[Kdrama] ‘Sweet, Savage Family’ episode 6 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I’m getting feed up with Man Bo and Ki Bum. Ki Bum is has such a strong inferiority complex towards Tae Soo but fails to see that his friend is struggling. It’s really frustrating seeing Tae Soo giving not once. not twice but 100 times a new chance to Ki Bum…..because he is his friend. On the other hand, is not like Tae Soo can get away from them, they are gangsters at the end of the day. However the most beautiful moment I’ve seen in this episode is the scene with Tae Soo and Sung Min sitting on a bench and listening to music. It was heartwarming seeing Tae Soo protecting Sung Min even though the boy isn’t his biological son.

The two mothers start pulling each other’s hair and in the whole fight Ki Bum gets hit in the nose. To make the two stop fighting, Ki Bum falls on the ground and acts badly hurt with Tae Soo near him shouting “don’t die”. Seeing Ki Bum hurt the women stop puling each other’s hair to see if he is all right.

Do Kyung takes care of Ki Bum’s nose at her store and when Hyun Ji enters, the girl lets out a small smile seeing her parents together. The father and daughter star laughing as they remember the scene with the two women fighting but Do Kyung tells them to stop because Hyun Ji has to go home – probably to take her medicine.

On the other hand, the mood at Tae Soo’s home is dark as Eun Ok demands explanation from her son, she wants to know if it’s Hyun Ji’s fault that a well behaved student doesn’t go to cram school and goes out on the streets to sing. For the first time, Sung Min let’s his feelings burst out and finally tells his mother that he doesn’t want to go to Seoul University. Eun Ok loses it when she hears Sung Min’s desire to pursue music so she takes his guitar and destroys it. Moreover she gets annoyed with Soo Min who was recording the whole thing with her phone. The scene turns funny with everyone demanding the others to stay out of the conversation but everything ends with Tae Soo’s mother summoning the Grim Reaper.

Later Sung Min receives a message from Hyun Ji with a song made by her making the boy calm down. Meanwhile his mother cries her eyes out.

Next morning Tae Soo drives Sung Min to school and tells his son that he understands both him and Eun Ok. However he also understands that there is a time for everything thus Sung Min should think carefully because life can become harsh if he doesn’t study when it’s time to study. Sung Min hears his father out and decides to think for a while about what he wants to do next.

At school Hyun Ji tries to cheer Sung Min up. He thanks her for the song and says that it actually comforted him. But he still remains confused about what to do next. If he gives up music he can’t do anything else or focus on other things but he is shocked to hear from Hyun Ji that he already made his decision to choose music thus he shouldn’t feel confused anymore over the whole thing.

Eun Ok goes to vent her anger on the director from Sung Min’s cram school. She tells the man that she should be informed every time Sung Min comes and leaves cram school.

Joo Ran finds out about the fight of the two and tells Eun Ok to take responsibility and step down from the position of second in line at One Heart. Eun Ok takes the blame on her also steps down from her position.

At the movie production company, Ki Bum tells the writer and PD to polish the script a bit more. Of course Tae Soo doesn’t like what Ki Bum does to the movie so they start arguing. The PD finally gets angry and tells the two that they are there to talk about the script and not see them fight. To buy the PD and writer on to his side, Ki Bum gives them a car and a company card for them to use.  Tae Soo asks why he wants tot take the movie from him and Ki Bum reveals that he’s doing it all to reconcile with Do Kyung. The detective appears and tells them that someone saw Son. He says that they shouldn’t try to catch Son because if something happens to him then they are the first to be suspected.

Do Kyung wants to take Eun Ok’s position from One Heart so she tries to impress the members with a fancy dinner at her restaurant. Eun Ok calls one of them and finds out that DO Kyung invited them without her knowing. Ki Bum also tries to help Do Kyung impress the members so he buys gifts for everyone. Eun Ok is disappointed to see the members being happy with presents and pretty much forgetting about her.

When everyone leaves, DO Kyung and Ki Bum talk about the past and how happy the two were together with Hyun Ji. They start dancing a dance Hyun Ji used to do when she was younger. In her drunk state Do Kyung almost kisses Ki Bum but she eventually doesn’t…..to Ki Bum’s despair. He prepares again to make her kiss him but she falls asleep.

Eun Ok is sad that everyone is betraying her and thanks her husband for always being on her side and for accepting Sung Min as his son. Tae Soo lets out a smile and tells her that no matter what, Sung Min is his son.  On their way home, Tae Soo and Ki Bum meet by mistake as they were both carrying their drank women. So Do Kyung and Eun Ok won’t wake up, they don’t talk.

Another day Eun Ok and DO Kyung say their speech for the One Heart Chairwoman election. After the speech, Joo Ran says that the elections will be in 3 days.

Tae Soo sees Ki Bum inviting the man he beat in first episode, Director Cho, into their movie company and gets angry. Ki Bum is irritated with the way Tae Soo acts around Director Cho and for him it doesn’t matter that the man is a swindler if he wants to invest in their movie. Man Bo also sees Ki Bum with Director Cho and isn’t too happy about it.

Man Bo enters the office and vents his anger on Tae Soo for not stopping Ki Bum meet up with Director Cho. Tae Soo quietly answers that it’s not like the boss trusted him entirely but Man Bo gets angrier and says that lately Tae Soo “stands taller” than him.

The preparation for the election continues.

Tae Soo meets up with his friend, the detective. The man tells Tae Soo not to trust Man Bo or Ki Bum too much because a lot of their trusty dogs went to jail for them. On his way home, Tae Soo sees Sung Min sitting on a bench and listening to music. To feel better he listens to music with his son in the cold weather.

During the meetings to prepare for the election, DO Kyung and Eun Ok continue to fight each other. Later EUn Ok receives a call from her husband asking to meet up. When she goes to meet, Sung Min was also there. The atmosphere between mother and son is still awkward but to make things go better Tae Soo says that he has to take Sun Mim from school thus he leaves the two alone.  Sung Min apologizes and says that he will work hard to enter Seoul University but as a music composition major. Even though according to him that’s the best decision for both, Eun Ok can’t help but get angry.

At Sun Mim’s cram school, Tae Soo embarrasses her but the scene is pretty funny. But on their way back home, Tae Soo senses some following them. He takes Sun Mim to a nearby chicken store until he takes care of the guy who was following them.

The next Sun Mim is kidnapped.

Without knowing that his daughter is kidnapped, Tae Soo tells his minions that someone followed him a night before.  Sung Goo informs Tae Soo that Man Bo contacted the guys from CheongJoo.

The parents find out that Soo Mim was kidnapped. Sung Min finds out from his sister’s friends that they saw her talking with a man at the bus station. The family searches for Soo Mim – Eun Ok goes to the police station while the others search for her on the streets.  Tae Soo remembers what Sung Goo told him and rushes to Man Bo’s house. He asks the boss if he knows anything about his daughter’s disappearance however Man Bo is disappointed that he is not trusted by Tae Soo. Luckily Sung Goo found the guys who kidnapped Soo Min.

Tae Soo rushes to Director Cho and beats him. There Ki Bum was also with Director Cho and Tae Soo tells him that no matter how dirty they are they should never get their families involved.

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