[Kdrama] ‘Descendants of the Sun’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

Descendants of the Sun is a drama that made a lot of people excited. The casting surely made me excited as hell for this drama and since they never disappoint. Even though I’m not a fan of any particular actor/actress, I always found myself enjoying their works. Not to mention that the 4 main actors proved their acting, or at least they did it in my eyes.

Maybe because I’m a girl, but the whole military thing/conversations or anything that has to do with military is boring. For now I don’t fast forward any scene but because it is a drama that includes military and the plot revolves around it, there will be a time when I will start skipping some scenes. Not like it will have a huge impact on the plot, maybe one of the main dudes will get hurt in some battle but I can still skip that.

The PPL is so obvious in this drama but I can get over it easily since they do need money for the production costs. What I can’t over is Shi Jin’s slyness. He is so sly that make me forget about everything bad about this drama. Yes, I’m weak when it comes to him….

Even so, there are some useless scenes and sometimes I do feel that some don’t have a follow up. Because of this, I’m still and will probably never be a fan of the writer. Also, her style is so fantasy like and tries to save the show with the help of love lines but if we take the plot as a whole, it’s flat. Good things she has a great cast with great chemistry.

The first couple I want to talk about is Dae Young and Myeong Joo. She is the usual in-love rich brat. I keep seeing her hitting/slapping the Dae Young. But hey, it’s a drama but what if the guy were to hit her? then everyone would’ve went crazy, listing the guy as one of the worst male characters ever. Personally, I find it weird that people are calling their parts as being romantic ….all she’s doing is being overly emotional (despite her rank) and rude. However I like their past. It was cute and the two seemed to have a straight forward relationship. I wish we will get more scenes from the beginning of their relationship.

I’m not sure what to think of the main couple, composed of Shi Jin and Mo Yeon. I mean, what’s with her? The man is a soldier but she’s under the impression that he always keeps things from her. Of course he has to, his job requires that but she always makes him be the bad one in their relationship. Shi Jin has to leave some times, that’s work, he has to keeps secrets, that’s work again, but Mo Yeon seems to always try to persuade him to reveal everything even though the guy is not allowed. Let’s put the truth on the table here, in this relationship, only Shi Jin is trying to make it work while all she does is question everything.

The frankness of the 2 couples is making me giggle most of the time. Especially the main couple. Every time they interact, my eyes take the shame of a heart and I smile like crazy. Hey, don’t judge! I already said I’m weak to those things….and, damn, Song Joong Ki’s smile gives birth to puppies and butterflies. He can make butterflies get out of their cocoons.

A displeasure I have with this drama is that they work so hard in making Song Joong Ki look like the coolest guy on this Planet. For me, I consider Joong Ki to be a miscast. He acts well, no complain whatsoever, but I’m not finding a connection between him and Song Hye Kyo. He is more like her younger brother than a possible lover. They just don’t match. It’s also hard to take him seriously since if we compare Joong Ki with the other guys (soldiers), he lacks/doesn’t look like a soldier at all.

Every drama has things we don’t like and things we like but overall, Descendants of the Sun, is a watchable drama. If you are like me, not really interested in war/military subjects, you can easily move on to the next scenes since it won’t make you lose any details that may contribute to the story’s development. It’s a good drama but as a whole, it’s just a drama made for women’s fantasies. Muscle guys, irritating girlfriend and love lines that make a woman’s heart flutter.



  1. Hello Sooki, it’s been a while! 🙂

    Call me slow but what is PPL?

    I thought I was the only one who disliked Myeong-Joo. It’s funny because I rarely dislike the “bad girls” as they are so dramatic it’s hilarious actually. But she acts so spoiled and stupid, she’s giving me a hard time. I totally agree that if the table were turned and he was the one putting his hands on her the way she does, people would have been outraged.

    I’m enjoying the show, but seriously my after seeing the 4 episodes released so far, my character is definitely Dae-Yeong.

    1. Hi there~
      PPL is product placement.
      Lately, I’ve found myself liking the second lead females but in this drama I can’t. She is way to bratty for my taste XD

      Dae Yeong is the mature character. He doesn’t leave his emotions get in the way of work.
      I’m also enjoying it, but there’s something that doesn’t make me fully enjoy the whole show.

      1. Just realized I misspelled your name Soori, sorry! 🙂

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