[Kdrama] ‘Cheese in the Trap’ ep 9-12 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

I love it that Seol is finally feed up with the others who just suck off of her work. Personally I think she proceeded well by taking out Sang Chul. I understand that he may indeed have family problems as it was shown around episode 1 or 2 but that doesn’t mean others have to suffer for his problems as well. It may be harsh however he can’t graduate just by being a parasite while others work hard because at the end of the day everyone has problems yet the others still did their part of the project.

Jung is being more honest for the sake of their relationship but what he did last year is finally biting him in the ass. It’s not like a simple ‘sorry’ will resolve anything or will delete what she went through. Although he kept saying Young Gon misunderstood and acted on because that was his personality but Jung knew the type of person he is. Even though Jung didn’t personally write the message, he let In Ha do it being aware of what she will write.

It is quite nice that their relationship got to the point where Seol searches Jung for comfort. And it was lovable seeing Jung jumping around in episode 11, after he and Seol made up; it was like she is the only person in front of whom he can express himself. We have always seen Jung’s brusque side, on the other hand when he is with Seol, Jung begins to be more open with both his action and speech.

There is also some development with In Ho. In Ho is doing his best to regain what he loved even if he is earnest in his own way, at least he is trying. The best scene of this week was the dinner scene with Seol’s family and In Ho where they treated him like part of the family. It was heartwarming to see him get attention and even being praised for his hard work. He always felt small for not being a white collar or similar things but in fact he is pretty amazing for working hard to get back on track.

In episode 11, I could fully understand why Jung is so against In Ha and In Ho. They could always be carefree while he never could. He had to be careful of his actions, his feelings or what he showed to others. What’s sad is that no one ever noticed that part, of him suffering alone – well, In Ho did notice a bit of that. Episode 12 revealed where the relationship of Jung and In Ho went wrong. And that is because of misunderstandings. Actually this drama could’ve been named ‘Misunderstandings’ and not ‘Cheese in the trap’, that would’ve been a better name since every, and I mean it, every character has some short of misunderstandings towards others but that’s how is life. Sometimes we misjudge others and everything turns into a big mess.

I’m going to keep my opinion in regards of In Ho. In Ho takes things for granted and always blames others for his actions and for his big mouth. From Jung’s father to Jung’s friendship and even his sister, he took everything for granted as he acted like a brat. I see that everyone looks only at In Ha as some short of meddlesome figure but she is scared of being left behind. Although In Ha uses the abuse she went through during her younger years for her own advantage, to obtain various material things, that still doesn’t erase the things she had to suffer as a child. And the way I see it, she seems to be suffering more as a result of her childhood than In Ho. In Ha always says things that may look random, or for the comical purpose, but in fact it isn’t like that.

To sum up the 12 episodes, Jung wasn’t strange. Looks like Jung wasn’t that strange but those around him were for pushing their own ideals, thoughts and expectations onto him. Indeed, he has his own ways of dealing with stuff, not necessary the best ways but like any other person, Jung deals with things or people that need to be erased from his life a bit more ….let’s say in a calculative manner.

We are nearing the end of ‘Cheese in the trap’ and I still can’t see any romance between In Ho and Seol. I really, honestly love them as two friends. I like their friendship and hope it will stay like this.

By the way, anyone else loving the actor who portrays Young Gon, Ji Yoon Ho? The guy is entertaining and we’ll probably see him taking down a new layer with each new project. I’m looking forward to his future acting.

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