whole sang min and the cool sister possibilities. Also love a fave actor of min ho tae, his adventures trying to hang on to his dream 😊
    Thanks so much for the recap! I look forward to your thoughts each week.

    1. That trio is just UGHHHHHH!!! I can’t take them anymore! Especially the ex-husband. Mi Jung remains the mother of his children and she always did things so the kids won’t hate on him but he then tells her to kneel down?!?! Oh noo, he sure deserves some punches. I do get So Young’s mother but there are times when she crosses the line! So Young is overall stupid, she has no tho of her own at all.

      Thanks for the comment~ I’m looking forward to your comments every week XD it’s really nice to have someone to share your tho with, especially when it’s about annoying and despicable characters

      1. haha! this crew rotates in terms of annoying too ^^ can’t wait til the next eps, really looking forward to the phone thief scenario playing out!

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  3. JM is also annoying lol Just get over that cheating ex of yours and tell the children about the divorce and get on with your life. Why do JM and her grandma keep getting involved that despicable trio….Take your alimony and don’t spare them a thought. The lead JM is annoying too…

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