[Kdrama] Soori’s Kdrama Awards (2015 picks)

Since writing about every drama was a pain I decided to give “awards” – more like titles to the things/dramas/characters I liked in this year’s Korean dramas. Everything I wrote in this post is my personal opinion and if I said something rude/bad about a drama someone else liked, please keep in mind we are different people thus different opinions. Just because I didn’t like some dramas it doesn’t necessary mean those dramas were bad. It also goes the other way around, just because I liked some dramas it doesn’t mean that what I like is the best. It is the best just for me and from my point of view; therefore no hard feelings!

Favorite actors in his 20s

Ji Chang Wook (Healer) – seriously this guy saved a whole drama from misery. Let’s be honest ‘Healer’ was bad and if it wasn’t for Ji Chang Wook’s acting then the drama would’ve ended up being a good material to forget and never remember. However thanks to the way he acted Seo Jung Ho/Park Bong Soo he managed to lift the bland plot to a level that we can say it’s a good drama. Of course there plot holes and he couldn’t entirely save the bad written story but all that was ignored thanks to his acting.

Park Bo Gum (I remember you) – again another drama with a somehow bad plot but with actors that managed to lift it. I can’t believe how much I invested in this drama and that’s mostly thanks to Park Bo Gum’s acting. He delivered a great performance as a psychopath.

Favorite actress in her 20s

Lee Yul Eum from “The village”: truth is that I can’t say she is the best out of her generation but she took the spotlight from the main characters and with that Yul Eum has the ability to become a good actress in the future. For me she is clearly one that shined this year and I hope we will get to see her acting in 2016 as well.

Yoon So Hee because I loved her in “My love, Eun Dong”.

Favorite ajusshi

Jo Jae Hyun from ‘Punch’ – his accent and the way he acted by living the lines he was delivering made me fall in love with the actor.

Favorite ajumma

Ra Mi Ran (Reply 1988) – I love her, the end!

Favorite dramas

My Beautiful Bride, Missing Noir M, Angry Mom, I remember you and Kill Me Heal Me were my favorites for 2015. All are very different however there was something that these 5 had in common: a strong script and acting ability from the actors. All around the writers polished the storied thus the actors had a strong material to work with. The production was also good so that’s why I choose these dramas as my favorites of the year.

Who are you – school 2015 is also a favorite but in terms of writing can’t be compared to the other dramas mentioned above because it was lacking.

Favorite male character

Oh Dae Young (played by Park Hee Soon in Missing Noir M) – he was an entertaining character who contributed a lot to the flow of the story. Moreover I liked his desire to always evolve as a person.

Favorite female character

Kang Ho Kyung (from “Ho Goo’s love” played by Lee Soo Kyung) she is one of the most badass female characters I’ve seen. I watched for Uee and Choi Woo Shik but stayed because of Lee Soo Kyung.

Worst drama

High Society – the characters were bad, the writing was bad, the OST wasn’t accordingly to the story and just didn’t fit the story. The worst thing about this drama was the acting, way too bad to even waste my time talking about it.

Yong Pal – what could’ve been the best drama of the year ended up being one of the worst. Despise Joo Won’s struggle, I personally couldn’t find this drama at least enjoyable. The writing was stupid, that’s all I can say about this drama.

Birth of a beauty – even though the writer wanted to showcase the philological impact society and people around a woman have on her by judging her appearance, Birth of a Beauty was bad delivered and become a superficial story.

Bubblegum – a waste of time. Sorry to the fans of this drama but for me Bubblegum was a waste (that’s mostly because the writer did a bad job).

Worst male character

“She was pretty” – Ji Sung Joon. Although some may find him an attractive character or whatever, I just couldn’t handle the way the writer made him. He’s rude towards Hye Jin but when he finds out she is Hye Jin from the past all of a sudden he changes. Better not try to make me understand how he fell for her as she was remembering him about the past, because when he came to the company, Sung Joon was a total jerk to everyone especially to Hye Ji since she didn’t “deserve” that name. His whole character construction was bad and will stay as the worst male character of 2015 and definitely in top 10 all times jerks.

