[Kdrama] Looking forward of weekend family dramas list (winter-spring 2016)

My favorite part of the year in drama land: announcing new weekend family dramas. Well, I’m the kind of person who loves these dramas but in recent years I did witness a lower quality in terms of acting, writing and overall the producing of family dramas.

In the past, I used to discover new faces, actors and actresses that had potential with their acting. Moreover the stories used to be fun to follow and laid back however, lately everything turned makjangish. Truthfully it is irritating because dramas like ‘Creating Destiny’ or ‘Smile, you’ were great in the past and had so many fun moments. Given that, I never got bored especially considering that a normal family drama has at least 50 episodes. In recent 2-3 years, I barely got to finish any of these weekend long running shows.

I would normally have my expectation somewhere high in the sky but when I start watching the actual show, it’s plain boring. I can say that about dramas like ‘My daughter, Geum Sa Wol’ or ‘Jang Bo Ri’ and many more. Although the ratings were high, the quality was low and here I’m talking mainly about the writing. It got to the point where family dramas are all about family business, the battle for the family’s assets or birth secrets. Everything is so repetitive.

In a way, I want to bet all my money on the soon to air dramas, but I’m not confident enough to do so, even so I want to talk about the ones I’m looking forward to.

The first drama I’m looking forward is ‘Five Enough’ (or also known as ‘Five Children’). The drama tells the story of Sang Tae ( Ahn Jae Wook), who raises his two children after his wife dies, and Mi Jung (Soo Yoo Jin) who got cheated by her husband with her best friend and ends up raising her 3 children alone. As the story progresses, Sang Ta and Mi Jung fall in love however she still can’t tell her children that their father cheated and lies to them that he left to America for work. The drama will also follow the families of the main couple.

The actors include Shim Hyung Tak, Shim Yi Young, Lim Soo Hyang, Sung Hoon, Shin Hye Sun and established older actors Park Hye Sook, Choi Jung Woo, Song Ok Suk and last but not least Kim Cheong.

Although most of those mentioned above are actors with a great portfolio or new promising faces, I’m concerned about Lim Soo Hyang and Sung Hoon. Her acting is questionable while Shun Hoon is mostly awkward but I’m giving them a second chance. Who knows, maybe they improved.

The director, Kim Jung Gyu past works are: The man who can’t get married, I’m Sam, Sweet 18. Was also the producer for 2014 KBS hit family drama ‘What Happens to My Family?’.

As for the writer, Jung Hyun Jung wrote the ‘I need romance’ series but other than that, nothing else rings a bell.

Five Enough will start airing on February 20 on KBS2.

Another family drama that is set to air pretty soon is MBC’s ‘Happy Home’. The drama will air every Saturday and Sunday starting from February 27.

There aren’t much information regarding the plot other than, the story of Bong family who owns a restaurant. Casting includes: Kim So Yeon, Lee Sang Woo, Lee Pil Mo, Kim Young Chul, Choi Yoon So, Seo Yi Sook and Park Min Woo. To be honest, I’m kind of sick of seeing Lee Sang Woo in every weekend drama. I wish he will take a break because he keeps playing the same character, over and over again. He never adds anything new to his characters.

Writer Jo Eun Jung worked on Hotel King and Feast of the Gods. Lee Sang Woo was also in Feast of the Gods….

On the other hand, the director, Lee Dong Yoon was the man behind one of the best Korean remakes, Queen’s Classroom’. Other works are: Fated to love you, Feast of the Gods and The Greatest Love.

‘Yeah, That’s How It Is’ already started airing and I’ve seen the first two episodes however I’m confused. It’s ridiculous how many characters this show has. I’ve never been this confused before while watching a family drama since I’m used with the large casting choice but this was crazy packed. The main idea is that Ji Sun (played by Seo Ji Hye) continues to live with her father in law, Yoo Min Ho, 5 years after her husband died. This creates a discord within the family. Also Hyun Woo (played by Kim Young Hoon) seems to cheat on his wife, Se Hee (played by Yoon So Yi). Anyway, I will make a post about this drama when I will finally start to get the whole characters’ stories.

Some of the actors that will give life to the characters from ‘Yeah, that’s how it is’ are: Seo Ji Hye, No Joo Hyun, Yang Hee Kyung, Shin So Yul, Hong Yo Seop, Kim Hae Sook, Yoon So Yi, Jo Han Sun, Jung Hae In, Nam Gyu Ri, Kim Young Hoon.

Kim Soo Hyun is the writer of this drama. She worked in the past for dramas like Life is beautiful, A Thousand Days’ Promise (Lee Sang Woo was in both drama, dude please give us a break already). The thing is, her endings may not always please everyone so get ready for one heck of a ride.

The director, Son Jung Hyun, is more of a quiet soul compared to the writer. He worked on All about my romance, Protect the boss, Temptation of an angel.

Marriage Contract will start (supposedly) somewhere in February. Not sure if I want to watch this one. I normally like UEE, but somehow I don’t see her and Lee Seo Jin being suitable as a couple. Especially as the main couple. Despite that, I’m a bit curious because I normally enjoy these contract marriage dramas. Most of the time, this type of stories don’t offer much but remain a good entertainment source for the viewer. Not to mention that MBC has normally good family dramas so I’ll give it a go.

Cast is made out of: Lee Soo Jin, UEE, Kim Yoo Ri (not really liking her, to be honest), Kim Kwang Kyu, Park Jung Soo.

We have another hit maker writer, Jung Yoo Kyung that wrote ‘You are the best, Lee Soon Shin’, for KBS in 2013. Meanwhile, the director’s past works are: Time between the dong and wolf, God of war, Pride and Prejudice.

There is a drama I’m afraid to mention, ‘The flower in Prison’, with Ko Soo and Jin Se Yoon. Yes, Ko Soo and Jin Se Yoon. Don’t read it a second time, what you see is the truth. I….what am I supposed to say here? Well, I’m sad for Ko Soo, that’s pretty much all.

Choi Tae Joon is also part of the drama and even though he is one of the young actors I follow, Ko Soo ….needs better co-stars.

The director is well known among period Korean drama fans. He worked in the past on projects such as: Dong Yi, Horse Doctor, Heo Jung, A jewel in the palace, Lee San.

‘The flower in the prison’ is set to air sometime in April.

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  1. coffeenlucia · · Reply

    I have tried so many times to like Jin Se Yeon’s acting, but I just… can’t.

    Which is strange, because normally I’m pretty receptive to watching “bad” actresses in new dramas.

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