[Kdrama] ‘Marriage Contract’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

When it comes to weekend family dramas, especially the ones from MBC, I try them all. ‘Marriage contract’ got me when I heard the title, since I was sure it will be filled with funny moments for everyone to enjoy, as most shows that have a contract between the two main characters. Although, the main couple made me take a step back because Lee Seo Jin and Uee aren’t really a match, I still decided to try it.

The first two episodes were filling but it felt like it took too much to establish the characters. It’s not a drama with tons of characters like ‘Yeah, that’s how it is’ so I don’t understand why the writer dragged the story so much. There were details needed to be shown but they could’ve put everything in the first 30 minutes of the first episode.

This show comes from the same writer who wrote ‘You’re the best, Lee Sun Shin’ so I was, in a way, expecting the writing to be clean, even if the story is makjangish. However, she kept the makjang elements while the overall idea is ….random/out of place.

Lee Seo Jin is doing well, but no matter how much I liked Uee in her past works, in ‘Marriage Contract’ she is overreacting at times, or most of the times. Truthfully, although the two don’t match, I was expecting some chemistry but I still find it hard that they will even build any. Probably will, but not as much to give a nice flow to the story.

The secondary characters are….who are they? They are all doing such an overly dramatic acting, like the one you find in daily dramas. The type of acting that is hard to watch without throwing your screen out the window. Kim Yoo Ri is one of the actresses I dislike. Her acting is generic and she does the same facial expression in all of the dramas she appeared in. More than that, I can’t draw a line between her characters from her past shows. All are the same because she always builds her characters as being the same person. She is simply bad.

I have nothing else to say about this drama, just that it wasn’t what I was expecting from a MBC weekend family drama. But I will continue to watch some more episodes, maybe it will turn good, who knows, but as a first impression let’s say that this drama isn’t my cup of tea, yet.


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  2. I just hate the trope of a father having one wife and one mistress…and he is trashy…etc. As soon as that arrived in this drama, I lost my interest. I haven’t completed ep 1…let’s see if I will.

    1. Yeah, I kind of fast forwarded those parts. I already know all that’s going to happen in their story. XD

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