[Kdrama] ‘Remember’ ep 3&4~ impression/ opinion/review ~

It’s sad that the writer didn’t show us the first episode in the same way 4 was delivered. The first 3 episodes were of course to establish the story and the stories of each character but the manner the production staff used to give us those episodes wasn’t that, let’s say, entertaining. There was nothing that could tell if the drama will be good or not they just made it seem like any other melodramatic drama with a revenge plot. It’s not that ‘Remember’ is more than a melo-drama but episode 4 definitely changed my view on the drama.

If we are to talk about the characters’ construction, everyone fails deliver a well rounded character. The lawyer is polished while characters like Jin Woo or In Ah lack, despise them being the main characters. Dong Ho stoles the spotlight easily since the other two actors can’t be compared to him.

They are good but not as good as him to be able to showcase something that will take the spotlight back. However the writing plays a big role in this. The two aren’t given as much importance as him. Or at least they weren’t because until episode 4, everyone else was kept somewhere in the background while the focus was on Dong Ho and his past story and him as an overall character.

Nam Gong Min also shows a wonderful performance. I was never into him as an actor except for the time he played ‘Maroo’ but he is following the lawyer pretty closely yet the same as the other two he has to work hard to actually be able to get into the front line because the writer didn’t really help him that much with a well written character.

Actually for Nam Gong Min this has to be the best role he played until now. He used to be such a robot whenever I saw him in dramas and I never considered him to be a A list actor however looks like he is working hard for this drama and tries to get into the character more than he did in his past dramas. The scene with his father in episode 4 where he tells what happened in the night he killed the girl made me think for the first time that Nam Gong Min is actually a good actor.

A nice surprise in episode 4 is that Yoo Seung Ho is finally establishing a relationship with his character and will probably become more than a shadow behind the lawyer. Luckily all the characters are slowly getting up even Gyu Man’s younger sister is starting to enter forcefully into the story. Park Min Young is also running fast towards the finish line but I still wonder if her character can become a key element for the story.

All good, yet I’m curious how many of the viewers who watched the first 2 episodes actually stayed. Personally, I normally watch at least 4 episodes before dropping a drama but others may not do the same so that’s why is important for the writer to draw people in or to attract them with something more exciting from the beginning.

For now, I think that ‘Remember’ will be like ‘I remember you’ where (this has nothing to do with the similar names) the actors’ performance manages to lift up the quality radar of the drama because let’s face it, the story …… we’ve already seen it.


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