[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 3 ~recap/review/opinion~

Sang Tae pours a few glasses of water while Mi Jung’s granny vents her anger on In Chul and his current wife, So Young. For the grandmother, is even more disappointing that In Chul cheated on Mi Jung with her friend. Sang Tae gives everyone a glass of water but the older woman splashes one to So Young’s face and Mi Jung on In Chul’s. Mi Jung takes the opportunity to reveal the truth to her granny and also reminds So Young about a talk they had a few years before. It was a meeting when Mi Jung found out that her husband was cheating on her with her friend. At that time, So Young told her that In Chul was scared of going home because Mi Jung was scary and always used to nag him.

We are then shown another meeting but this time between So Young, Mi Jung and In Chul. One night, Mi Jung couldn’t hold it in and so she called So Young but the later one refused to answer the call. Then she uses her husband’s phone to call again. Thinking that In Chul was calling her, So Young answers but that angers Mi Jung even more thus she tells her former friend to meet in 10 minutes. Minutes later, Mi Jung takes her husband and meets So Young. To her displeasure and disgust, Mi Jung witnesses the two holding hands right in front of her. Even though she wanted to say something, she can’t, considering the image in front of her. On the other hand, In Chul uses the timing to finally escape from their marriage and tells Mi Jung that she has gone crazy thus he wants to divorce and live with So Young.

Granny gets angry since In Chul said that at that time Mi Jung went crazy. Trying to get out of the mess, So Young says that Mi Jung also messed up with their lives as she went to their workplace and made a show out of their affair, revealing the affair to everyone from the office resulting with the two being fired. The mistress’ mother also tries to get them out of the mess by saying that if granny were to raise her granddaughter well, her husband wouldn’t have been stolen by another woman, but the older woman get annoyed and replays that she should’ve raised her daughter well not to steal other woman’s husband.

Sang Tae, who was watching the whole scene, gets a call from his mother-in-law, who was waiting for him to get home. He barely manages to tell her that he got to meet some weird people and will come home soon, making the mother-in-law worry that maybe he got into a car accident.

The whole conversation and conflict ends when So Young’s mother tells Mi Jung’s grandmother that she is the one who pays 1,500$ every month for the children. The woman also deeply apologizes for what her daughter did in the past and pleads to Mi Jung to let them live their life.

Yeon Tae goes to buy a necktie for Tae Min who got a new job. After spending an hour wondering what necktie to buy, she receives a phone call from Jin Joo who wanted to hang out and drink coffee together. At first, Yeon Tae doesn’t accept the invitation but she remembers that Jin Joo is at the coffee shop she and Tae Min were supposed to meet. Considering that Jin Joo is pretty and always makes guys fall for her, Yeon Tae was afraid that if the two get to meet, he will fall for Jin Joo.

Arrived at the shop, Yeon Tae sees the two talking at the same table making her world to crumble. The two remembered each other from before when Jin Joo got her heel stuck in front of the dance school Tae Min teaches at. Yeon Tae enters the coffee shop and keeps asking how they got so close, so fast. Dumbfounded seeing them talk as if they knew each other from a long time, Yeon Tae can’t help but lie that the necktie she got was for her brother. Jin Joo takes the necktie saying that she will give it to Sang Tae. As they talk about Sang Tae, Tae Min finds out that the two girls are actually in-laws and former high school friends.

Sang Tae takes granny and Mi Jung home. On the way, granny scolds Mi Jung for being foolish to the point of having her husband being stolen from her. Mi Jung tells her grandmother that she always thought In Chul will come back but he eventually didn’t.

At the shop, So Young’s mother is angry and makes the two clean up the mess saying that the other staff did nothing wrong and they should be the ones to clean everything.

Back to Sang Tae’s car, the two women cry and granny is finally curious about Sang Tae’s identity.

Sang Tae’s in-laws are still worried about him not reaching home, thinking if he was kidnapped. They imagine all kind of scary things that might happen to him. Meanwhile, after finding out that Sang Tae is Mi Jung’s superior, granny apologizes saying that she normally doesn’t use foul language and her granddaughter isn’t the kind of person who will beat people.

Jin Joo gets home but her parents are actually angry that it’s not Sang Tae and is her who arrived home. When he finally arrives home, they see him covered in flour.

Finally home Mi Jung tries to put her children to bed however she feels sad for her youngest who wonders if maybe her father will forget her since she was 3 when he left to America. Mi Jung comforts her daughter by saying that the father makes a video call every week so he won’t forget her for sure.

Yeon Tae, on the other hand, is sad that she couldn’t confess her feelings to Tae Min because of Jin Joo. By some mysterious fate, Jin Joo gives Yeon Tae a call and shows some interest in Tae Min. She asks what is Tae Min’s salary and shows disappointment with his “little” pay making Yeon Tae angry.

Ho Tae thinks that both of his parents weren’t home but he gets out from the storage room and appears in front of his father. The father finally finds out that his second son was living in the storage room without them knowing. Both Yeon Tae and Ho Tae think that he will get beaten up but the father stops and says that he will pretend not seeing him. Ho Tae says that it will be better if he gets beaten up so he then can just move back into the house but that’s exactly why the father wants to pretend he didn’t see him, so that Ho Tae won’t move back and will suffer in the storage room since he used all the money his parents gave him.

The mother keeps babbling about feeling sorry about her first son, but the father keeps thinking to himself that the actual problem is the second one.

Mi Jung tries to explain to Sang Tae the scene he saw a night before. He then tells her that she is an amazing person because despite the things she went through, she never lost her smile.

While the two complement each other, their daughters were doing a dance-off at school in front of their classmates. After the dance-off the two get close and decide to go together to an acting academy. At home, Woo Ri tells her mother that she wants to learn acting. At first, Mi Jung doesn’t want to but accepts when Woo Ri mentions about telling her father that Mi Jung ignores her dreams.

Sang Tae visits his parents. His mother tells him about a blind date, but for him it’s still hard to accept another woman thus his mother gets irritated.

My thoughts on episode 3

With each new episode, I’m getting even more irritated with Sang Tae’s mother. I understand she is worried about him but forcing him to go to a blind date is a bit too much.

As for Mi Jung, I was angry seeing In Chul and So Young acting like the victims and amking her look like the crazy person who made their life miserable. But who are the ones who messed up her life by cheating on her? They complained that because of Mi Jung, both got fired from the company but an affair should have a price.

When it comes to Yeon Tae, I genuinely understand her. We all have that pretty friend who makes our self esteem go down. But at the same time, Jin Joo seems to be thinking of Yeon Tae as her true friend.



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  2. this episode had me in stitches…that flour scene and the car ride home; plus his inlaws; so funny! it’s rare to laugh that much watching kdramas. really well done comedy 🙂
    this one’s growing on me, i hope we see alot more of kind of writing, directing, & impeccable timing from the actors. i agree with you that sang tae’s mom is likely to get the irritation….it’s a throwback role imho & will find little empathy-purchase from me. his dad is an interesting, wise, coconspirator type though. anyhow. really loved this one! thanks for the recap!

    1. The comedy is well done in this drama, I wasn’t expecting it form a weekend family drama because most are rather forced. But ‘Five Enough’ reminds me of the good old family dramas were comedy was a big part of the plot

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