[Kdrama] ‘Come Back Ahjussi’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

Not sure what to say about this drama. I didn’t like the first two episodes at all. Of course there are parts I like and parts I don’t but the things I don’t like about the story and the production as a whole are more than the ones I like.

Regarding the story, the first couple Young Soo and Da Hye are married with lots of problems. That is mainly because they don’t talk with each other and build up lots of pressure underneath and as seen in the first episode, at some point one of them explodes thus their relationship starts deteriorating.

The wife didn’t understand him at all. I get where she is coming from, he is always leaving the family on second place for the company but he does it to work for him family, working as much as he can. However Young Soo doesn’t have the courage to do more and please himself with how things are because “it can’t be helped for the time being”. Her adding more stress and pressure onto him isn’t the answer either.

I enjoyed the comical parts but if I am to be honest about this drama, overall the first two episodes were boring. The first one took too much to establish the characters while the second, played more on the comical side. The second episode was better but there were a lot of useless scenes.

One thing I like about this drama, other than Oh Yeon Seo, that they kept the real people with those bodies. I mean, even though the two guys have possessed some bodies, the people with that exact body are real and different people. Does it make sense what I’m saying here? I hope so.

What I’m looking forward in this drama are the comical moments. Rain and Oh Yeon Seo are pretty good at it. Forced but still funny.



  1. Yeah, it’s a pity. I was looking forward to it because I love Rain and Oh Yeon Seo, she was great in Shine or go crazy, and Rain is one of my dearest bias 🙂 …but it has been very disappointing.
    Maybe they have put too many ingredients in the mix, it looks more like material for two shows rather than one. The execution is not nice either. I don’t think I can watch this, it looks terrible.
    Next time hopefully they will choose better projects, I’m skipping this one.

    1. I will give this show one more chance and I will decide after episode 3 and 4. I was also looking a bit forward to it, Oh Yeon Seo is love, but as you said it, they tried to put way too many ideas into one show and ended up being random.

      Thanks fort he comment~

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