[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 1 ~recap/review/opinion~

I will be using ‘Five Children’ for this even though KBS uses ‘Five enough’. Some sites may refer to this drama as ‘Five Children’ or ‘Five Enough’ – just letting everyone know that it’s the same drama. For the family chart and relationships, please go to dramawiki.

The first episode starts with Sang Tae’s mother complaining that the in-laws are taking from her son’s free time and he can’t spend time at her house. Hearing her blabbers, Sang Tae’s father, advices her not to mention anything she just said to the in-laws because they may get upset. We are then taken to Sang Tae’s eldest son’s, Lee Soo, school where the students were having a presentation about their hero/role model. Soo starts the speech by saying that his role model is his messy mother but when he mentions that his mother is actually a man, everyone starts frowning. The boy continues and clears everyone’s misunderstandings saying that his mother is his father. Five years before the present time, Soo’s mother died leaving Sang Tae take the role of a mother and father for his two children. The in-laws were also present at school and the mother-in-law showed off her grandson to the other parents. The speech goes on and Soo tells everyone how Sang Tae takes care and protects him and his sister, Lee Bin.

After finishing his presentation, Lee Soo goes back to his chair. One of his classmates waits for his mother who was yet to arrive for the event but his grandmother took the mother’s place. The boy is Woo Jung, the son of our main lady, Mi Jung.

The reason why she couldn’t go to her son’s school was because the woman went to beat her ex-husband and his wife for moving in the same neighborhood with them. The behind story is that 3 years ago the man, In Chul, cheated on Mi Jung with her friend, So Young, and now the two are married. So the children won’t suffer when they find out that their parents divorced because of the father’s cheating, Mi Jung decided to tell her 3 children that their father was transferred to US. All’s good but him being in the same neighborhood means that the children will also soon find out about them divorcing.

After venting her anger on her ex husband and his wife, the wife’s mother comes into the store and protects her daughter and son-in-law by telling Mi Jung that they are already paying for the children’s expenses on top of that she doesn’t own the neighborhood to tell them not to open a store there.

After she leaves the store of her ex-husband, Mi Jung remembers the pain she when through the divorce process.

When Soo’s school event ends, the in laws together with Sang Tae go to his parents’ restaurant where they show off that they bought him a new car since they think of him as their own child. We also find out that the in-laws helped Sang Tae’s parents open the restaurant, thing that the in-laws never fail to remember.

Meanwhile, Sang Tae’s sister in law, Jin Joo, goes to his sister’s, Yeon Tae, part time job store to buy makeup for herself. Since Jin Joo was paying with her brother-in-law’s card, Yeon Tae gets angry and says that she feels sorry for her own brother. However Jin Joo replays saying that her parents already got him a new car so buying a few makeup stuff with his card isn’t anything big.

Later, as viewers we get to meet Sang Tae’s second brother, Ho Tae. Ho Tae is an independent movie producer who isn’t successful and ends up begging people to give him a place to stay so his parent’s won’t find out that he has no money.

Sang Tae goes back to work after having lunch with his in-laws and parents. At work, he and his co-workers talk about their new colleague, an assistant manager that is set to start work from the next day. Turns out that their new colleague is Mi Jung however they forget fast about her when Sang Tae notices that they have a printing problem with their new catalogue. Sang Tae calls one of his colleagues to come back to the office because they have a problem. The man he called was meeting Mi Jung, because they knew each other since before; hearing that there is a problem at work, she decides to start work a day faster to help the others.

Luckily, things go well and everyone goes out to have a welcoming party for Mi Jung. They have various questions for her but they get surprised when Mi Jung tells them she has 3 children and is a divorced woman. Sang Tae doesn’t seem to care however the other two female colleagues can’t hide their expressions when they find out about Mi Jung. To calm everyone down, Mi Jung tells them that the children are being taken care of by their grandmother so she can work.

No one receives Ho Tae into their house so the man decides to go back to his parent’s house. With the help of his younger sister, Yeon Tae, he goes into the storage room saying that he will live there, hiding from their parents.

Considering that his housing was set, Ho Tae keeps telling his sister that once he hits it big, their parents will be proud of him but until then he doesn’t want to tell anyone about his situation. Yeon Tae tells him that it will be better to be hit by their mother a few times and then live in his own room, at their house. Ho Tae refuses thinking of his mother who will probably collapse after finding the truth about him being a penniless movie producer.

Mi Jung apologizes to her son for skipping his school event. Although still upset, Woo Young forgives her fast since it was the day his father calls from America. The video call connects and Mi Jung’s 3 children talk with their father……who lives in America, or at least that’s what the kids think but he was actually home, in Korea, with his wife next to him (but she couldn’t be seen in the video call).

On the other hand, Sang Tae spends time talking with his 2 children when his sister-in-law comes back home and hands him his card. The mother in law finds out that her daughter, Jin Joo, spent Sang Tae’s money and scolds her. A few minutes later, Jin Joo and her mother go into her room to talk about what Yeon Tae said at the store, that she feels sorry for her brother. Hearing that, Sang Tae’s mother-in-law remembers her dead daughter and starts crying.

Before going to bed, Sang Tae talks with the picture of his late wife while Mi Jung is angry just by looking at the picture of her ex-husband.

First impression

For a fist episode, it was quite good. I liked that we got to meet most characters, especially the main ones from the children’s speech as school rather than showing us random characters being introduced to the viewer like it happened with ‘Yeah, that’s how it is’. I mean, we got to know their backgrounds without being too much for a first episode.

The characters are pleasant. Some are annoying but are used mostly for the comical purpose. We didn’t get much of the story, but at least we know their backgrounds and in the following episodes it will be easier to get used how things may develop.


  1. Giving this one a shot….first episode not too bad. One kinda upsetting flashback scene with Mi Jung crying and wanting to get back with her lower-than-a-snake’s-belly ex husband who cheated on her with his best friend. Dangit, move on already–he’s a jerk and you don’t deserve that! I already don’t like that guy and his new wife/her former bestie. I wonder if it’s too early in the series to root for their demise. It’s not cool that Mi Jung lied to her kids and said he was in the US either; she should have told the kids the truth. When those smart kids find out she lied there will be a price to pay.

    1. I think she acted like that because there still were feelings for him. Sometimes its hard accepting that the person you love cheated on you with your friend. On top of that the divorce was sudden. She tho for the best, because telling the kids that their parents divorced can be a shock for them but I do agree, she should’ve told them earlier.

  2. i’m giving this one a shot too and i dont usually really watch weekend family dramas. i have alot of empathy for both characters being divorced; and my ex who was my friend and the father of our children also passed away recently so found myself with more emotions watching this one than i expected.
    i think not telling her kids they were divorced was far more about her own denial and inibility to process what happened far more than protecting the children. when they find out they are going to feel very deceived. it’s super unhealthy and i hope the show handles it well / realistically.
    thanks for reviewing and i will keep reading to see your thoughts as we go forward.

    1. I’ve read somewhere that it’s best to tell the child faster if he/she is adopted or the parents divorced since it won’t be a strong blow later on.
      The fact that she didn’t tell them the truth, will come and bite her and then it will be more hurtful for the children.
      You may be right, it’s plausible that she was in denial as we saw her phone her ex-husband to ask him to get back togehter.

      Thanks for reading and for the comment XD

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