[Kdrama] ‘Sweet, Savage Family’ episode 2 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Facing the new disaster, Tae Soo calls the director of the movie production company however the number wasn’t in service. The 3 go to search through Son friend’s house – apparently that’s where Son was living – and while they were doing so the friend appears and a comical race starts as they were chasing him around the town.

One Heart members meet up to congratulate Eun Ok for her husband’s movie and while they were all acting happy, one says that if Tae Soo manages to get it big with the movie he will continue to work as an investor within the group. However another woman says without much thinking that if hitting it big with a movie was that easy then they all wouldn’t be the wives of tugs. The women are shocked because of her frank statement but luckily Eun Ok saves the day and the woman apologies to Man Bo’s wife for saying that.

Do Kyung and her daughter, Hyun Ji walk around the town and notice a guy who tries to hit on them. To see who the guy was after, the two make a bet and ask him directly who he chooses between them. To their surprise the man was working for some ‘spell away all of your bad energy’ kind of thing and just wanted to ask them if they want training against bad luck – it had nothing to do with him hitting on them. I suppose they deserved the embarrassment if they think too highly of themselves.

Tae Soo continues the chase and eventually manages to catch the guy however the store they barge in turns into a mess. But what surprises Tae Soo is that the owner of the store is one of his past acquaintance, Do Kyung. After beating the guy a bit, he returns to speak with Do Kyung in the store.

Do Kyung seems to be Ki Bum’s ex-wife. While she and Tae Soo talk, one of Ki Bum’s minions takes a picture of the two and sends it to him saying that she moved back to their town a month ago and that recently Tae Soo stopped by her store.

Ki Bum vents his anger to his father but Man Bo tells him that to him Tae Soo is a trustworthy man and someone he needs.

At home, Eun Ok is showing her happiness but seeing her all happy Tae Soo shouts at her. Yet that makes Eun Ok angry and eventually he is the one who apologies for screaming.

One of Tae Soo’s minions calls to tell him that they found two of Son’s employees – Son is the guy who stole the money. While interrogating the two guys, Eun Ok calls and yells at him for leaving the garbage on the road.

A few minutes later, Tae Soo meets with a guy who works in the police. Unfortunately the guy doesn’t help him much with information as to where he can find Son.

Another day, Ki Bum goes to Do Kyung’s store to have a talk. If he was expecting to see her all smiles to have meet him, truth is that Do Kyung isn’t too pleased to see him. Ki Bum tells her that he is trying to change himself but she is curios why he isn’t asking about Hyun Ji, since as a father he is first supposed to ask about his daughter.

One Heart members find out about Do Kyung’s returned and they pay a visit. At Do Kyung’s restaurant/store, while the women were talking, Kyung Mi – the one who always talks rubbish – tells Man Bo’s wife that she, Do Kyung and Eun Ok used to be friends in high school. Eun Ok was the smart one, Do Kyung the pretty one and she, Kyung Mi, was the slutty one. Hearing that, the One Heart members all laugh their heart out but Do Kyung interrupts and says that in fact Eun Ok was the slutty one among the 3 of them since she managed to marry the man she had a one sided love for. I don’t see the connection but whatever. (it’s revealed in the 3rd episode that Do Kyung and Tae Soo were each other’s first love).

Ki Bum continues his business to build the casino.  When the meeting with a Chinese investor ends, Ki Bum sees director Son entering the casino. However only foreigner are allowed there – moments later Ki Bum’s minion finds out that Son has a fake passport and is actually a regular customer there. Moreover it looks like Son lost a lot of money a day before. Ki Bum goes to talk with Son but we don’t see what they talk about.

Ki Bum calls Tae Soo and to settle for a meeting saying that he found something about Son. He messes Tae Soo a bit and eventually tells him that Son was their high school senior – that was the big news. After disclosing the “news”, Ki Bum puts more stress on Tae Soo since he is now sure that Son left with the money and his friend can’t make the movie anymore but he can win over him with the casino in front of Man Bo.

Tae Soo goes to interrogate the two men who worked with Son and they tell him that they can make a one billion movie look like one of 3 billion won. Because he doesn’t have any way out and afraid that Man Bo will find out about the money being stolen, Tae Soo agrees to make the movie with the two guys.

Next morning, Tae Soo arrives drunk at home and Eun Ok notices that something is wrong with her husband therefore she decides to meet on of his minions, Sung Goo. She asks if there is something wrong with her husband and even though at first he doesn’t want to say what happened, he ends up telling Eun Ok the truth about the money being stolen.

Eun Ok wants to help her husband thus she thinks of selling the apartment where her mother in law was staying. To do that she first needs to make the woman move with them. The mother in low agrees to move with them.  The wife sells the apartment and gives Tae Soo all the money but also tells him that if the movie fails, their family will also suffer.

Even though the mother in law accepted to move in with them, the woman acts like a brat because the TV in her room is too small.

On her way home, Hyun Ji sees Sung Min busking. She stops to listen to his singing but witnesses the scene when he is getting picked on by some guys. Sung Min tries not to be bothered by them however Hyun Ji gets between and saves him after using her emergency whistle. Looks like the two knew each other from before but Sung Min doesn’t recognize her at all. A bit annoyed that he doesn’t remember her beauty, Hyun Ji leaves and tells him to remember by the time they meet again.

Tae Soo has a meeting for the script with the writer and the PD of the movie but because he doesn’t understand the movie industry he also doesn’t understand Writer Bong’s ‘art’.  He gets angry at the writer but at that moment Ki Bum enters the room and asks what happened and why isn’t Son there for the meeting – although he clearly knew why Son was missing. After annoying Tae Soo a bit, Ki Bum leaves to torture Son a bit more. Apparently Ki Bum kidnapped Son. The man tries to run away but he is to stupid to succeed.

Ki Bum continues his plan to make Tae Soo starve and tells his father that will be nice to hold a shaman ceremony for his friend’s success. But to hold the ceremony, Son also needs to be there. At the ceremony Ki Bum calls out for Son to bow but of course he won’t appear. To save the day, Eun Ok asks if it’s okay for the One Heart members to bow. Eventually Son doesn’t appear and writer Bong tells Man Bo that Son is busy in Seoul with the remake of a Hollywood movie.

Son tries to run away again but the next day when Eun Ok and Tae Soo come from the supermarket they find the man into their car’s trunk.

When the shock of the moment goes down a bit the two try to go back home however on their way there was an army/police check because a soldier from a nearby base deserted. Tae Soo tries to give money to the soldier that was checking their car but the man calls out for the other soldiers and police officers to come.


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