Worst female character

Ha Ri – “She was pretty”. Compared to Sung Joon from the same drama, she wasn’t that bad but on the other hand Ha Ri was the most annoying female character. There were episodes when Hye Jin wasn’t the center of attention as the writer was busy trying to win pity for Ha Ri. She lied and used others’ feelings to her own satisfaction. Yes she was alone, she was desperate but Ha Ri selfishly wanted Sung Joon for herself knowing that his feelings for her weren’t real. She continued the lie from the very beginning because Sung Joon made her feel what other men didn’t.

WTF ending

The queen of wtf endings of the year has to be “Who are you – school 2015”. Funny is that I really enjoyed this drama, a lot but the ending was out of the blue and destroyed the whole show. The overall writing was okayish, of course there were major plot wholes but I didn’t pay attention yet the ending was the last cup I could handle. Still, “Who are you – school 2015” remains a favorite of this year.

Rising star (in my heart) of 2015

Lee Dong Hwi (Reply 1988/ Divorce Lawyers) – oh no, what a surprise. Probably those that follow my twitter account are already tired of him. It’s kind of sad that the writer of Reply didn’t use him more, I would’ve loved to see him explore his abilities as an actor.

I ended up falling for your charm award:

Warm and Cozy – the drama was bad, really bad from my point of view but in a way or another I liked it. It was as its name, warm and cozy, and that made me stay. There was no outstanding character and what was supposed to be a drama that was set to promote Jeju Island ended up as a mushy and forgetful drama. Even so it was a nice watch although there was barely any character development and the normal Korean drama elements were used, I still liked it but that doesn’t mean I’ll ever recommend this one.

Pinocchio – all I can remember about this drama is that overall it was lovely. Not a big fan of the story nor the actors but in some way I enjoyed it. What I loved the most about this drama was the chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye.

A Girl Who Sees Smells – It’s a soft story with plain characters but everyone blends well together and in the end it was a nice watch.

Ex-Girlfriend Club – I actually marathoned this one. Surprisingly, even though I’m not of fan of the main actress, I loved the drama. Well, ‘loved’ may be stretching but I liked the feeling and the calmness given by each episode. There were conflicts between the characters but there was no overreaction and the story was flowing nicely.

WTF plot

Sassy Go Go – what supposed to be a nice and fluffy plot turned out into something melodramatic and full of angst. In the end the drama had no meaning, no beginning and no ending. Also it was annoying the way the writer tried to make viewers feel sorry for Soo Ah, the bully. She tried to kill someone (when she pushed Yeon Doo on the stairs) and 3 episodes later we were all supposed to cry for her pitiful life. Nope, no thanks.

Hyde, Jekyll, and I – I wanted to add this drama either here or at the Worst Drama section, but when I compared it with High Society it made me think that it wasn’t that bad, or at least I didn’t find it extra bad. Yet the plot wasn’t managed well and the drama was a waste of Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min’s talent. I also felt that the writing didn’t help the two main actors connect nor give them the opportunity to have a stronger chemistry.

Divorce Lawyers – didn’t have a weird plot but the story was weak and everything about the main characters was predictable (their past, present and future).

Drama with the worst character development

Producer – not really the worst character development but the drama had almost no development. The characters walked in a straight line thus that didn’t help them evolve in any way. Baek Seung Chan was a fun character but out of the drama he was the only one I can say that shined out of this drama.

Best character development

Ahn Dong Chil (Angry Mom) – he was a total bastard but I loved the inner fight when he found out that he may be Ah Ran’s father and I liked the way the writer made him develop from the bastard to the man who understood that his actions hurt others.

OST of the year

I remember you OST:

Shin Yong Jae (4men) – I see you

Dear Cloud – Remember : This song contributed so much to the overall emotion of the two characters Mina and Hyun. Definitely a song that can be remembered (by me).

