[Kdrama] ‘Oh My Venus’ ep 7-10 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

Is it weird that I’m more interested in Soo Jin and I barely care about Joo Eun and Young Ho? Actually it’s not that I’m not enjoying them, but character wise I really want to see Soo Jin’s development.Soo Jin slowly degrades and I want to see her friendship with Joo Eun bloom again.

She needs someone to make her understand that she is worthy as a person and as a woman but her constant fear of being left and more importantly her relationship with Woo Shik isn’t helping her. Soo Jin is more than she thinks however Woo Shik doesn’t make her feel like the most important person to him. I’m not sure if his feelings are genuine towards her, but in a way I do want to believe that he truly cares for his current girlfriend. I actually liked that during the ‘directors’ meeting’ in episode 10, Woo Shik looked towards Soo Jin and not towards Joo Eun. Yet, he doesn’t try to make his girlfriend understand that she is what matters in the present and that he already settled everything with the past.

The major difference between Soo Jin and Joo Eun is that the first one sees life in black and white but for the other one, even though she also has life painted in the same two colors, she manages to bring other colors into her daily life. The standards of society has messed Soo Jin up a lot into thinking that being pretty and slim is everything in life. She desired and continues to desire what others have, to put it simple from an emotional point of view her thinking is slowly making her sick on the inside.

I wish Soo Jin would see how strong she is as a person. I want our second lady to learn from the main couple that the outside shouldn’t matter in a honest relationship. On the other hand, I also want to see Woo Shik working hard to build trust between him and Soo Jin. I mean he doesn’t really understand Soo Jin’s struggles so if he first tries know more about her then their relationship will grow stronger.

I like that they focus more on physical and mental health of the characters than on the superficial love we normally see in dramas. The relationship of Joo Eun and Young Ho has a mature approach and I like that the writer doesn’t focus too much on her losing weight but in fact more on the relationship aspect of both couples and their problems or progress.

Joo Eun is an interesting female character or at least that’s what I think. She is a determined and tenacious person. First we see this in the fact that she worked to make her dream reality, to become a lawyer. Joo Eun isn’t someone who will sugar up to important stuff be it related to work or even her private life. She has a strong personality and remains within reality boundaries. Compared to the first episode, I’m seeing her in a new light and she may even become one of my favorite female characters for this year.

All is good however I wanted something more from the story but the writer decided to go for the usual cheabol-normal girl love story. Even if the two are portrayed in a more mature way than other characters from dramas with the same genre, the overall idea is the same and I’m not excited at all for the story from this point onwards.

Another thing I didn’t like in regards of these 4 episodes is that they started to use a lot of flashbacks and it’s becoming annoyingly repetitive.


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