[Kdrama] ‘Sweet, Savage Family’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

The episode starts with Tae Soo who collects fruits with his boss. However as they talk about “trimming” the meaning of the conversation was about something else. The two end their talk after Tae Soo tells his boss that if he sprays some “chemicals” everything will be fine (meaning that if he gets rid of some people).

Later Tae Soo goes to “trim” some of his boss’ ‘trees’, a certain Kwon president. The beginning of the meeting between him and Kwon was quite calm until the other man hits Tae Soo saying that the old man, meaning their boss Baek Man Bo shouldn’t dare to order him around. After the man finishes his sentence, Tae Soo proceeds and beats Kwon and his minions.

After he finishes the ‘business’, Tae Soo runs to Baek Man Bo’s birthday party. There his wife Eun Ok drags him away and scolds him because he should’ve been careful to wear better clothes. In response he tells his wife that it’s not like he is some honor guest so there was no need to pay attention to his clothes. Eun Ok leaves aside the talk about her husband’s clothes and asks him how much money is he going to give for the gift and is shocked to hear that Tae Soo plans to give 10 million won as a gift for his boss. To make his wife calm down, Tae Soo says that he has to pay at least that much since Baek Man Bo is the one who helps them make a living. The wife gets even more annoyed and ironically tells her husband that people may think he is saving the country – since he is able to give so much money as a birthday gift.

To get away from his nagging wife, Tae Soo calls out Ki Bum and asks him what’s with his gloomy expression. Even though Eun Ok was still behind and continued to tell him that they need to talk, Tae Soo was paying attention to Kim Bum who was irritated with the way Man Bo was holding his birthday party, in a ‘tacky way’. The 3 see Man Bo and go towards him. While getting closer the boss receives the confirmation from Tae Soo that the ‘business had been taken care of’. Man Bo’s wife was also present and after stinging Eun Ok a bit with harsh remarks about her looks, the woman tells her husband that Tae Soo’s wife and the other One Heart members –the wives of the other men who are working under Man Bo- prepared his birthday for a month and Eun Ok pretty much made everything as the head of the One Heart group.

The party continues and the members of One Heart prepared a special performance for Man Bo. Although a bit clumsy and with the members trying to get the boss’ attention, the performance wrapped up nicely.

Our main couple can’t enjoy the party for too much as they receive a phone call from their daughter’s school to inform them that the girl, Soo Min, cyber bullied another girl. When Soo Min tells everyone that the other girl also bullied one of her class mates, the other side’s father explodes and says that in the future Soo Min will be an adult who will make problems for the society. That was the trigger to annoy Eun Ok and she steps in to demand apologies from the man for cursing her daughter’s future. Luckily everything ends on good terms after Tae Soo calms the situation.

Tae Soo takes his daughter and wife to a restaurant and later their son also appears. Since Eun Ok was pestering their son, Sung Min, with questions regarding school, he tries to change the subject. While the mood was good, Man Bo calls Tae Soo for another ‘work/business’. The mood gets darker but Eun Ok tries to control her expressions and eventually tells her husband that he can go and “save the country”.

Tae Soo finishes the business and goes back home. When he arrives he sends his wife, who was waiting for him, to sleep and goes around the house for a bit. The next morning, Soo Mi is angry that someone ate her egg tart. The culprit was Tae Soo but before he confesses his crime, Soo Mi and Eun Ok have a small fight early in the morning.

Another day, Tae Soo finds out that Hong Jin Young wants to stop working at his club because she got the main MC position at a new variety show.

At the office, while Tae Soo and his minions try to come out with new business ideas, he receives a call from his mother. The woman acts all sick, but she does that because she clearly wants something. All she had was diarrhea. Tae Soo knows that his mother wants something, in the end she tells him that she paid for some ‘herbal drinks’ around 2 million won. Angered, Tae Soo takes his minions and go to the ones who sold the product to his mother. The actual scammers left long before they got there and a movie company rented the place.  Back to his mother’s house, Tae Soo tells the woman that she should move back to his house but she refuses because of her daughter-in-law.

Eun Ok drops her son at school but before he manages to leave, she tells him that it will be best to get another tutoring class. Even if he tells his mother that he won’t have time for so many tutoring classes, Eun Ok says that she will find time for him.

To thank the One Heart members for preparing the birthday party, she brings them small presents. Afterwards she tells them that the most important thing is to build their intelligence and recommends them all a book.

Tae Soo meets the men from the movie company once again and decides to invest in a movie.

Another day, Ki Bum and Tae Soo go to Man Bo to present their ideas. First is Ki Bum who wants to invest in something like a casino. After that is Tae Soo who tells everyone that investing in movie production will be a good idea.

Ki Bum sees his father being interested in the movie production and tries to change the man’s thinking saying that a casino is more profitable.  But Man Bo seems to remain interested in the movie and decides to have a meeting with the man from the production company. While the other 3 – Tae Soo, Man Bo and the movie production company guy – talk about the movie and how it will change the image of their town, Ki Bum acts like a brat.

Tae Soo’s family celebrates the new investment on the other hand Ki Bum isn’t too happy with how things are working for Tae Soo. However the boss is starting to give Tae Soo a lot of stress after another guy ran with his money.

To Tae Soo and his minions’ surprise the movie production director ran off after receiving the investment money.


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