[Kdrama] ‘Cheese in the Trap’ episode 6 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

I have to wait a whole week! That’s sad. I shouldn’t be comparing but with Reply I was so eager to watch every new episodes just to see the details and find out faster who the husband is (yeah, it was my fault for getting caught in that) but with Cheese In The Trap I’m looking forward to see new episodes just to enjoy the flow. I rarely do this, wanting to watch the next episode because of the simplistic atmosphere.

Anyway, episode 6 was another great watch. It’s interesting to see similar people having a hard time understanding each other. But at the same time the two are quite different so this is actually understandable. However, currently Jung is starting to understand Seol, not at a deeper level but he is. Meanwhile Seol wants to fully get him and his actions are making her worry about various things but mostly his words are always hard for her to comprehend why he says what he says and what is the meaning behind his past actions.

For me it’s unusual to see Korean dramas where the relationship is beyond the superficial level that splits it into two, happy or sad/miserable. With ‘Cheese in the trap’ they show more to the point of visible drawing the steps of a relationship between two people. In this episode I liked that we are starting to see both sides. Until now, the drama was mainly on Seol’s side but even since episode 5, Jung is making his entrance to show the viewers his side of the story. Episode 6 offered more and with this it creates equilibrium.

Leaving that aside, Jung and Seol are entering the stage of jealousy. Seol wonders about the relationship between In Ha and Jung, on the other hand he is irritated whenever Seol is around In Ho. Let me believe that him being irritated isn’t just because of the bad relationship between the two guys. But the bigger problem is Seol’s worries. It’s not like we can blame the girl for the questions she has but whenever she questions Jung’s actions (from the past), she sees herself drifting apart from him so she decides to not think about it. Yet I’m sure this will blow again at some point.

At the same time, I’m enjoying the bickering between Jung and In Ho especially when the mood changes from serious to funny. Rather than funny, they turn childish. They may look like they hate each other but the two are the ones who understand one another the most. Or that’s what I’m seeing in episode 6. Regardless, Jung and In Ho don’t completely hate each other. Things like this needs time to heal the wounds I suppose.

I also liked that the director and the writer are starting to show more of In Ho’s background and him dealing with being away from a piano and so on but I’m getting irritate with him. Blaming Jung for what happened to him, blaming Jung because Jung’s father cut the money waterfall for In Ha and so on. Regarding In Ha’s issue, I am again on Jung’s side. No matter how twisted he really is, I do think that his father doesn’t have a reason to give any more money to In Ha, just so she can freely spend it on whatever she wants. With this issue, In Ho unnecessarily throws the blame on Jung.

I don’t know why but I started reading articles about lack of empathy in psychopaths. No Idea why but I just got interested in the subject after watching this drama. No, I don’t think of Jung as a psychopath, I just want to understand him as a character more. Anyway, I found some interesting things about the subject like for example:

“Psychopathic individuals do not simply lack empathy. Instead, it seems as though for most of us, empathy is the default mode. If we see a victim, we share her pain. For the psychopathic criminals of our study, empathy seemed to be a voluntary activity. If they want to, they can empathize, and that explains how they can be so charming, and maybe so manipulative. Once they have seduced you into doing what serves their purpose, the effortful empathy would though probably disappear again. Free of the constraints of empathy, they is then little to stop them from using violence”. cr: HERE

From my findings, Jung isn’t yet a psychopath or didn’t got to that point even though he does show signs of it, like the way he uses others or his lack of empathy. And as someone mentioned before (I think it was soompi but I’m not sure, if that person is reading this please let me know so I can credit you for this) there were some drawings that he was making and apparently are also used in therapy. What I want to say is that Jung needs to be taught about empathy and Seol may be the one who can help with this. What I don’t understand for now, is the way he acts towards insects. We always see him smiling as he watch insects so I am yet to fully get this part of it, but It will be interesting to see if anyone else has any idea on why he may be the way he is to when he sees insects.

To get into the fluffy things a bit, I have a moment I absolutely love in this episode. It was when Jung went to Seol’s house and the two were having a normal conversation about their past and worries and with what they, in a way, struggled when it comes to their parents and the life they lived. It was such a cozy scene when we got to see how Jung started liking Seol.

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