[Kdrama] ‘One More Happy Ending’ ep 3-8 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

I’m quite displeased with the main characters. For now, what keeps me watching this drama are Mi Mo’s other 3 friends and their stories. I’m so curious to see what happens with them and how are they dealing with their lives while Mi Mo’s troubles seem to be so childish.

I’m sick of the whole ‘childhood love’ thing but I was ready to get over this if the writing were to be good however that’s not the case. The idea behind Mi Mo, Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon is so flat and the chemistry is missing big times.

The second male lead is annoying. He just waits for her to go crazy over him, she always tries to take their relationship one step further and he continues to play his dating game yet he acts pitiful because she came home with another man….oh I’m supposed to squeeze a tear here but I won’t, ha!

The second dude was so frustrating the whole time and then BOOM in episode 6, he is all sad. Hae Joon was busy playing ‘games’ while their relationship didn’t progress at all. He never notices Mi Mo’s feelings but feels insulted if she doesn’t reveal what she feels or what happens to her. He noticed her in episode 6 just because she was with another man. Did Hae Joon ever make a move to try and see her? understand her? no, so dude don’t dare act like your girlfriend is being stolen by your friend when you did nothing as a lover for her. They are 2 adults, in a supposedly mature relationship, but the mature part doesn’t exist – I’m not talking about the physical side of the relationship.

What’s with him testing her? Come on, she confessed after seeing him for 2 seconds. Testing her love? Yeah, that sure is love. And him liking her since she was an idol, what’s different between me liking my favorite idol and him liking Mi Mo, despite the fact that he got confessed to by the idol and I didn’t. The man collected stickers with her face, damn that must be love.

Mi Mo also annoys me. She all of a sudden confesses to a guy she never met, acts like he is the man of her dreams but when another guy says something to her, her heart starts trembling. Again, that must be true love.

Meanwhile Soo Hyuk needs to make up his mind already. There is only one thing I feel sorry for him and that is because of the stalker junior girl. She needs to move on already. He constantly tells her that he doesn’t like her more than a colleague yet she makes him the evil guy. What can he do about it? Soo Hyuk doesn’t have feeling for her, but she just can’t accept the truth thus turns herself into some melodrama queen.

This is such a lovely drama however it would be better if Dong Mi, Da Jung and Ae Ran were given more screen time.

This is more of a rant post rather than a review but I’m so upset with the writing of the 3 main characters. They have no charms.


  1. I did enjoy the show though I am rooting for dajung and her husband to work out their relationship more than the leads love story. The scene where their kid cried bcoz he thought it was his fault that made his parents dift apart is soooo sad..

    1. To be honest, I would rather see more of Da Jung’s family than the main characters XD

      Thanks for the comment ^o^

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