[Jdrama] ‘Kounodori’ ep 1-10 ~ review/impression/opinion ~

I never knew that giving birth and doctors from GYN could be interesting to watch. Moreover I never thought about Ayano Gou to be a good actor so for a while I ignored this dramas but I somehow started to watch it. Normally I’m not interested in medical dramas, I try some if actors I like act in it and even now I have no idea why I watched this drama considering that nor Ayano or the other actors are part of my favorites but since I wanted to marathon a drama I just decided to watch it on a whim.

Surprisingly, Ayano did better than in his past dramas and what’s likable about this drama is that they don’t do the normal Japanese exaggeration-acting to make things funny so even non-fans of Japanese dramas can enjoy it. The story is serious thus they don’t use the comical elements we see in their dramas.

The other actors are nice. I actually discovered some fresh new faces and I’m really happy because I was a bit disappointed with the recent younger generation of Japanese actors. Most can’t act and don’ have the potential to work with a serious script.

I liked the realistic feel this drama had and how they approached a variety of subject regarding birth and child care. Until now I never saw a drama to speak the reality not only from the doctors’ side but also from the patients’ side as well, at the same time. Most dramas will take one side at a time but in each episode from Kounodori, we got to see that a birth will affect not only the parents/families but also the doctors.

“This job is both delicate and harsh. No matter how hard we try, there are times when we can’t save them and he have to accept this fact.”

I was stunned to see the effort everyone put in making the drama. From having pre-mature children being recorded up to the acting of the main cast and the secondary characters everything was good. Most of the time, Japanese dramas have their plots seem like fantasies and the production gives the characters an animated feel especially to those dramas that are re-makes of mangas or animes but with Kounodori it wasn’t like that. They really took the story of each episodic character and their doctors seriously and showed the reality of childbirth, females dealing with society and the aftermath of for example smoking during pregnancy.

There were also various problems being touched and the one that I will remember the most from this drama is the story from episode 5 with the two middle scholars who slept together and ended up having a baby. Children with various health problems and parents understanding and accepting that their children are sick was what made the drama worth watching. As a person who was never through such hardships I understood more about different diseases and how hard it is for a parent to accept that its child has even a curable disease since it’s hard hearing that your own baby is hurt, sick or will have to battle a certain illness in the next years of his life.

Some medical dramas, if not all, tend to take a patient each new episode and when they are cured or die, the story ignores it, but with this drama they always brought back former characters to show their development and how things changed in their lives. For example Oguri Shun’s character was one of those that appeared the most and showed a father trying to rise his newborn child after his wife died giving birth.

Giving your best doesn’t necessary mean everything will eventually end well and this drama for sure didn’t sugar coat its characters. The reality of each episode was harsh and poignant. The drama has shown the reality of NICU and ob-gyn doctors. For those interested or maybe even for those who aren’t into medical dramas, I recommend ‘Kounodori’.

This drama made me think that it’s good from time to time to give a chance to dramas that have actors or plots you don’t find interesting. You never know what gem it will turn out to be.



  1. dramalandloverj · · Reply

    Hi Soori, I finished this drama recently and I agree with the things you said here. I’m not familiar with jdramas since I only got back into them recently after many years but I was so impressed with this. It’s such a touching show, with simple stories but they stir the heart. I also liked that they brought back/ at least mentioned most of the characters from previous cases in the later eps. And it’s special how Konotori also plays the piano besides being a doctor, haha. Thank you for your review, I enjoyed reading it 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading and for your commend. I’m glad you enjoyed the drama. The story was such a lovely watch and its characters were interesting and always added something lovely to the story. The cases were interesting as well.
      Again, thanks for the comment, much appreciated 😀

      1. dramalandloverj · ·

        Yes I did, it was a simple and nice drama. Absolutely! We saw a number of different cases in a span of 10 episodes. Thanks again for the lovely post too! 😀

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