[Kdrama] ‘Sweet, Savage Family’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Tae Soo tries to give money to the soldier who was inspecting their car but the man didn’t seem too pleased so he calls for his colleagues to come for a second. At that moment the soldiers who deserted appear and start to shoot at the police and army cars so the soldier who was inspecting Tae Soo’s car jumps in and tells him to follow the car of the other soldiers since they have to catch them and the special team will need several minutes to reach the place.

At first Tae Soo doesn’t want to because it wasn’t his business but when the soldier mentions that one of the soldiers’ girlfriend works at some department store, Eun Ok tells Tae Soo that the department store is near Soo Min’s school, Tae Soo decides to rush after them. Now they have a probably dead man in their trunk and a military soldier in their car. After a crazy race, the soldiers who deserted are caught.

When the news team appears they want to take Tae Soo’s interview. As they ask questions, the trunk of their car was slowly opening and from behind of the cameraman, Eun Ok was making all kind of faces to tell her husband that the trunk was opening. In the end, Tae Soo acts like he was hurt and almost faints onto the trunk to close it.

Everyone who knows the couple sees them on the news for being brave and for saving the citizen of their town.

Later Eun Ok wants to go to the police to confess that there is a corpse in their trunk but Tae Soo stops her. Before leaving, the head of the police appears and asks them if they have time next week for a ceremony because he wants to give the two Brave Citizen medals.

To get rid of the corpse, the two decide to bury him somewhere in the forest. On the other hand, Ki Bum already has pictures of Eun Ok and Tae Soo near the corpse of Son. Truth is that the man died while trying to get away from Ki Bum.

Ki Bum goes to visit Do Kyung and tells her that he wants to see their daughter, Hyun Ji. The topic changes fast and he asks her what she talked about with Tae Soo when he went to her store. Irritated by her ex-husband, Do Kyung says that if she was smiling when taking with Tae Soo it means she was happy and if she is currently angry while seeing Ki Bum then she is truly angry. Ki Bum hates hearing people siding with Tae Soo so he snaps at Do Kyung telling her that everything will end for Tae Soo even though people may think of him as a hero.

After burring the corps, Eun Ok is worried about the children if the police is to find out about what they did. Yet, Tae Soo tells her to calm down because if the police is to find out he will take the blame on himself and she will take care of the children like she did until now. Soon enough the mood changes and Eun Ok gets even more emotional thus she starts beating Tae Soo while saying that he should bring back her life because she suffering enough being the wife of a gangster for eighteen years. Tae Soo doesn’t say anything and just lets his wife hit him until she calms down.

At home, Eun Ok just goes into her room while Tae Soo tries not to make the family members worry.

Another day, the ceremony for Best Citizen takes place but Ki Bum looks closely at the whole thing, hearing people cheering for Tae Soo. During dinner, the boss tells Tae Soo that next day he should bring Son because there is a big announcement.

Tae Soo thinks it will be a good idea to talk about what happened with his friend, Ki Bum. The later one asks like he is shocked to hear about Son being dead. Tae Soo doesn’t know anything and asks Ki Bum to buy more time with the boss.

Tae Soo’s minions start smelling that something is indeed fishy.

One Heart members meet to celebrate Eun Ok  being a hero. Do Kyung appears with food for the members and jokes about Tae SOo being able to talk on TV since he barely talked when he visited her store. Eun Ok is a bit stunned to hear that her husband visited the store of his first love. The talk and jokes about Tae Soo and his first love Do Kyung and Joo Ran – the wife of Man Bo – tells Eun Ok that her husband has to bring Son the next day since they all have to meet an assemblyman who wants to invest in the movie.

Later Eun Ok goes to Man Bo to tell him that Son and Tae Soo want to work on the movie without any help from outsiders but the boss says that her husband should receive the help and not feel burdened about it.

At night Eun Ok can’t help but feel stressed but Tae Soo tells her that she shouldn’t worry about anything and just take care of the kids.

The next day Tae Soo manages to buy some time and the boss tells him to bring Son in the weekend to meet the assemblyman. Later Man Bo tells Ki Bum to find out what’s the deal with Son but without Tae Soo being aware.

Ki Bum meets the writer and then he takes him to Man Bo. In front of the boss, Ki Bum manages to make it look like the missing 2 billion won is Tae Soo’s fault and that no one knows what happened to Son. The writer arrives at the office and tells everyone that he had meet up with Man Bo. At the same time, Tae Soo receives a message with pictures from the day he and Eun Ok buried the corpse.

Tae Soo starts showing his annoyance at home and his mother starts asking if something happened. Changing the subject, the mother tells Tae Soo that she saw Son with Ki Bum a few days before. Things are getting weird and Tae Soo starts wondering why the two meet.

Tae Soo’s minions are sure that Ki Bum is the real culprit but he doesn’t want to believe that his friend will do that to him.

Meanwhile Ki Bum meets with his daughter after  9 years – and 3 months – but they don’t talk much however they don’t fight or something like that, the conversation if pretty normal. But the girl does tell him that if he wants to meet another woman that women should be cooler and more beautiful than her own mother.

Tae Soo and Ki Bum meet up and the first one says that the time they were in middle school was the best out of his life because now he has his family to protect and is a great weight on his shoulders. He slowly approaches the topic about Son and tells Ki Bum that he can do anything he wants but at least don’t touch his family and hits his friend.  Then he helps Ki Bum get up and asks him to explain the boss everything.

Next day, Man Bo receives the pictures with Eun Ok and Tae Soo burring Son. Later Tae Soo explains to Man Bo that it’s true Son is dead  but he appeared in his trunk.  Ki Bum also enters the room and acts once again that he is stunned about Son being dead and about the pictures. When asked about the real culprit, Tae Soo hesitates to say that Ki Bum is at fault for what happened to Son. When Tae Soo leaves, Ki Bum tries to make Man Bo believe that his friend is the real murderer but the boss doesn’t think that Tae Soo could do something like that.

Much later, Tae Soo’s minions try to find evidence that their direct boss isn’t the culprit. Young Il talks with Man Bo to tell him that Tae Soo didn’t do anything to Son on the other hand Sung Goo goes to talk with Ki Bum’s right hand. Because the right hand dude doesn’t say anything, Sung Goo beats him.

Ki Bum goes to tell his father that Tae Soo sent his minions to beat his guys. Annoyed, Man Bo tells his son that he still doesn’t know Tae Soo and demands him to leave the room. Man Bo turns the pictures he received.

Next morning, Man Bo calls Tae Soo to his money and hands him a contract saying that he has to return the 3 billion won. Tae Soo doesn’t want to sign anything and decides to live but Man Bo’s men won’t let him. At that moment, Eun Ok appears and sees her husband on the ground, kneeling.

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