[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 6 ~recap/review/opinion~

Sang Tae calls to let the in-laws know he won’t be home for the night. After the call, he goes to eat with Mi Jung and keep her company since she would be all alone. Because they are too loud, the person from the next bed tells them to keep it down but Mi Jung is being playful and talks even louder since that exact person was being a pain minutes before.

At home, the mother in law says that Sang Tae won’t bring women problems because her daughter never wanted to marry a man like her father. We are taken a year before when the father in law was with another woman and Sang Tae was the one who took him back home. At that time, because the woman was clearly with the father in law for his money, Sang Tae wanted to make him writer a note saying that he will give everything to his wife. But of course, both the father in law and his mistress didn’t like the idea then Sang Tae ….kidnaps his father in law and brings him back home.

Meanwhile Sang Tae and Mi Jung chose the pictures that will appear on the new catalogue. At the same time, we get to see Sang Min’s funny personality. He is funny but full of himself, praising his looks and how women scream at his sight. The guy then starts searching for his phone and realizes that the crazy girl who got into his car might have stolen it. He starts calling his younger brother, Tae Min. Yes, that Tae Min who left Yeon Tae go home alone. Using his brother’s phone, he tries to call his own phone, maybe the person who stole it will answer. Yeon Tae was deeply sleeping so she doesn’t hear the phone but because there was no answer from the other line, Sang Min questions the intentions of the person who stole his phone. Maybe the girl was a journalist who wanted to leak his private life to the world, that means his career will be over. Tae Min is more on the calmer and quiet side and tells his brother that no one is interested in his love life because he isn’t that famous for people to care. Yet, in Sang Min’s head, he is the most famous guy in Korean and just the thought of having his messages showed on the interned scares him.

Mi Jung and Sang Tae continue their work and while talking she says that Sang Min is way too arrogant and even if she was to have 12 younger sisters she wouldn’t let any of them date a guy like him. However, Sang Tae says that everyone has a soul made and his sister will take care of herself. He keeps on talking but Mi Jung was too tired and falls asleep on his shoulder. He is a bit stunned and tries to wake her up but she doesn’t. Since he is a ‘family man’, Sang Tae gets up thus Mi Jung wakes up from the fall. After that she is finally taken for her MRI test.

In the MRI room, Sang Tae remembers the times when his wife used to be scared during tests. But to the nurse and Sang Tae’s surprise, Mi Jung falls asleep inside the MRI. On their way back, Mi Jung talks rubbish in her sleep, advising Sang Tae to be focused on his driving. He enjoys the view of Mi Jung’s babbling and considers her an interesting character. He asks Mi Jung why she was so relaxed during the MRI to the point of falling asleep. Mi Jung answers that his wife had a husband to rely on, while she doesn’t therefore a machine isn’t something to be scared of, but humans are in fact the scariest.

Ho Tae calls his older brother to ask if he is okay but since Sang Tae had no idea about what happened a night before between the two families, he is being informed by his younger brother.

Yeon Tae wakes up and she finally realizes what she did a night before. Compared to her brother, Ho Tae, the mother is angry at her for drinking. She is also being scolded for being friends with Jin Joo because the mother always considered her to be an ill fated relationship.

At the same time, Jin Joo makes Bin and Soo be against the idea of having a step mother. While they were eating breakfast, Sang Tae comes home and even though the mother in law tells Jin Joo not to say anything about the blind date and pretend like she didn’t knew, Jin Joo can’t help it and she demands explanations from Sang Tae. Luckily they understand the things that happened a night before as Sang Tae tells them that the woman was just a sick employee. He also reassures them that he will never re-marry.

Meanwhile Ho Tae tells his sister that a famous director is calling him to be invited to a movie premiere. After that he receives a message from Soon Young. He replays saying that he wants to take her to a movie premiere if her husband is okay with it. For 5 seconds, Soon Young wanted to come clean and say that she doesn’t have a husband but in the end she just says that her husband is cool with her going with a friend.

Sang Te takes his kids to his late wife’s grave. As for the in laws, they visit his parents. The mother asks them if they were offended about him going to a blind date. The in laws act like they weren’t and were actually expecting for him to meet another woman at some point in time. The father in law finally says it, in a nice manner, that Sang Tae doesn’t want to marry anyone at the moment. The problem is that the two women start to biker even though the husbands want to calm things both say their true feelings…..but not yet everything. The in laws say that eventually they will let Sang Tae remarry when time will come. Then they will let him marry with a good woman and they will raise the two kids. Hearing that they will take the kids, the mother is a bit angered but things go well and the father calms everyone.

Sang Min calls on his phone and tells Yeon Tae to give him her phone number and after that close his phone so she won’t look in it. She accepts all his weird requests and decides to meet after 3 days since he has to leave for a business outside Korea. After settling everything with Yeon Tae, we see Tae Min making his brother’s luggage because Sang Mi is way too bratty to do that all by himself.

Sang Tae’s parents remember their late daughter in law.

Mi Jung calls Sang Tae since she has a new idea for their photo shoot but he doesn’t want to listen and tells her to stop working and rest for the rest of the weekend.

So Young gives her husband the herbal drink and wants to get ….cuddly with her husband but he has other plans. She tries to give him some hints but it takes a while for him to finally get it. She tells him to carry her to the bed but when they were giggling, her mother comes and destroys the mood. She gets the idea of them wanting to be alone and goes to the church where she ends up sitting



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  2. how are your thoughts about this one? my annoyance factor at the parents went up a bit lol. the whole purity-of-a-future-spouse / we will raise the kids cos no other woman can raise the kids / blah blah…i hope the drama doesn’t keep this as a central theme. its archaic, selfish, and cruel. much better to have real humans and antics. you were right a few eps ago when you said the kids are more mature than their parents! also, that jin joo is so unlikable. ugh when she tried to brainwash her niece & nephew….vile stuff.

    1. I’m starting to get used to everyone from this drama however Jin Joo was irritating. It’s sad seeing how the in-laws think they own, or Sang Tae is theirs. It is hard for them to let Sang Tae leave because he and the children are the connection they have with thier lost daughter/sister but is annoying how they don’t respect his own choices. The same goes for his mother. She needs to wake up and respect her son. And don’t get me started with that purity thing, does she need a maid who will always listen and do what she asks or someone for her son to be happy with? Because the way I see it, she isn’t chosing someone for the sake of her son’s happiness but rather for her own happiness.

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