Kill me, heal me OST:

Jang Jae In’s “Auditory Hallucination” – this song has woken up emotions I didn’t knew I had.

Best romance

One of the best romance of this year has to be of the main couple from Oh My Ghost. Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk hit the right spot with their strong chemistry.

Joo Jin Mo, Kim Sa Rang and JR with Lee Ja In has so much chemistry in “My love, Eun Dong”. Compared to their seniors, JR and Lee Ja In were a bit better because I liked the platonic/pure love and the story telling was relay good in delivering an innocent attachment between the two teenagers. Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang were good as the adults and definitely had a more mature approach.

Best bromance

I couldn’t find a bromance I liked this year. There were for example Park Seo Joon and Siwon but I can’t really call it a best bromance since the writer made them interact when she noticed that viewers liked it so it was a bit forced from my point of view. Anyway, it was okay.

Best sistermance

Ra Mi Ran, Lee Il Hwa and Kim Sung Young from “Reply 1988” – yes, the drama didn’t end but that won’t stop me from loving these ladies and their friendship.

Best writer

Park Kyung Soo – writer of “Punch”. Honestly this drama is really hard to digest and clearly not for anyone especially if you are someone interested in the rom-com type of dramas. The overall story is harsh but well distributed and each character was shown to have a different charm. By the end I hated all and at the same time I loved them.

So Hyun Kyung of “Twenty Again”. In comparison with the writer from Punch we can’t say that it was the best writer but it was one of the best. The plot of Twenty Again remained consistent and didn’t overflow.

Bad re-make

Orange Marmelade – why? Just why? Such a waste of Jin Goo.

The Time We Were Not In Love – I want to cry at how bad this re-make was made to be. I wish i didn’t see the original then maybe I wouldn’t be so upset over the story but considering that the original is one that I liked, it was really sad to see how the writer wasted Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook. As for the main characters, Ha Na came off as childish/immature while Choi Won was a busybody.

Family drama of the year

It was hard to choose the best family drama of the year because this year had low quality weekend family dramas. But I decided to take “The Legend of the Witch” as the best. However don’t think of it as the best, more like the best out of the worst.

You did well this year award:

Kim Young Kwang and Jung So Min did well in ‘D-day’ and I liked the drama so I just made up this to have a reason to mention them.

Kim Seul Gi: I loved her in “Oh My Ghost” and that’s all that matters.

Melodrama of the year:

Mask – just the typical melodramatic drama but the acting was good and Joo Ji Hoon had a lot of chemistry with Soo Ae.



  1. Thank you for calling out the jerkiness of Ji Sung Joon in “She Was Pretty”. Even at the end he still treated the staff at the magazine like dirt. The writer never addressed his eating disorder issues either and that ‘fridge full of bottled water still bothers me.

    1. They were too busy making a bromance line for him and Siwon maybe that’s why they didn’t address his eating disorder.
      There were a lot of wholes holes and the development he was give we can’t really call it a development tho.

      Thank you for reading and for the comment~

  2. love your categories, especially wtf endings and making one up for my favorite underrated / ignored fab performers in d-day, kyk & jsm.
    everyone’s different in how they take dramas definitely; but i find very strong synergy with you especially on sassy gogo; which for me was the most painful and rage inducing drama experiences of the year. i couldn’t let it go as i loved the ensemble cast but i don’t think i’ve ever loathed a writer before. disliked, perhaps….but strong enough to become a loathing, no. that was the first.
    enjoyed the post! 🙂

    1. I actually liked Sassy Go Go until the writer went crazy and tried to make us feel sorry for Soo Ah. That was just ugh.

      I had to mention the two somehow XD they were really good in D-day and I wish cable channels will have their own awards soon because there are some really excellent dramas and actors that deserve awards.

      Thanks for the comment and for reading ^^

  3. *wtf plot* i meant….very tired lol

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